Ceo's Secret

Ceo's Secret

Episode 1

The start of the day followed the usual routine. Adrian got out of bed at five-thirty in the morning and headed to the bathroom for his shower, getting ready for another day of job searching. Ever since he lost his parents in a tragic car accident, Adrian had been living with his grandmother, Marcelina. Marcelina wasn't in good health, her retirement barely covered the basic expenses, and to make matters worse, Adrian had lost his job two months ago.

After taking his shower and getting dressed, Adrian went to the kitchen to have breakfast with his grandmother. Like most elderly ladies, she also woke up very early, and Adrian could already smell the pleasant aroma of coffee being prepared.

"Good morning, grandma," Adrian gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Good morning, my boy. Are you excited for another day of searching?" Marcelina asked eagerly.

"I can't afford to give up or get discouraged. My savings are running out, and your retirement barely covers the medication costs. I need to find something quickly," Adrian said determinedly.

"I have faith that today things will get better," his grandmother replied, kissing his head.

Marcelina placed a plate on the table for her grandson to have breakfast. It would be another day of exhausting job interviews, but something inside her told her that Adrian's luck was about to change.

Luck was what Adrian needed the most. He had been unemployed for two months, and every opportunity that came up seemed to slip through his fingers. He even applied for positions that were not directly related to his field simply because he was desperate.

Adrian, at twenty-six years old with a background in marketing, had worked for a few years in the company that fired him. Although he didn't have solid evidence, he had a feeling that his dismissal was related to his manager finding out about his sexual orientation. Adrian had noticed his manager's homophobia, but he never imagined it would go this far. Since the excuse given was a company restructuring, he couldn't claim that his dismissal was related to his sexual orientation.

On that particular day, Adrian was getting ready for another job interview, hoping that everything would go well so he could provide a better life for his grandmother and himself. Apart from the financial issues, he also felt lonely, longing for someone to share the good and bad times with.

Meanwhile, in another part of the city, Benicio Thompson followed a strict routine. Many considered him cold and arrogant, as he was the president of a renowned company in the national and international market, bearing his last name.

On that particular morning, Benicio was more hurried than ever. He had a crucial meeting with some investors and the task of selecting his new assistant. He was so busy that he didn't even have breakfast, dismissed his driver, and decided to drive to the company by himself.

Benicio connected his phone to the car and started making some calls, as was his custom. He was known for his meticulousness and rigor. However, in that specific call, he was arguing with an employee about a report that was missing information, making the mistake of not paying proper attention to the traffic, which could be dangerous.

Another person who wasn't paying much attention to what they were doing that day was Adrian. He was looking at his phone while analyzing some of the requirements for the job position, making sure he wasn't forgetting anything, as well as checking the documents he had with him.

Meanwhile, Benicio continued to be annoyed on the call and didn't notice that someone was trying to cross the street. When he finally realized, he hit the brakes, but still ended up hitting the man who was crossing outside the crosswalk.

The collision wasn't very strong, but it was enough to knock Adrian unconscious. The businessman quickly got out of his car and went to check on the man he had hit. Seeing that he was breathing and seemed to have only suffered a cut on his head, Benicio called an ambulance to ensure the man received the necessary treatment.

Benicio made a call to his company to cancel his morning appointments. He recognized the importance of providing proper assistance to the injured man to avoid potential legal problems in the future. Benicio had no idea about the character of the man lying on the ground and preferred not to take any risks.

The ambulance arrived quickly, and the injured man was promptly taken care of. Benicio followed them to the hospital in his car. While Adrian was being treated, he anxiously waited in the waiting room, concerned about the man's condition.

Some time later, the attending doctor appeared and addressed Benicio:

"Are you accompanying the patient who was hit?"

"Yes, how is he?" Benicio asked the doctor.

The doctor replied, "Luckily, he didn't suffer any serious injuries. He passed out due to the impact on his head, but there's no trauma or fracture. However, he needs to remain under observation. If he experiences intense pain or dizziness, he should be brought back immediately."

Benicio pondered the fact that he didn't even know the man who had been in the accident and therefore had no way of knowing this information.

"Is he awake?" Benicio asked the doctor.

"Yes, you can see him now. His room is the third door on the left," the doctor replied.

Thanking the doctor, Benicio followed the instructions. As soon as he opened the door to the room, he saw the man with his back toward the door, wearing his shirt. Benicio could clearly observe his broad and well-defined back, with some marks and scratches from the accident.

As Benicio entered the room, the man in front of him turned around. Due to the tension of the moment, Benicio hadn't paid much attention to the man's appearance until then. The man seemed simple but handsome, with a bandage on his forehead, looking at Benicio with a confused expression.

"I'm sorry for barging in like this. I came to see how you're doing," Benicio spoke, trying to explain his presence.

The man standing in front of him asked, "Who are you?"

"Actually, I'm the man who hit you," Benicio replied honestly.

Adrian carefully observed the man in front of him. Based on his clothes and the way he was looking at him, Adrian imagined he must be some important businessman. However, at that moment, the man's social status didn't matter to Adrian. The only thing he could think of was that his chance of getting a job at a big company had been ruined by that unfortunate accident.



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