Plato and Romanov

Romanov handed over a docket to Plato . Read it carefully , he said to him . Plato received it and held it carelessly . Careful with what is inside , it could save your life one day , warned Romanov . Plato now held it firmly , yes sir , he said to him . When do I start training , sir , asked Plato . Soon enough , replied Plato . Now I want you to go through this docket thoroughly , and once you do . Get back to me , said Romanov . Ok sir , said Plato . And sir , said Plato . Romanov stared at Plato . I have seen a lot of people in my time , a lot of warriors , with a lot of strength . And yet , Sergey could beat them all with his sheer perseverance . So do not worry kid , comforted Romanov . He will be back . We need you to worry about something else now . About what sir , asked Plato sincerely . Romanov laughed , about space , replied Romanov . Plato hit the docket on his head as to suggest of his naivety . Thank you sir , said Plato and left the room . Plato walked out of the office and walked down the stairs he climbed up an hour ago . As he was climbing down the stairs he felt a strange sensation as though some one was following him . But there were no sound of footsteps , who ever was following him was adept in the shadows , thought Plato . Plato still did not bother to look back , yet he was very alert . As he completed climbing down the stairs . Plato without looking back , called out CONSTANTINE . There was no answer , Plato walked ahead . There were running sounds and finally Constantine walked side by side of Plato . How did you know it was me , asked Constantine . Normally no one catches my presence . Plato finally glanced at Constantine , he smirked . Kid , I'm just like you , I too am a master of darkness . You are ? asked Constantine . The streets of Greece are the same aren't they ? as they ever where ? asked Plato to Constantine's question . There was no answer from Constantine to the question posed by Plato . Plato walked ahead with Constantine walking with him . Anyway kid do you not have any work to do now ? No sir , I do actually have a lot of free time . Well kid , said Plato , I have a lot of work to do , and showed him the docket . What is that ? asked Constantine . Maybe one day , if you work hard enough . you will get to read it , said Plato . And Plus , if I were to explain it you , you would not understand it anyway . Is it about being a traveler ? asked Constantine . Plato stopped in his tracks and looked at the kid . You are smarter than I thought , said Plato . One day I too will become a traveler , said Constantine . Good on you kid , replied Plato . Can I see it ? asked Constantine . I have not seen it myself , let me go through it . I think I have something like an exam tomorrow , said Plato . An exam ? laughed Constantine . Yes , an examination , and it thought I would never see the front side of a question paper in my life , five years ago , lamented Plato . The both of them laughed .

Suddenly , Plato . Look , shouted Constantine , quickly forgetting his laughter .  What , what is it ? asked Plato , still half  laughing . Look there , said Constantine , pointing at the sky . Plato immediately looked . What is it Constantine ? asked Plato , I cannot see anything .  Look there , look there , said Plato . There , I see it , finally said Plato . That is a spaceship crashing down on earth . A spaceship ? asked Constantine . One that you are going to travel in . Plato's face suddenly turned serious . Yes , said Plato to Constantine in a very somber voice , one that I'm going to travel in . Are they going to be fine ? asked Constantine to Plato . The impact , I'm afraid not , said Plato to Constantine . Then Plato turned towards Constantine , and that there in that spaceship could be my friend Sergey . Constantine was stunned and uttered your friend ? Yes , replied Plato . My Friend ,and this worries me deeply . Do you have a car ? asked Constantine . A car asked Plato ? what for ?

So that we can reach the site of impact ? let us hurry , we hardly have any time , said Constantine . Plato's face lit up , that seems like a good idea , but kid , I really do not have a car . Constantine sighed , And then Plato sighed , but their eyes did not leave the incoming spaceship . Look there , said Constantine pointing to a car that was parked nearby . There was an old wagon parked by the road and by the looks of it has been parked there for a very long time . That could take ages to get us there , complained Plato . Constantine caught the hands of Plato . Do you know how to jack a car ? he asked him . Plato nodded. Then let us hurry , said Constantine who almost started running towards the vehicle . Plato let go of the hands of Constantine , broke opened the glass of the car , opened the locks , and got in , so did Constantine . Plato got to work , as Constantine was eagerly peeping on how to do it himself . Eyes on the spaceship kid , warned Plato . Constantine's eyes were locked on the spaceship . We are losing time , said Constantine . I know , said Plato who was operating hurriedly . Finally , the engine started . Lets go , roared both Plato and the vehicle .

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