Plato , a traveler

Plato was all excited that he was going to be a traveler . An honour only few men receive , and far fewer held onto . Plato knew that . He knew that his job was not a luxury , and that it was a responsibility . Plato opened the door to his new apartment which was given to him by the plant , as one always receives as they become a traveler . Sergey stayed in an house nearby , Plato knew that . He also knew that Sergey has been on a mission for about two years and there has been no message from him for over a year . But no one was worried , as time in space goes differently than the time on earth . There was calm and composure when you enquired Romanov , or even the director about Sergey . They all were confident that he would return sooner or later . Plato sat down on his couch , after what had been a long day  . He wondered where would Dimitri be . They hardly met these days , as Dimitri was busy with his family . And Plato thought it was best that he let him tend to his affairs and Plato tended to his . And for Andrei , he had jumped ship and started to work for Andrea . Plato let out a laughter , where else would he be ? Where else would such a man be ? A man who ran after money . Plato looked around his new apartment . I haven't done too baldy myself , he thought to himself . As Plato was immersed in his own thoughts , the doorbell rang . Plato reached for the door and opened it , a young man who would half the age of Plato opened the door. The enthusiasm on the face of the kid was evident . The first question from the mouth of Plato was , what are you happy for ? The kid was stunned . Is there a reason to be happy  ? I just am . Plato did not say anything . And the kid said , I'm just excited to meet a traveler . And I aspire to be one , someday . That is a long road ahead of you kid , said Plato . What brings you here ? Asked Plato . It is Romanov , said Plato . He asks for you . And who are you to him ? Asked Plato . The kid reached out his hand to Plato . My name is Constantine , and I'm the assistant of Mr. Romanov , replied the kid . Constantine ? Asked Plato , curiously . Yes sir , Constantine replied the kid , in a confident manner . Plato let his armor slide . Let us go he said , to the kid . Constantine walked ahead and Plato locked the door behind him and he too walked ahead . Why did you leave Greece ? Asked Plato . The kids face turned a little pale and he was unable to answer . Plato then tapped the kids shoulders and said to him , it is ok kid , it will be alright soon . The smile returned on the face of the kid and they proceeded to walk . As they made their way to the plant. One day , you will be a traveler , Constantine , said Plato . Far better than I ever could be . Like Mr . Romanov ? Asked the kid in an innocent manner . Plato laughed , yes , he said to Constantine . Just like Mr . Romanov

Constantine walked up the stairs to the floor where Romanov was seated . Plato followed him , although the pace of Constantine bothered him . Hello sir , said Constantine standing in front of the desk of Romanov . Romanov who was busy with some documents , looked up and saw Constantine and Plato who just entered . Plato , he said . Please sit down , he told him . Constantine who tried to linger knew that his time was up and proceeded to leave . Good kid , remarked Romanov . Plato did not say anything . You should have been that age , when you first came here , am I correct ? asked Romanov . Yes Sir , replied Plato . Your progress is something that had caught my eye . Me too Sir , said Plato . I did not think that the Director will take to me so well . Romanov laughed , and this gesture of the seasoned traveler made Plato a bit curious . Romanov leaned forward . Plato , son , he said . It is not the director that made you a traveler . Plato leaned back in his chair and asked Romanov , then who was it sir ? . Romanov replied Sergey . Sergey ? emphasized Plato . Yes Sergey , said Romanov .  He made the Director promise him that one day before he moved on from here that you would be made a traveler . And we all thought that would be a good decade from now at the least . But , fate has decided to take its own course . But Sir , interrupted Plato .  Sergey is still alive , is he not . Of course he is ,  said Romanov . You do know how space time works ? asked Romanov . Before Plato could say anything . Romanov continued , you could be a hundred years before he returns . We just cannot wait for it , can we ? No sir , replied Plato .  You could still have waited another 10 years , joked Plato . Yes indeed , but we were running short of a traveler , so , said Romanov , pointing at the direction of Plato .

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