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Author Name: jojo0609

Ceo's Secret

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Author Name: jojo0609

Adrian needs luck, he's been unemployed for two months......

Adrian graduated in marketing and worked for several years at the company that fired him. Even without proof, he knew he was unemployed simply because his manager found out he was gay.

In a few days, he will have an interview at another company. If all went well, he could provide a better life for his grandmother and himself. As he crossed the street, he looked at his cell phone and checked the job requirements to make sure he hadn't forgotten anything.

At that moment, a man was irritated with his phone and didn't notice that someone was trying to cross the street. When he realized it, he braked the car, but he still hit Adrian.

The man was Benicio Thompson, a man considered by many to be aloof and arrogant, president of a company that bore his surname.

Adrian learns that sometimes luck comes in unconventional ways...

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Ceo's Secret
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