You plan to dig a hole through the ground from the building in the opposite lane , and it precisely lands into the building you plan to loot , asked Seronn a bit sarcastically . Yes , replied his friend in all seriousness . And you need my help because I lay the groundwork for underground pipe systems , asked Seronn this time almost breaking into a laughter . Yes , replied his friend , twitching his eyebrows . And who do you plan to rob ? asked Seronn . Someone we assume are not from this planet , a set of very dangerous people , replied his friend . This time Seronn , broke into complete laughter , largely amusing his friend . What's the matter ? his friend asked him . Seronn , trying to hold his laughter responded . Even if the plan is really sound , which I'm not really sure of . This is going to take months , why not just enter in through the main door , like you normally do , asked Seronn . This is where the problem is , said the friend .What is it ? asked Seronn . There is something you need to know about us , we are indebted to a lot of people. Ok ,nodded Seronn . A lot of powerful people and these people are not particularly in our side of the law , said his friend . Concilman ? asked Seronn . The friend nodded , yes and Policeman . And this job has to do with the Commissioner himself . Seronn sat up firm , and his face turned a bit serious . The Commissioner ? asked Seronn . What does he have to do with the lot of you ? asked Seronn . His friend laughed , Seronn , he said , you have always lived in an igloo, an igloo that has been created by your parents . And you really do not know how the outside works , and we never wanted to tell you also . It would shatter your reality . Seronn did not say anything . But , we need your help now , and maybe it is time for you to understand how the world really works . Are you saying the commissioner is corrupt ? asked Seronn . Yes , my friend , he seems to be the most corrupt of all . And any favor he asks us to do , and we do not adhere to his interests , we are done for , said the friend .

What is it that he wants ? asked Seronn . His friend leaned closer . His daughter has been kidnapped , and she is barely 10 years or so . The commissioner must have a lot of enemies , said Seronn . Yes , indeed so , said the friend . But this enemy , is not like the rest . Not a mere mortal , like us , and not even from this planet . If they are not from this planet ? how did they find a sanctuary in our planet ? asked Seronn . Witchcraft ? replied the friend  . Witchcraft ? asked Seronn . It has been banned for centuries here , and as far as I know , across the galaxy . And it demands serious punishment . Yes , you are right again , said the friend . So why did they kidnap the daughter of the commissioner ? asked Seronn . These people , these people of witchcraft , are some sort of self anointed justice providers . What nonsense ? asked Seronn . And what do they call themselves ? he asked his friend . They go by the name of Xenon warriors . Xenon warriors , said Seronn , with a sparkle in his eyes . They are originally from our planet , but have swayed elsewhere and now they travel all through the galaxy . So you have heard of them ? implied the friend . Of course , replied Seronn . But , but i have always thought they were a myth . Like a children's story told by older people to scare the smaller ones . They are very much real , and its not a children's story , Seronn . Their story is so twisted that it makes an adult squirm giving them nightmares .  Yes , apparently so , said Seronn .

So , said his friend , they are here and have target the commissioner as the most corrupt of all in this planet .The most corrupt of all ? asked Seronn . Yes , the most corrupt of all , they must have their reason , said the friend again twitching his eyebrows . And they have kidnapped his daughter and in exchange they want the most noble person in the planet . There must be one , said Seronn . Yes , the most , not the perfect ,said his friend . And we have tried , tried and tried for months , delivering people in hoards at their doorstep . And ? asked Seronn . And , they are all retuned back . And we have come to realize that it is a task that is impossible for us  . So we have decided to do the job underground and retrieve his daughter . Won't they get suspicious in the meantime , that no one is turning up at their doorstep . His friend was impressed , that is indeed a good point , said the friend . That will be happening simultaneously . OK ,said Seronn . So we need to draw up a plan , said Seronn , opening up his drawer .

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