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The Mafia's Twin Sons

Episode 1

Arzhia Maverik, a 25-year-old simple woman, worked as a staff officer at a private company in country A.

Zhia was an extremely quiet and bashful lady, not due to her temperament but rather owing to her disadvantaged status and the fact that, in this world, she stood alone.

Zhia was an impoverished orphan, unremarkable in appearance, yet her heart radiated warmth and goodness when she fell for someone.

Indeed, Zhia was currently enamoured with her male office mate, Liam Hudson. Liam also worked at the same company as Zhia and was known to be friendly to everyone, particularly women, though only to use them for his own ends, including Zhia.

For Zhia, who had never felt a man's attention before, she mistakenly believed that Liam's kindness indicated his love, not realizing that she was just being used for tasks like buying food and drinks at the company. Unbeknownst to her, her love was unrequited.

Today marked the company's 10th-anniversary celebration. Zhia had dressed up beautifully in her newly purchased best dress, ready to express her feelings to Liam.

That evening, Zhia had steeled herself to confess her love to her male colleague.

Having harboured these feelings for so long alone, she decided to voice them directly to the man himself.

Everyone had gathered there, including Liam, who was jovially engaging with other female acquaintances. Tentatively, Zhia approached and asked, "Liam, can we talk for a moment over there?"

"Hmmm, what's up? Just talk here," Liam responded, frowning, especially after noticing Zhia's exceedingly outdated outfit.

"Okay, then! I will say it right here," Zhia whispered, her face already flushed before she could declare her feelings.

"Hmmm, go ahead," Liam casually said while sipping a glass of wine in his hand.

"I LIKE YOU, LIAM! Would you date me?" Zhia shouted in front of everyone, turning herself into the center of everyone's attention.

Despite the intense embarrassment, Zhia felt a great sense of relief after revealing her pent-up affection.

Meanwhile, Liam almost choked on his wine when he heard the love confession from the modest and quaint-looking woman.

"No can do!" Liam immediately refused with utter clarity.

"Why? Haven't you liked me all this time too?" asked Zhia naively, her face displaying her disappointment.

"Hey, look at Zhia! She really doesn't know her place. How could she think to ask the handsome Liam to date someone like her? She must be out of her mind," Zhia's colleagues whispered behind her.

"Yeah, true! Maybe she doesn't even have a mirror at home," another companion snickered.

"How could she afford a mirror? She has to beg just to eat. Look at her outfit at this fancy party; even the waiters here are dressed better than she is," another colleague added.

"Yeah, you're right! I bet Liam rejected her on the spot," a colleague affirmed.

"Hey, do you think you're worthy of dating me? Huh?" Liam sneered, his face showing disgust toward Zhia.

"Just look at yourself, so shabby, looking like a beggar here. You're so poor, and do you think your face is beautiful? Huh!" Liam taunted with scorn and condescension.

"You're not fit to date me; you're just embarrassing me here. Go away! You don't belong in a place like this," Liam expelled her, his emotions a mixture of anger and humiliation from Zhia's love declaration.

"Liam, if you don't like me, then why have you always been so nice to me? Hikss..." Zhia asked again, starting to cry from the insults from the man she had loved.

"Hey, Liam is always nice to everyone! It's just you who doesn't appreciate his kindness as if it's love," sniped the woman who was Liam’s date that night.

"Hey, guys! Probably Zhia would give herself up if anyone pretended to like her. Come on, who wants to sleep with this woman!" Liam jeered, further demeaning Zhia as if auctioning her off cheaply.


Zhia's slap landed squarely across Liam's face before she quickly left the party, sobbing all the way down the street.

Zhia continued to walk the night streets until she arrived at a fairly posh bar in the area.

Without hesitation, Zhia entered and began ordering a slew of drinks with the money she had painstakingly saved.

She drank heavily, completely inebriated, attempting to drown the heartache inflicted by Liam.

"Aakkhh, damn it! Who does he think he is, huh! That damn Liam! Rotten scoundrel! Dog excrement! Scum of society," Zhia cursed loudly while continuing to drink her alcohol.

"Tonight, I'll prove that I, Arzhia Maverick, can sleep with a man more handsome than you, Liam Hudson!"

"Just you watch, LIAMMM!" Zhia rambled on drunkenly.

"Let's see who's the most handsome man around here. Hahahahah...."

Zhia started to scan her surroundings, comparing every man in the bar to Liam’s attractiveness.

"Ah, found one!"

Zhia's eyes landed on a man in a black suit sitting alone amid the noisy bar atmosphere.

"Tonight, you will be mine, Handsome Man!"

With her already staggering body, Zhia walked towards him and without any preamble sat down on his lap.

The man appeared quite shocked by Zhia's sudden presence, but his cool gaze did not deter her brazenness.

In a voice dripping with allure, Zhia whispered into the man's ear, "Would you care to join me for some fun tonight? Don't worry, I'll pay you handsomely."

Hearing Zhia's proposition, the man smirked and replied, "Sorry, Miss! But my rates are quite steep; I fear you won't be able to afford them."

"Aishhh, come on! Let's have fun tonight; I'll pay whatever you ask. I've brought a lot of money with me tonight," she insisted.

"Alright, make sure you pay in full for the night. Because I’ll satisfy you to the extent you won’t be able to flee come morning," said the man as he effortlessly lifted Zhia and carried her into one of the hotel rooms available at the bar.

To be continued...

Episode 2

The following morning, Zhia awoke from her slumber as beams of sunlight struck her face through a gap in the window. Her head throbbed with a heavy hangover from the night before.

"Ouch, that hurts!"

Zhia yelped suddenly, feeling an extreme pain in her groin area.

Realizing she was stark naked, her eyes gradually drifted to the side of her bed.

Zhia instinctively covered her mouth upon seeing a handsome man, equally bare, lying next to her, deep in sleep.

Memories of the previous evening, when she was heavily intoxicated, began to surface one by one.

How she had humiliated herself by declaring her love for Liam and how she went to the bar to find a male escort to heal her broken heart.

"Aishh, Zhia! How could you do this with someone you don't even know?" Zhia muttered as she ran her fingers through her hair in frustration.

"I better leave now before he wakes up and demands the high payment I promised last night."

With careful steps and bearing the pain in her groin, Zhia dressed herself.

Before leaving, she penned a brief note and left it on the dresser with some money remaining in her wallet.

Like a thief, Zhia tiptoed out of the room, making sure not to make any noise.

Zhia felt relieved once she had safely exited the room and began to walk back to her small, rundown rental home.

Once inside, Zhia collapsed, feeling utterly exhausted and sore all over.

She kept envisioning her steamy night with the man, every touch imbuing a warm sensation in her heart; even the kiss on her lips lingered.

"Akkhhhhhh, have you gone mad, Zhia!?" she screamed within her room.


A text message arrived on her phone saying, 'Zhia, come to the office now or you're fired!'

"Ah, damn it! I don't care about that stupid job anymore because from now on, I'm living my life," Zhia declared as she tossed her phone aside after reading the message.

"First, I have to leave this country as soon as possible. I don't know why, but I have a bad feeling something terrible will happen if I don't leave now. Especially since I seem to have made a major mistake."

Zhia quickly got up, grabbed her suitcase, and began to pack all her belongings.

Once ready, she headed straight for the International Airport of country A and booked a flight ticket.

She left behind her hometown, filled with all the bad memories of her loneliness.

Zhia had resolved to leave for a long time without setting a time for her return.


Meanwhile, back in the hotel room, the man who had spent the night with Zhia began to wake up.

He looked around, trying to find Zhia, but there was no sign of her anywhere.

Donning a bathrobe with elegant movements, he was greeted by William Cooper, his secretary and right-hand man.

"Good morning, Sir! My apologies for the delay in finding your room," William announced.

"Hmmm," was the usual grunted reply from his boss.

Rayden Cano Xavier, a handsome CEO with the largest shareholding in BLOUSHZE Group, the world's biggest IT company with branches all over the globe.

At just 28 years old, he was already the wealthiest and most influential man on the planet. He was more than just the CEO of a major company; he was also the head of the feared BLACKSKY Mafia in the martial arts world.

Many beautiful and sexy women sought his attention, but none had succeeded in capturing his heart, not even for a night of passion.

His cold, arrogant, and cruel nature seemed to be protected by an impenetrable great wall, no woman daring to breach it.

To date, only Zhia had managed to create a crack in that unseen fortress.

"Did you see a woman leave this room?" Rayden asked, his face expressionless.

"I'm sorry, Sir! But I didn’t see anyone leave," William responded, looking somewhat perplexed.

In his heart, he pondered, 'Did Sir spend the night with a woman without my knowledge, or has he been set up?'

Rayden, still facing outward, tried to recall the face of the woman who had shared his bed, his mind hazy from the drinks he'd had while meeting an unexpected rival.

"Sir, should I investigate who she was?"

William's question drew Rayden back from his reverie of the previous night's companion. He turned and noticed a paper and some money on the dresser.

Picking up the note, Rayden read, 'Sir, thank you for last night’s service. Your skills truly left me struggling to walk. As promised, I’ve paid handsomely. Take the change and let’s not meet again. Bye.'

Rayden smirked after reading the letter, unable to comprehend her actions.

Regardless of whether she was mad or foolish, he found her intriguing— the first woman daring enough to value him at merely $100 for a night.

"Sir, do you know who the woman was?" Will asked hesitantly, watching his boss smile to himself.

"Forget her! She’s of no importance, nor is she one of our adversaries. Just let it be," Rayden declared, unconcerned with his secretary’s worries.

"But, Sir! How can you be so sure she's not dangerous to you?" Will persisted, more concerned with his boss's well-being than anything else.

"I don't know, I just feel confident that she's just some crazy, foolish woman," Rayden replied once more.

"Will, prepare the car now and keep this for me," he commanded, handing over the note and money left by Zhia to his secretary.

Thus concluded the brief encounter between Zhia and Rayden, leaving behind nothing but a fleeting memory.

Rayden easily forgot the incident and Zhia, immersing himself once more in his busy world of business meetings and mafia dealings. His demeanor remained cold, arrogant, and cruel, the fortress around him as solid as ever.

Meanwhile, Zhia began her new life in a new place. She was no longer alone, now accompanied by twin angels who filled her days.

To be continued...

Episode 3

7 YEARS LATER, at the international airport of country A, the arrival terminal saw a beautiful and voluptuous woman pulling along a large suitcase.

Not far from her, there stood a pair of exceptionally beautiful and handsome twins, around the age of six.

Indeed, the woman was Arzhia Maverick along with her children, Luca and Lucia.

It turned out that the events of that night had resulted in Zhia becoming pregnant with the twins, who both possessed extraordinarily high IQs.

Zhia returned to country A as a representative of Qhelfin Group, aiming to clinch the world's biggest IT project hosted by BLOUSHZE Group.

The position Zhia attained thus far was nothing short of the result of her son Luca's hard work, whose mastery of the IT world surpassed the intelligence typically found in adults.

"Mom, are we going to stay here long?" Luca asked his mother.

"Why? Do you already miss home?" Zhia replied to her son.

"No, it seems like I will enjoy staying here!" said Luca, smiling sweetly.

"Me too, mom!" Lucia chimed in quickly.

"Good, if you can be comfortable here. Mom promises to wrap up the work so we can return home soon," Zhia promised, though her twins did not seem concerned.

"Relax, mom! We like it here better!" Lucia said enthusiastically, looking around.

"Alright, tomorrow mom will enroll you both in a new school. So remember, don't cause any trouble at school, especially you, Lucia?" Zhia emphasized firmly.

"Yes, Mom! Luca understands," came Luca's half-hearted reply.

"I'll try my best, Mom!" Lucia pouted, adorably.

"Come on, get in the car. We need to check out our new home now," stated Zhia, who had already requested a car and house before accepting the assignment.

Luca Maverick, a six-year-old IT prodigy, was strikingly handsome, much like his father—a young version of Rayden.

Luca's high IT aptitude enabled him to steal data from NASA and the UN, and he once hacked an account of a corrupt government official and leaked the evidence to the public, causing turmoil. Fortunately, as a genius child, he swiftly erased all traces of his actions, easily evading police pursuit. Yet, as punishment, his mother made him clean the house for a year. His IT prowess was an inheritance from his father.

Lucia Maverick, Luca's twin sister, born just 15 minutes apart, was identical to him yet a beautiful and sweet girl in her own right, akin to a female version of Rayden.

Since the age of three, Lucia had mastered various martial arts. One time, she single-handedly eliminated seven robbers while staying at a friend's house.

Should anyone threaten her mother or twin brother, Lucia would be at the forefront to protect them. This trait, too, she inherited from her father, who was a mafia gang leader.

Upon arrival at the house, Zhia was disappointed to find it much smaller than promised by her superior. She immediately sought her phone from her bag.

"Damn, what is this! The house is too small; I need to speak to Jay right now," said Zhia as she looked for the contact responsible for their living arrangement.

"Mom, do you need my help?" offered Luca, who was willing to assist his mother.

"No need right now, dear! You both go inside; it looks like we have no choice but to stay here for tonight," Zhia responded, waiting for her call to connect.

"Stay inside; mom has to call the office!" Zhia left to speak as soon as the person on the other end picked up.

An inevitable heated phone exchange followed, as Zhia and Jay were known adversaries at their company.

Witnessing her mother's frustration due to deception by her own office mate, Lucia concocted a plan in her small brain.

"Bro, you should help mom out!" Lucia told Luca, who was engrossed in his laptop.

"Why? Mom said she doesn't need my help."

Luca, uninterested in meddling with his mother's business, preferred to find his own distraction.

"Bro, help mom get out of here, and I'll tell you who our real father is," tempted Lucia, piquing Luca's curiosity.

"Do you actually know who our father is? I even doubt that mom knows our real dad!"

Luca was logical, causing Lucia to feel a bit deflated in her investigation.

"I know!" Lucia claimed, with a pout.

"Just say you don't want to stay in this tiny house, right? Just say it, and I'll help you for sure."

Luca was ready to breach the official website of their mother's company and dispatch a virus that temporarily derailed the system.

"Whoa, Luca is really cool," Lucia admired her brother's skill.

"Yeah, cool, but mom's going to punish me afterward," Luca groused, powerless against his shadowing mother and vastly different sister.

"Lucky I only sent a small virus to intimidate them," Luca added, still focused on his laptop screen.

"Look at this!" Lucia then showed a picture of a man on her phone screen.

"Isn't that you?" Luca said casually.

"I thought so; we look so much alike. If I had short hair, would I look like him too?" Lucia muttered, scrutinizing the photo closely.

"Of course you do; you are my twin sister!" Luca commented, still seemingly indifferent to the photo presented by his sister.

"But the person in this photo isn't you, bro!" exclaimed Lucia, which made Luca's eyes widen in surprise.

"If it's not me, then whose photo is this?" Luca snatched the phone from his sister's hand to take a better look.

"It's a childhood photo of Rayden Cano Xavier, CEO of BLOUSHZE Group, where mom is going to work," Lucia explained how she got the photo.

"Really? But why does he look so much like me?" Luca was filled with questions.

"Bro, what if he's our biological father!" Lucia exclaimed, causing Luca's eyes to widen once more.

To be continued...

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