The Spaceship

Right , take a left now , said Constantine . What left ? There is no left , replied Plato . The next one , exclaimed Constantine . Can you see the spaceship ? asked Plato . Yes , but we need to move faster , replied Constantine . We should have got into a better car , said Plato . Constantine was busy keeping an eye on the spaceship , and did not bother to respond to further comments . Plato took notice of it and kept his eyes on the next left . Faster , faster , said Constantine . Plato finally spotted a small alley where he could take a left . As Plato steered the wheel to take the corner , he warned Plato to keep his head inside . Why ? asked Plato as his head was completely inside the car . The car was completely in the alley , and as it went ahead , it took a lot of dents and the mirrors on the side of the car completely broke . Constantine looked at Plato in complete shock . Are you shocked that I warned you to keep your head well in advance , asked Plato . No , not at all . I did not take you to be such a bad driver , laughed Constantine . Plato smirked and instructed Constantine to keep his eyes on the road . The car leapt out of the cramped alley . Can you see the spaceship kid ? asked Plato . Yes , very much so , replied Constantine pointing at the incoming object flaming towards the surface of the planet . Plato for the first time since he took the wheels of the car , had a look at the spaceship . His face blew up in excitement at seeing the spaceship in flames like that , and then his face quickly turned anxious as he understood that it could be his friend in the spaceship , sure to be dead on impact

The car raced ahead with Plato keeping a sharp eye at the spaceship . Do you think that we should get really close to the spaceship ? asked a concerned Constantine who too started to worry after seeing the anxious face of Plato . Yes , as close as possible , replied Plato , well knowing that they would not get very close to the spaceship , by the time it hits the ground . Constantine looked around the terrain . Fortunately the ship would crash in the empty terrains and not on any buildings , said Constantine . Kid , keep an eye at the spaceship , and see if there is any ejection , a parachute , anything , said Plato to Constantine . Constantine simply nodded .

The vehicle swerved into the empty terrain from the roads , which made the both jump , up and down in the cars , because of the large bumps . Constantine holding the car tightly said , the wheels are about to come off . I really don't care , replied Plato . Look , said Constantine , someone just ejected from the spaceship . Any signs of a parachute ? asked Plato without showing any emotion . Not yet , not yet , not yet . Yes , yes , there is a parachute replied Constantine .  Plato heaved a sigh of relied , at least there is some hope  , he said . The car started to slow down and finally came to a halt . The tow of them quickly got out of the car and ran towards the spaceship , at least to where they presumed would land . Plato ran ahead and Constantine impressively keeping up with his senior . The spaceship almost landed on the ground and the parachute swaying away a bit further up in the sky . The two of them ran as fast as they could in the tough terrains , and even the blowing up off the spaceship did not deter the two of them , they continued to run without losing any pace . Plato looking up once in a while to see where the parachute was going to land , and looking behind now and then to see where Constantine was . And every time Plato looked back , he was surprised as the kid was always on his heels . The kid is impressive , thought Plato . The parachute almost touched the ground . Sergey , Sergey , shouted Plato as he neared the parachute . Plato finally stopped as he stepped on the tip of the parachute . He hurriedly removed the layer covering the human who was being transported in it . Constantine patiently waited , as he did not want to interfere with Plato searching for the human . Sergey , Sergey  , Plato called out again . There was no response , and alas Plato found the human . As Plato grappled the body with his hands , he gave a concerning look at Constantine . Alive ? the kid asked him . I'm afraid not , replied Plato . Sergey ? asked Constantine . No , replied Plato . the body is much smaller than that of Sergey's . Plato gently placed the head on the ground and covered the body with the parachute .

Now what do we ? asked Constantine . Plato gave a puzzled look . Do we report it to the director ? asked Plato Constantine . I suppose so , replied Constantine . Yes , said Plato as his footsteps began to retrace the way it had come . Constantine too started following him . What do we do with the car ? do we get to keep it ? asked Constantine . I don't think that's a good idea , kid . That would make us thief's , replied Plato . Is it wrong to take something that we need ? asked Constantine . Yes , especially if it belongs to someone else , replied Plato . The response did not go well with Constantine , as he was very happy when he was in the car . The whole racing towards to the spaceship , the journey albeit being very short was something new for Constantine . I used to see these vehicles back at home . I used to wave at them , but they never , not even once wave back at me , said Constantine . There was no reply from Plato , who continued to walk . I never thought that I would get to ride in one , and today I got to drive in one . So that makes me happy . Plato looked at Constantine . He said , look here kid , Keep your head on the ground , do not indulge in the bad things , be hardworking , and then one day you would get to ride in a car . Plato laughed , oh wait , he said to him . Not a car , something bigger , something far better , something money cannot buy , something a very rich man cannot do . One day you could be a traveler and man a rocket , said Plato . Like you ? asked Constantine . No , not like me , like Mr. Romanov , Smirked Plato .

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