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An unknown man.

FEW MONTHS AGO. A person started coming in my dreams every day whom I don't even know but it feels as if I know him very well and he is very close to my heart.Whenever I was very sad or worried in my dreams, he would come as if he has come to help me. I always lost in my dreams as if my real life is delusion and What I am dreaming is real.Whenever I wake up I try to remember his face but I can't I know how his body looks like. He is tall,handsome ,he has black hairs. But whenever i try to describe is face i can't. I feel like if he exist in real life or if I see him in reality I can recognize him. Its going to be almost one year. I often have dreams that indicate what is going to happen in the future And after some time they come true. Whenever he comes in my dream he never say anything . He just come and take care of me . Sometimes I go to the different places with him . Some places are really exsisting in this world and some places doesn't. After sometime I found that places while scrolling reels and I get shocked. I really wanna explore those places but I can't. Whenever I see those pictures they feel so much familiar. And some places doesn't exist but the aur A of those places are very familiar I can feel scent of that places even in my dreams. That places feels like heaven on the earth. I want to Fine that person but I feel like he is from the different dimension and how hard I try I can't Fine him.sometimes I feel so much dissapointed that why he is not real.but I can't beleive that he is not real. Because whatever If see in my dreams have mean ring so I hope I can see him. He feels like a l night in my dark life. Whenever I'm going to loose courage he comes and save me. At Last I only wanna say that if I even found him I never let him go away from me it doesn't matter who he is.for me he is my saviour. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️



Messed up life: you must read it♥️🦋

My favorite novels were Messed up life, messed with the wrong girl and my favorite ***** is surviving as tyrant's daughter. They are all interesting I really love the messed up life it was very interesting, I lived the girls role

Shifa Deewan


Tamed by you (18+)

It's a spy story system story and I would love if you guys can come and check it out

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