The next day at work

Morning ,

Plato was ready to leave for work along with Dimitri

Kid , said a voice from the other room

Come here , said Sergey

Plato went to the other room

Sergey was seated on his desk , smoking a cigarette . And the stupor was smelt easily by Plato

You are the new one , asked Sergey

Yes , I'm Plato

I'm Sergey , the both of them introduced themselves

Aren't you a little too young for this job , asked Sergey

It is Dangerous out there , warned Sergey

I travel with the trucks , that is all . Replied Plato

And what is inside the trucks , asked Sergey

Waste , replied plato

Nuclear waste , said Sergey

And a bit of it , everyday . It will kill you . Said Sergey

I wear a mask , always . replied Plato

A mask , laughed Sergey . As he took a long puff of smoke

Where are you from Plato , asked Sergey

Greece , replied Plato

Go back there . Said Sergey

Plato , let go . Said Dimitri . We are getting late for work

The two of them made their way to work .

There was silence between the two of them

And finally Dimitri spoke

Forget what he said , He was in a stupor . Sergey

OK , replied Plato

And Dimitri , a drunk man wont scare me that easily .

Lets get to work . Said Dimitri

The two of them walked inside the gates

And Yet again , Dimitri went to his office and Plato to the changing room

He got changed up and went to the entrance of the building , waiting for the truck to arrive

How are you this morning Plato , asked the  lady at the reception

Feeling just fine Madam , replied Plato

The lady smiled .

The truck arrived with Andrei driving inside

Plato got in and then removed his mask as he sat in the enclosed drivers area

Morning , said Andrei .

Morning , said Plato

The two of them drove away from the compound

Andrei saw Plato looking at his driving and making a note of all the movements in the memory

Be patient Plato , laughed Andrei

I was not doing anything . Said Plato

Andrei did not say a word and just drove ahead

The snow was a lot heavier than the usual

Too much snow , said Plato

A lot more than usual , replied Andrei

Should we stop , asked Plato

No , that's not required . Replied Andrei

Lets just do the job , other wise we will get in trouble . Said Andrei

Trouble with whom ? asked Plato

Wit Mr. Peter . He is the director of our department

You have not met him ? asked Andrei

No , Replied . Plato

He is a just man . A good man . One day you will meet him . Once you become a driver , i think that is the protocol now . Replied Andrei

Mr. Peter . I hope to meet him soon . Said Andrei

He is a politician too , very well connected . He could have been State secretary  . He was promised of big things in his younger days .

A State secretary  ? Said Plato

Yes , a brilliant man . he would have been good for the people . Said Andrei

What happened ? Now , he is a director in a department of a Nuclear plant . Asked Plato

Plato , you are too young to understand this . Said Andrei

Please do tell , Said Plato

Ok , Alright . I will tell you . Replied Plato

In this world Plato , Integrity comes at a big price . And if you want to make it big you have to lose Integrity once in a while

But Andrei , will you not lose it all . If you lose it just once

Andrei looked at Plato . You are smarter than you look . Said Andrei

Precisely . That was crystal clear to Mr. Peter . And he never went lost his integrity , not even once . Said Andrei

He never did anything , that did not feel right to him . So

So , asked Plato

So he is here , in this Yard . Throwing away dust in the fields , with the rest of us

Andrei looked at Plato ,

When he could have been plucking diamonds in his garden

A big man , said Plato

A great man , replied Andrei

Plato Smiled

Maybe one day , I will be like him

Trust me kid , said Andrei . You do not want to be like him

A price no human can handle

Plato did not speak .

I will , he thought to himself with firm conviction

The truck entered the yard and they went behind the fences .

They finally reached 45

Go on Plato , do your job . And put on your mask .

Plato put his mask and got down to do his job

That Evening

Plato and Dimitri went back to their accommodation after work .

The tow of them enter the house :

Sergey is sat there , in the living room . With a bottle in his hand

Good evening fellas , said Sergey

Back from the pit ? he asked the both of them

A good days work , replied Dimitri

Ha ! exclaimed Sergey . You do not work like the rest of us . You sit in your tower , with a pen and a paper

Ain't that right Plato , Said Sergey

Dimitri ignored him and went to his room

You work in the plant with us ? asked Plato

Yes , I drive the trucks . Replied Sergey

Me too , said Plato in a happy manner

Actually , I do not drive . I'm the assistant .

Do not worry Plato , one day . You will drive like me . Said Sergey

You are a good driver ? asked Plato

The best . Replied Sergey

Will you trach me ? asked Plato

One day Kid . I'm busy these days . Sergey replied . Pointing his hand to the bottle

Plato laughed .

Who is your Partner ? asked Sergey

Andrei . Plato replied

Andrei . He is a good bloke . You can learn a lot from him . Said Sergey

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