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Author Name: Phopo Nira

The Mafia's Twin Sons

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Author Name: Phopo Nira

After spending a hot night together with a man she hired, Zhia suddenly becomes pregnant. Zhia gave birth to a pair of very genius twins. But he never thought that the man he hired was the CEO of the world's largest company and even the head of the Mafia! Rayden Cano Xavier, a handsome CEO who has a cold, arrogant and very cruel nature. Hey, sis!😄😄😄 This novel is still On Going, bro! And will update 1 chapter/day. So, please support 'yah!🙏🙏😄 Don't forget to leave a Like, Comment, Vote and give 5 stars too 'yah! Let the novel shine even more!😘 This novel is only available and will be updated on the Noveltoon/Mangatoon application only.

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The Mafia's Twin Sons
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