A Barbarian

Sergey walked along the way , muffled in heat and dust . It has been three days since he has started this journey . And every time he looked at the device , it seemed like the spaceship was going further and further away . A man who could be considered the size of giant , strode on . Sergey did stand at 6 foot 5 and weighed over 250 pounds . His face was covered in a cloth , only leaving the eyes to be seen . The last time he saw something alive was a Trusk , and that was at least 12 hours ago . Sergey carefully sipped water when required , and food remained a distant dream . Sergey was himself aware that he had not slept for 2 nights and his legs were not too bad . He was feeling the tiredness , but that did not make him stop on his tracks . I could never do this on Earth , he thought . Walk a 1000 miles without any sleep . There must be something in the air that is revitalizing me , he thought . Such a great planet , he thought , and yet it seemed so strange to him , that there was not much life , nor water on this planet . The cycle of the planet , it must be .


Where are the Barbarians? wondered Archimedes . I have been waiting here for a very long time . They possibly could not have returned back . Archimedes waited with his gun pointed North waiting for the slightest noise . A rock to tumble , the horses feet straddling on the ground .There was nothing .  He looked further up on the mountains . His Mother and sister were hidden in a cave that could not be easily detected under the sun , much less than in complete darkness . Who are these people ? asked the younger sister . These are the Barbarians , replied his mother . Why are they hunting us mother ? she asked again . Because this is their land , and they think we are their enemies . Will they come here and harm us ? asked the younger sister . who was getting seemingly worried . Shut up , said the older sister . Archimedes knows these lands as well as he knows anything else in this world . We will be fine , now keep quiet , she said to the younger one.  Let me head down and see what it is , decided Archimedes . So he got on his horse and treaded down the hilly slope . He galloped down the hill , not noticing the bends of the hills , nor the dangerous rocks . He very well could do it blindfolded . As he reached the foot of the hills , he saw the the two barbarians decapitated . And in front of him were his own people in large numbers . You are alright son , said Zeno . Archimedes nodded . His dad was at the back of the pack and not to be seen . The rest of them ? asked Archimedes . They have arrived at the same place as these two , said Zeno pointing at the barbarians . Where are the rest of the family , asked Zeno . Hidden , well hidden , in the hills , said Archimedes . Okay , get them , said Zeno . Where do we go from here ? asked Archimedes . Our homes are ransacked , he said . You can stay with us , said Zeno . Until , you are ready for elsewhere , he said to him . Archimedes nodded and went to get his mother and sister down . Zeno called for his father , who made his way to the front . You have taught him well , he said to his father . I do not think , I have taught him anything , whatever he knows , he has learnt it by himself . Is it true that he can ride a horse like the great Archimedes . Archimedes the one true Mountain king , his great grandfather , asked his father . Not likely , said the father of Archimedes . A great man like are not often not seen . Zeno looked at his father , does he know who he is named after ? . No , we have not told him , his father said . Zeno sat firm on the horse , he said . Between you and me , I see the resemblance Theo . I see a lot of it , and I have hope and fear . My son , laughed his father . He is not destined for greatness , let him live his life out as a farmer , that is my greatest hope . Theo , look around . Theo looked around . What do you see ? asked Zeno . I see our people . No , you see the barbarians , Zeno said  Theo was shocked . That is what we have become , Barbarians . And yet our tongues have the audacity to call the natives , barbarians . We have overstayed our welcome here , Theo . We need to return home . Home where ? asked Theo , Andora  ? asked Theo . Yes , replied Zeno , in a stern tone , Andora . Thoe was not very pleased with the possibility of returning to Andora .

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