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Author Name: DF_14

A Dangerous Man (Revenge of the Mafia)

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Author Name: DF_14

No one thought he was still alive, everyone thought he was dead. Even though he has grown into a dangerous man.

Adam Alvarez or the man whose real name is Marvin Leonardo, this 28 year old man is a cold-blooded mobster, because his skill in conquering enemies earned him the nickname A Dangerous Man. However, there was a wound in the past that allowed him to act cruelly like that.

When he was little, he and his mother were abandoned by his father, only because his father already had another woman, and the woman even brought a daughter from their illicit relationship. Until it ended with the sadistic murder of his mother.

Because of this, Adam used Nadine Leonardo, his father's beloved daughter, as a tool to take revenge against his father. Adam will not forgive anyone who has the heart to kill his mother.

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A Dangerous Man (Revenge of the Mafia)
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