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Author Name: Jéssica Almeida

The Cruel Billionaire and the Blind Bride

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Author Name: Jéssica Almeida

Sara, an innately kind and understanding young woman, finds her life turned upside down by an unpredictable crisis.

Though blind due to disease, she has immense courage, aiding her sister, Lize, to flee from a pre-arranged marriage, only to un expectedly take her sister's place at the altar.

Her life entwines into a strange matrimony with Adam, a billionaire renowned for his captivating charisma yet infamous for his icy, unfeeling demeanor.

Their marriage, initially a mere convenience, gradually unfolds into an unexpected exploration of profound and unfamiliar emotions. As they navigate their way through this unexpected union, they battle unexpected issues and uncover momentous secrets.

Caught between the chill of responsibility and the warmth of hope, uncertainty arises: Can love thrive between two such different people?

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The Cruel Billionaire and the Blind Bride
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