The Marakese

The Marakese originally inhabited one planet , thousands of years ago . That is ancient history , as for now it is not exactly known how the once close knit tribe separated and inhabited many planets . Although they remained in the same galaxy , albeit a very large one , Galaxy Archemedia . A highly industrious set of people , the Marakese are . Some were skillful climbers , some were excellent riders of horses . Some were great at warfare , and some even rode trusks . It is said that , as they lived in many different terrains , they started to adapt to their surroundings . Originally they were mountain people , and still some do stay in the mountains , they once inhabited and thrived . But now , these days they were not that prosperous in the mountains . But elsewhere in other planets , the Marakese thrived , here and there . Again , nothing of significance can be said of them . Most of the Marakese did not dare to dream anything out of their habitat , that was created by their forefathers . Yet , their skills were to be shown for all . They say , the skill at which they rode a horse was never seen before and some even say , that it will not be seen again . And one of the very best riders of the horses was a horseman Archimedes . It took a matter of an hour for any horse to stride the way Archimedes wanted it to . Even the wildest of the horses were easily tamed by horses . But no one knew about the great Archimedes . No , not just yet . The great Archimedes was a humble farmer , who stayed with his parents at the farm . Archimedes did dream of scorching the planet with the strides of the horse he rode on , every night he did dream about it . It was said that when Archimedes was young , he would run to his parents and keep pestering them , why they named him after the Galaxy . We do not know son , his mother would say . The elder said us to name you so , and we did it . Why son , his mother would ask him in a very concerned tone . Does it bother you ? she would ask him . Of course , would reply Archimedes . Mother , he would say and raise his tone . The other kids would simply keep taunting me on my name . They would throw stones at me and ask , why would a farmers son , be named after the great Galaxy . His mother would try to console him , but she would always fail . Archimedes would push away his mother as she tried to comfort him , get on a horse and run away , far away . He would of course return on the horse later at night and see his mother waiting for his return . Dinner is ready , she would simply say to his son . Archimedes now , not that angry or sad anymore , would have forgotten all the bad things that had happened to him . His mother would say to her son . Archimedes , she would say , I do not know son , what you will become in the future . But I  know one thing for certain Archi , she would say . Archimedes would look at his mother with just innocence in his eyes . I know for certain no one , not in these lands , not in the galaxy would ride a horse like you would . The trees will make way for you and the rocks will tumble just on the sight of you on your horse . Archimedes would look away from his mother , but mother he would say . What use is that , the trees and the rocks ? it is the people that trouble me . His mother would laugh , you have a good heart Archi , she would say . In due time , you will understand between the good and the bad , and she would bend down and look into his eyes , and most importantly right from wrong . Now let us go have dinner , she would say to him . And young Archimedes would simply nod

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