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Author Name: palacio

DIVORCE: Pretend to Love Me for 3 Months

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Author Name: palacio

Alexander Williams is forced to marry Valentina, the Curvy girl, in order to obtain the position of boss in the family construction company.

Valentina did not know who her fiance was until the day of the wedding, for her he was the most handsome, manly man she had ever seen in her life. And it was love at first sight.

For Alexander, he was the worst thing in the world, he looked at her with contempt. He even only touched her on her wedding night, and that was because he was drunk.

Valentina discovers her husband's infidelity, and that caused her deep pain because despite her indifference. She loves him. She knows that her husband will ask her for a divorce and although her heart is broken. She is prepared to put her cards on the table, because Alexander cannot get a divorce, unless she wants it. It was something stipulated in the contract that the ringleader made them sign. .

Valentina imposes rules on Alexander in order to sign the divorce. What rules will they be?

You can't miss this great story.

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DIVORCE: Pretend to Love Me for 3 Months
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