A large fire was made in the cave , that Sergey has made it his temporary residence . And he waited patiently as the Trusk was getting burnt slowly , till it gets roasted enough for Sergey to consume . He looked up at the stars , like a local would do . But there was no locals here , as far as Sergey knew . He looked up at the stars muck like a local would do , and he informed himself that it was 1 hour before he gets to the deep end of the cave and leaves no trace of any smoke or a Trusk . What creatures turned up late into the night , Sergey did not know , and he did not dare to find out too . 15 Minutes before he headed back to the deep end , the meat was fully roasted for him to consume . Sergey quickly sedimented the meat into smaller pockets and stored it into containers and quickly wiped away the smoke . He then made his way to the back of the cave . A good day , Said Sergey .

South of the planet 757

3000 miles away from the cave where Sergey was holed up in

A Mysterious ship had landed in the middle of the desert , and a group of mysterious mercenaries were seen to be coming out of the ship . Faces covered with black cloth , the mercenaries were . And they held guns in their hands , all of them . In the middle of the night in search of treasure or to hunt some one . Or rather a group of people , since there were at least a dozen of Mercenaries that were seen to be coming out of the ship . And behind the last mercenary  , the biggest of them all , was a couple of people came out handcuffed , dragged on down the ship . The prisoners what it looked like where in a dress covered up from head to toe in black . Their faces were seen , old and pale it was . There was sadness in them but their grit was clearly visible. But there was something else that was seen in their face , quite inexplicable . Something that was not common among other folks . A dark and mysterious power resided in them . Their old faces showed glimpses of remorse and compassion , yet it hid something dark inside . A darkness that showed that they have committed terrible things and that they are capable of doing terrible things .

Come on ! Shouted the mercenary who we can presume was their leader  . Faster he said . The group strode on the vast desert of empty darkness . The lights were on in the spaceship and it started to function like a clocktower . The group walked along the light , blindly following it . As if , light had already been preset to the location they were headed . The leader walked along bravely leading the pack . The path was filled with rocks , and small pits enough to trap a man . As the company strode along , one of the mercenaries slipped into one of the pits . Tow of them went to lift the fallen mercenary . The leader watched along patiently as they pulled him up . The leader just ' be careful , do not let slip  . We have some treacherous people with us . The leaser walked along ,  and he whispered to himself ' far treacherous than we are . The company continued their journey , quickly adjusting to the path that has been given to them . The Prisoners treaded along without the slightest concern , as though they have been on these route a thousand times . Wile creatures , snarled the mercenary who was holding them prisoner . The two old prisoners covered in a black ancient cloak , quietly strode along . How far along ? shouted one of the men , getting tired of the perilous journey . How far along ? asked the strongmen jolting the chains . One of the prisoner spoke in an ancient language . Nar lien 'he uttered . What ? asked the strongmen again jolting the chains . Not far along , said the leader . Not far along ? asked ? what does that mean ? asked the strongmen . That means , we have not come that far , replied the Leader . As the leader spoke , he looked back . The ship arose from the ground , to an height above 100 meters . The leader strode ahead and he laughed to himself ' not far along .

6 hours later

The company gave a weary look , which could not be seen on their faces , but the way they walked . There were some mercenaries lagging behind , trying their hardest to keep up . The terrain had proven tricky and tough even for these trained marksmen . Everyone dropped their pace except the leader . The leader did not lose any of his determination nor did he take a wrong step this whole Journey . Closely following him was the strongman and the two prisoners . The prisoners too kept a look that showed no weariness . Small particles of sunlight started to hit the surface of the planet . Again the strongman jolted the chain , this time the jolt was so weak , it hardly moved the prisoners . How far ? shouted the strongman at the prisoners . 'Nar lien ' replied on of the prisoners . The leader did not look back , he just laughed . He very well knew that he has been tricked , by now . There was no secret pot of gold , he very well knew . The ancient treasure of the Carthenians . A treasure that was said to be hidden for a thousand years . A treasure so sacred even the great Plathos did not dare search for it . For even he knew the great trickery possessed by the Men in black cloak .

Foolish , foolish . Said the leader . This time he was not murmuring , this time he was saying out loud . The strongman in angst looked at the prisoners as the sunlight hit their faces . He was expecting hem to be smiling . But there was no reaction at all . It was like a Façade of an old building . But , but , said the strongman . The location sir , he said to the leader . It was marked correctly . And the distance was barely a couple of hours away . Yes , the leader looked back . Looks like these wily creatures can alter the sense of time as well , around the people surrounding them . Sir , the location should have been marked correctly right ? Could not we have landed a bit closer . The leader removed the mask which was covering his face . There was a huge scar on his face covering the tip of the scalp to the chin . Viktor , he said tot he strongman . Count the gang , get a roll call . Viktor did not understand, what was happening . Yet , he obeyed the orders of the leader . One by one one , he counted . He counted till the last of the mercenaries passed him by . Everyone is here ? asked the leader to Viktor . Yes sir , replied Viktor . Everyone , except one . The leader laughed . There you have your answer . Viktor in angst , left the chains on the ground .  There is no treasure then ? he asked the leader . No Viktor , replied the leader . Then , said Viktor trying to manage his fury . Let us kill these two prisoners . Chop their body in tiny little pieces for the birds to feed on . As he repeated on ways to torment the men in the black cloak , he drew out his sword . But the leader stood still ,in shock . The Prisoners stood there raising their fingers , as though they were pointing at something important . Afir , Afir . They shouted in unison . What ? what ? asked Viktor in frustration . They seem to be pointing at where the treasure is hidden , said the Leader .

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