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World Order System : The Mafia

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With the Ruler System fused with himself, Noah has the potential ability to change and regulate the World Order.

"Remember, Noah!... This world is very cruel. If you want to live in peace, then you have to be crueler than the world itself."

A light story but full of tricks and intrigue.

Everyone knows that the wheels of the world are driven by something that is not what it seems. Starting from the lowest, to the highest, everything is regulated by the Mafia Network.

Noah, a young man who comes from the lowest point of life, tries to make history. The young man intends to reach the highest point in the world.

With his system, Noah started his own Network. He builds strength to gain power.

However, everything was not as easy as he imagined. There are many obstacles and obstacles in his way.

"Once I take a step, I won't give up. So that this world doesn't control me, I must master it."

"While Healthy, Update Every Day"

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World Order System : The Mafia
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