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Ceo's Secret

Episode 1

The start of the day followed the usual routine. Adrian got out of bed at five-thirty in the morning and headed to the bathroom for his shower, getting ready for another day of job searching. Ever since he lost his parents in a tragic car accident, Adrian had been living with his grandmother, Marcelina. Marcelina wasn't in good health, her retirement barely covered the basic expenses, and to make matters worse, Adrian had lost his job two months ago.

After taking his shower and getting dressed, Adrian went to the kitchen to have breakfast with his grandmother. Like most elderly ladies, she also woke up very early, and Adrian could already smell the pleasant aroma of coffee being prepared.

"Good morning, grandma," Adrian gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Good morning, my boy. Are you excited for another day of searching?" Marcelina asked eagerly.

"I can't afford to give up or get discouraged. My savings are running out, and your retirement barely covers the medication costs. I need to find something quickly," Adrian said determinedly.

"I have faith that today things will get better," his grandmother replied, kissing his head.

Marcelina placed a plate on the table for her grandson to have breakfast. It would be another day of exhausting job interviews, but something inside her told her that Adrian's luck was about to change.

Luck was what Adrian needed the most. He had been unemployed for two months, and every opportunity that came up seemed to slip through his fingers. He even applied for positions that were not directly related to his field simply because he was desperate.

Adrian, at twenty-six years old with a background in marketing, had worked for a few years in the company that fired him. Although he didn't have solid evidence, he had a feeling that his dismissal was related to his manager finding out about his sexual orientation. Adrian had noticed his manager's homophobia, but he never imagined it would go this far. Since the excuse given was a company restructuring, he couldn't claim that his dismissal was related to his sexual orientation.

On that particular day, Adrian was getting ready for another job interview, hoping that everything would go well so he could provide a better life for his grandmother and himself. Apart from the financial issues, he also felt lonely, longing for someone to share the good and bad times with.

Meanwhile, in another part of the city, Benicio Thompson followed a strict routine. Many considered him cold and arrogant, as he was the president of a renowned company in the national and international market, bearing his last name.

On that particular morning, Benicio was more hurried than ever. He had a crucial meeting with some investors and the task of selecting his new assistant. He was so busy that he didn't even have breakfast, dismissed his driver, and decided to drive to the company by himself.

Benicio connected his phone to the car and started making some calls, as was his custom. He was known for his meticulousness and rigor. However, in that specific call, he was arguing with an employee about a report that was missing information, making the mistake of not paying proper attention to the traffic, which could be dangerous.

Another person who wasn't paying much attention to what they were doing that day was Adrian. He was looking at his phone while analyzing some of the requirements for the job position, making sure he wasn't forgetting anything, as well as checking the documents he had with him.

Meanwhile, Benicio continued to be annoyed on the call and didn't notice that someone was trying to cross the street. When he finally realized, he hit the brakes, but still ended up hitting the man who was crossing outside the crosswalk.

The collision wasn't very strong, but it was enough to knock Adrian unconscious. The businessman quickly got out of his car and went to check on the man he had hit. Seeing that he was breathing and seemed to have only suffered a cut on his head, Benicio called an ambulance to ensure the man received the necessary treatment.

Benicio made a call to his company to cancel his morning appointments. He recognized the importance of providing proper assistance to the injured man to avoid potential legal problems in the future. Benicio had no idea about the character of the man lying on the ground and preferred not to take any risks.

The ambulance arrived quickly, and the injured man was promptly taken care of. Benicio followed them to the hospital in his car. While Adrian was being treated, he anxiously waited in the waiting room, concerned about the man's condition.

Some time later, the attending doctor appeared and addressed Benicio:

"Are you accompanying the patient who was hit?"

"Yes, how is he?" Benicio asked the doctor.

The doctor replied, "Luckily, he didn't suffer any serious injuries. He passed out due to the impact on his head, but there's no trauma or fracture. However, he needs to remain under observation. If he experiences intense pain or dizziness, he should be brought back immediately."

Benicio pondered the fact that he didn't even know the man who had been in the accident and therefore had no way of knowing this information.

"Is he awake?" Benicio asked the doctor.

"Yes, you can see him now. His room is the third door on the left," the doctor replied.

Thanking the doctor, Benicio followed the instructions. As soon as he opened the door to the room, he saw the man with his back toward the door, wearing his shirt. Benicio could clearly observe his broad and well-defined back, with some marks and scratches from the accident.

As Benicio entered the room, the man in front of him turned around. Due to the tension of the moment, Benicio hadn't paid much attention to the man's appearance until then. The man seemed simple but handsome, with a bandage on his forehead, looking at Benicio with a confused expression.

"I'm sorry for barging in like this. I came to see how you're doing," Benicio spoke, trying to explain his presence.

The man standing in front of him asked, "Who are you?"

"Actually, I'm the man who hit you," Benicio replied honestly.

Adrian carefully observed the man in front of him. Based on his clothes and the way he was looking at him, Adrian imagined he must be some important businessman. However, at that moment, the man's social status didn't matter to Adrian. The only thing he could think of was that his chance of getting a job at a big company had been ruined by that unfortunate accident.

Episode 2

Adrian was surprised to discover that the man responsible for the hit-and-run was there, in the hospital, waiting for him. He knew he had been hit, but he didn't expect the person involved to still be at the scene.

"The doctor told me you're okay, but I wanted to see for myself. I want you to know that I'll cover all the hospital expenses and medications. I won't neglect my responsibilities," Benicio assured.

Adrian replied as he put on his jacket, "Thank you. It was also my fault for not paying attention."

Noticing that Adrian was well-dressed, Benicio suggested, "Can I give you a ride home? I imagine you won't be going to work after what happened."

He had presumed that Adrian was on his way to work, but given the situation, continuing with work didn't seem like a logical option. Adrian agreed to Benicio's offer. He acknowledged that he wasn't in a condition to go to the job interview in that state, not only because of the minor injuries he had suffered but also because his clothes were dirty from the accident.

"I won't refuse your offer. I don't feel like taking the bus right now," Adrian replied, accepting Benicio's kindness.

The two reached an agreement, and Benicio accompanied Adrian to pick up his prescription medications and settle the hospital bill. As they walked towards the parking lot, Adrian seemed quiet and pensive, and Benicio noticed that something might be bothering him.

"Are you okay? You seem worried as you look at that folder. Did you have a work presentation or something?" Benicio asked, showing concern.

Adrian explained with a sad expression, "Actually, it was a job interview. It was an important opportunity for me. I've been unemployed for two months and I urgently need to find a job."

"Since I'm also at fault for this accident, if you need it, I can contact the company where you were going to have the interview, explain the situation, and ask them for another opportunity," Benicio offered, feeling guilty.

Adrian replied gratefully, "Thank you, but I think it's unlikely they'll do that. As far as I know, they are quite strict in their personnel selection. Anyway, I appreciate your willingness to help."

Adrian looked out of the car again, sighing deeply. He was aware that he would have to deliver bad news to his grandmother when he got home, in addition to restarting the search for a new job.

The rest of the journey passed in silence. Benicio was unsure about how to help in that situation. He didn't even remember that he was in the middle of a selection process in his own company. When they arrived at Adrian's address, he did what he considered the only possible solution at that moment.

"This is my personal number. Normally, I don't share it with anyone, but the doctor recommended that if you feel any discomfort, you should immediately return to the hospital. So if you have a headache or any other symptoms, don't hesitate to call me. The offer to help with the company where you were going to have the interview still stands," Benicio handed Adrian his personal phone number.

"Well, Mr. Benicio Thompson," Adrian looked at the card he had received, "I thank you once again for all the assistance. If I need anything, I'll definitely contact you."

Benicio realized that, until that moment, they hadn't properly introduced themselves. He asked, "Sorry, we forgot to introduce ourselves. What's your name?"

"Adrian Smith," Adrian replied with a small smile.

"Well, Adrian, I have to go now. I hope you get better soon and get the job," Benicio said goodbye, wishing the best for the young man.

The two parted ways, and Adrian watched the car drive off. He sighed again and prepared himself to face the worry of his grandmother, Marcelina, who would certainly notice his downcast state of mind. Marcelina would often express sadness whenever she saw her grandson worried, and Adrian didn't want her to worry even more.

Upon entering the house, his grandmother heard the sound of the door and went to check what was happening. Upon seeing Adrian returning so early, she became anxious, while also hopeful that he had gotten the job.

"You're back early today, my son. Did you get the job?" Marcelina asked, approaching Adrian. It was only then that she noticed the bandage on his forehead, becoming even more concerned.

"But what happened to you? Why did you come home early and injured? Don't leave me in this anguish, tell your grandma." Marcelina pleaded, worried.

Adrian sat beside his grandmother and began to tell her what had happened. At times, he avoided looking directly into her eyes, even though he knew Marcelina always saw the good in him. Yet, there seemed to be a shadow of disappointment in her gaze.

Meanwhile, at the company Benicio commanded, he was clearly stressed with everything that had occurred. His secretary entered the room to discuss the schedule.

"Sir, regarding the interviews..." She was interrupted by Benicio.

"Cancel all of them. Get in touch with each of the candidates and ask them to come tomorrow. I don't have the head for this today. Reschedule my morning appointments for the afternoon or tomorrow. I don't want to be bothered by anything or anyone."

The unexpected situation had affected both Adrian and Benicio in different, but equally intense ways.

"Not even by me?"

A feminine voice came from the direction of the door. Benicio looked in that direction, his desire really was to say that he didn't want to see anyone at that moment, but he knew it was better to control himself and not say anything thoughtless, especially to his fiancee.

"What are you doing here, Carla?" He asked with a slightly dry tone.

Carla approached, ignoring his tone.

"What do you mean, what am I doing here? I came to see my fiance and find out how he's doing. I heard that you were involved in an accident and I got worried. You didn't get hurt, my love?" She went towards Benicio.

The secretary, seeing the situation, decided to leave the room before she was expelled by that woman who didn't seem willing to be kind at that moment. Carla's presence added an additional layer of complexity to Benicio's already complicated situation.

"If you'll excuse me, I'll reschedule the agenda, and then I'll inform you of how the program stands." The secretary left Benicio's room, giving him privacy to deal with the situation.

After the secretary left, she started rearranging Benicio's schedule and calling the job candidates. She gave the same explanation to everyone until she reached the last name on the list.

Meanwhile, Adrian explained everything to his grandmother and received comfort from her. As he checked for the next job opportunities on his phone, he received a call from an unknown number. He decided to answer, as it could be about one of the positions he had applied for.

"Hello, am I speaking to Mr. Adrian Smith?"

"Yes, it's him." He responded anxiously.

"I am calling from Thompson Group. As today's interview had to be postponed due to an unforeseen circumstance with the president, we are rescheduling it for tomorrow, at the same time. We would like to know if you are still interested in participating in the job interview."

Adrian was surprised by the call and a new chance to secure the position, despite the day's events. He responded enthusiastically:

"Of course, I am interested and I appreciate the opportunity. I will be there tomorrow at the same time."

"Great, I will keep your name on the list. The interview will be tomorrow, at the same location and time. We look forward to seeing you. Have a good day." The person on the other end of the line confirmed the rescheduling of the interview.

Adrian couldn't believe he would still have the opportunity to apply for that position. As soon as he ended the call, he hurried to tell the good news to his beloved grandmother. He wanted to share the joy and hope he felt at that moment with her, who always supported him in his job search efforts.

Episode 3

In the office, Benicio was dealing with a series of problems, including his company, the accident of the day, and the pressure related to the impending wedding. All of this was overwhelming his mind.

"My love, you haven't told me yet what exactly happened. How did this accident you were involved in happen? Did you get hurt in any way?" Carla asked, showing concern.

"No, I didn't suffer any injuries. In fact, the other person got hurt," Benicio replied with a worried expression.

Carla retorted, "But what was this idiot doing not looking before crossing? Have you ever stopped to think that he might be trying to get money from you?"

Carla was giving her opinion, but she didn't have all the details about the situation. Her words added another element of tension to Benicio's already stressful day.

"Don't exaggerate, Carla. How can you think that the guy threw himself in front of the car? If I were going at high speed, he could have gotten even more hurt," Benicio replied, trying to explain what happened and downplay the situation.

Carla came from a wealthy family and was known for her spoiled and arrogant behavior. Sometimes, Benicio struggled to tolerate her shallowness, and he had considered ending the engagement several times. However, the pressure from both of their parents and the fact that he needed to marry to keep his secret safe kept him in this relationship.

"Let's put that aside. As you said yourself, you're not hurt, and that's what matters. How about we go out for dinner tonight? That way we can talk about the wedding and have some fun. What do you think?" Carla made the invitation, sensually stroking Benicio's chest.

Benicio knew exactly where she wanted to go with this. Although he might be willing to have dinner with her, he wasn't in the mood to go further than that tonight. His desire didn't meet Carla's expectations, who had been complaining that they hardly had any intimacy lately.

"Yes, we can have dinner. I'll pick you up tonight. But right now, I have a lot of accumulated work since I lost the entire morning due to the accident," Benicio replied, immediately dismissing Carla.

Carla agreed and gave him a kiss. She was used to her fiance's constant evasiveness, although she was deeply dissatisfied with the situation. Sometimes, she wondered if he was involved with someone else because she couldn't find another explanation for his resistance to being intimate with her. Carla was determined to find out the truth if her suspicion was confirmed.

Benicio didn't have a lover, but he carried a secret that he considered a burden. Only two people knew this part of his life: his therapist and his best friend, Danilo. They met in college and since then, Danilo had been a constant support for Benicio, witnessing many of his crises and doing his best to help his friend.

The rest of the afternoon was consumed by work, but from time to time, Benicio still thought about the man he hit. He wondered if the man was really okay and regretted not getting his phone number. The image of the man's broad back as he put on his shirt also lingered in his mind.

"I gave him my number. If he needs anything and doesn't call, that's no longer my problem," he told himself, looking through the office's glass window.

Benicio worked until the evening that day. He only remembered his dinner with his fiancee when she sent a message saying she was ready. He sighed and closed his laptop, grabbed his things, and left the office. Although he was willing to have dinner with Carla, he had no desire to prolong the night. His desire was to rest.

After dinner with his grandmother and helping with the dishes, Adrian's joy still lingered. He went to his room to check if the papers in his folder were not dirty or misplaced due to the accident. After checking, he found that everything was in order. It was a precaution to avoid distractions the next day and to prevent similar unforeseen events like the one that had occurred that day.

As he closed his folder, Adrian noticed the card that the man who had hit him had given him. It was at that moment that he finally paid attention to the name printed on the card.

"That last name... it can't be possible!" Adrian was incredulous at what had crossed his mind.

Until that moment, Adrian hadn't made the connection between the man's last name and the company where he would have the job interview. After pondering this possibility, he took out his phone and did a search related to that name. His suspicion was confirmed when he saw the photo that appeared in the search results.

"This is surreal. I can't believe I was run over by the CEO of the company I want to work for," Adrian smiled, still incredulous but excited about the unexpected turn in his life.

Adrian considered the idea of sending a message to the company's CEO explaining the situation, but quickly changed his mind. He didn't want to enter the company relying on favors or privileges; he preferred to be evaluated based on his own abilities. Therefore, he decided not to mention the accident or ask for any special help. However, he couldn't help but think about what it would be like to see the CEO every day, if he managed to get the job at that interview.

At the restaurant, Benicio made a point of eating as quickly as possible to leave soon. Carla was excited, thinking he was in a hurry to take her to his apartment. However, she realized something was wrong when she saw him heading towards her house and wanted an explanation.

Carla expressed her suspicions directly:

"I thought we were going to your apartment, Benicio. I thought that was why you were in such a hurry to finish dinner. Can you tell me what's wrong with you? You keep avoiding me, it seems like you've lost interest. Do you have a lover?"

Benicio made a maneuver and stopped the car on the shoulder. He looked at Carla with a serious expression.

"I am going to marry you, aren't I? The thing is, there are some problems at work that have been exhausting me. Is it so hard for you to understand? You yourself complain that I don't have time for you and that I'm not interested. Do you think I have time for a lover? I'm without an assistant, you know that. Once I find someone else, I believe things will calm down. Until then, I ask for your patience."

After expressing his explanation seriously, Benicio resumed driving. The excuse he gave Carla was the same one he often used to not reveal the truth about himself, something he didn't accept. He wished for things to become easier and believed that by getting married, all the problems would be solved.

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