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Author Name: Gokul Balamurugessan

Plato - Part 2

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Author Name: Gokul Balamurugessan

Plato, only 12 years old, travels from Greece to Minsk for a job in the Nuclear Power Plant. He gets the opportunity to work there through an older friend Dmitri , who has already been working at the plant for a couple of years. He joins in as a transporter in the plant and befriends Sergey and Andrei who are also senior to him . And both Sergey and Andrei work in the same department as Plato. The Nuclear plant is headed by Mr. Peter , who was a former Bureaucrat in Moscow. The story is about how Plato climbs up the ranks in the nuclear power plant . Along runs parallely, the plot about the Nuclear power plant and how it harbours a secret that is not known to anyone. Dark and deep secrets that take the story forward to different parts of the Universe.

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Plato - Part 2
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