Episode 39

Father Shen liked collecting wine, so Shen Xi picked a 50-year-old bottle of wine from Su Hang's pile of presents. Su Hang knew that Mother Shen had a weak body, so he had prepared many different types of supplements as gifts, but Shen Xi knew that her mother couldn't eat too many. In the end, she picked out an embroidered silk scarf as her mother's gift.

"Just these two?" Su Hang was uncertain as he held the wine and the scarf.

"Yes." Shen Xi nodded.

"Isn't this too little? I've prepared a lot, why don't you pick some more?" Although the gifts he had prepared were very valuable, Su Hang had always felt timid and inferior when facing his in-laws.

"You're afraid you won't be able to finish this pile?" Shen Xi had no words. "In the future, we'll visit every week."

"Every week?" Su Hang was a little stunned.

"What? You don't want to?" Shen Xi raised a brow.

Su Hang didn't dare contradict her and frantically shook his head.

"That's more like it. Alright, let's go in." Shen Xi smiled and walked back into the house with Su Hang.

Father Shen and Mother Shen were sitting in the living room, reading a newspaper, and peeling an apple. When Shen Xi and Su Hang entered the room, the old couple looked up but didn't take the initiative to say hello.

The atmosphere was a bit awkward. Shen Xi wanted to say something to lighten the mood, but Su Hang stepped forward before she could say anything. He lifted the presents, and respectfully greeted: "Dad, Mom, sorry I'm late."

Father Shen glanced at Su Hang, shook the newspaper in his hands, and continued to ignore him.

Mother Shen looked at her husband. Nobody knew what she was thinking, but surprisingly, she didn't make a sound. Mother Shen simply lowered her head and continued to peel the apple in her hands.

Su Hang was a bit embarrassed. As expected, his father-in-law and mother-in-law still don't like him. Su Hang smiled and placed the presents on the coffee table that was in front of the old couple. "I bought some gifts, I hope you like them."

"Un." Father Shen finally acknowledged his presence, but his eyes never left the newspaper.

However, Su Hang was already delighted. He couldn't help but look back at Shen Xi, a big smile on his face. His expression showed he was clearly asking for praise, saying: Look, your dad accepted the gift!

But Shen Xi wasn't as easy to satisfy as Su Hang. She ran to her father, angrily grabbed the newspaper from his hands, and said: "Dad, why are you reading a newspaper you've already read this morning? Su Hang is talking to you, ah."

"How do you know I read it this morning?" Father Shen retorted. "You weren't here this morning."

"Mom." Shen Xi saw her father acting like a rouge and turned to her mother for help.

Mother Shen grinned and put down the fruit knife she was holding. She looked at her husband and said: "Alright, alright, you can end your pretentious act. Otherwise, Xiao Xi will get anxious."

Father Shen finally looked up at Su Hang. However, it didn't matter if Father Shen looked at him or not, either way, he was angry at the man. What's more, this stinky boy had the gall to bow his head and smirk in front of him!

"What are you laughing for?" Father Shen snapped.

"Nothing." Su Hang quickly wiped the smile off his face. He hadn't expected Shen Xi to protect him from his father-in-law. He got so happy he couldn't hold back a smile.

"And why were you dawdling by the door? What took you so long?" Father Shen deliberately tried to make things hard for Su Hang.

Su Hang's ears turned red, and his mouth couldn't help but hook up once more.


"Whatever, let's just eat." Father Shen interrupted Su Hang with a dark expression on his face.

Based on Su Hang's bashful expression, Father Shen figured that Su Hang's answer wouldn't be anything good!

Seeing his father-in-law stomp away, Su Hang turned to Shen Xi in puzzlement. Who knew that Shen Xi would scowl at him and follow her father to the dining room in a huff?

"Let's eat." Mother Shen stood and gave Su Hang a slice of apple.

"Thank you, mom." Su Hang looked at the apple in his hand and was flattered.

"Dad isn't angry with you. It's just that..." Mother Shen smiled. "You'll understand once you have a daughter."

Daughter? So it was because of Xiao Xi?

"I'll be good to Xiao Xi." Su Hang solemnly guaranteed.

"Good." Mother Su nodded with a smile. "Let's go have dinner."

As Su Hang followed Mother Su to the dining room, he couldn't help but compare the attitude of Shen Xi's parents in the past to their attitudes tonight.

'I'll be good to Shen Xi' was a promise Su Hang uttered practically every time he saw Shen Xi's parents. Whenever he said this phrase, Father Shen would always reluctantly nod, as if he was simply trying to be polite. Mother Shen, on the other hand, would always have a sad look on her face. Their reactions eventually caused Su Hang to become a little afraid of saying these words.

But just now, Mother Shen suddenly smiled at him and treated him kindly. It was the kind of gentleness that Su Hang craved for a long time. Su Hang looked at the apple in his hand and couldn't help but take a bite.

Although Father Shen's demeanor had changed, he still didn't give Su Hang a face during dinner and talked to him with non-committal hums and grunts. However, compared to Father Shen's previous attitude, Su Hang much preferred this kind of cool acknowledgment. While Father Shen still obviously disliked him, at least now, Su Hang felt like he was being treated as a son-in-law.

After dinner, Shen Xi accompanied her mother in the living room for a chat, while Su Hang followed Father Shen into the study.

"You've read all the reports I've sent?" Father Shen asked, expressionless.

"Yes." Su Hang nodded.

"Then you know how much working capital Shen company now has. If you want money..."

"I don't..." Su Hang hurriedly interrupted.

"Although I lost my investments once before, that doesn't mean I no longer have the vision to make money." Father Shen looked at Su Hang in askance. "If something happens to the Su family, the Shen family will also be affected."

"No matter what happens to the Su family, it will never affect the Shen family," Su Hang loudly promised.

Father Shen looked at Su Hang's eyes, which were devoid of any weakness. The atmosphere in the study suddenly became tense.

Bang! Father Shen slammed his cup onto the table and scolded Su Hang: "Why are you so stubborn, ah!"

Su Hang frowned and refused to answer. He knew he was being stubborn. When he unashamedly offered three billion yuan to the Shen family in exchange for marriage, he made himself sound so impressive. But after three months, Father Shen had found out about his family situation.

Of course, Su Hang knew Father Shen was just trying to help him. But Su Hang didn't allow himself to accept help from the Shen Family, because doing so would make him feel as if he was deliberately sucking their family dry. Su Hang had already scraped together three billion yuan to cheat the Shen family of their daughter. If he asked for more, he would be acting like a shark outside.

"Nowadays, the Shen company is starting to get back up on its feet. I've already allocated our extra funds to you. At most, this will only delay the development of the Shen company for a while," Father Shen told him. "Besides, the money was always meant to be returned to you."

"Thank you, but I don't need it," Su Hang insisted.

Shen company's development could not be delayed. When he proposed marriage, he deliberately chose 3 billion yuan to help the company recover as soon as possible. What's more, he had given the money as Shen Xi's betrothal gift. Even though the Shen company was now stable enough to pay him back, Su Hang had no intention of accepting the money. If he took the money now, his original intention when marrying Shen Xi would blacken. Besides, his situation isn't dire enough to warrant such things.




"Get out!"

Father Shen's roar scared the mother-daughter pair downstairs. Shen Xi looked up at the descending Su Hang and stood. She asked: "What's the matter?"

"I made Dad angry." Su Hang was full of guilt.

"I'll ask." Shen Xi rushed to go upstairs but was caught by Su Hang.

"Don't go." There was a hint of pleading in Su Hang's voice.

Shen Xi was surprised and hesitated for a moment.

"You two go back first," Mother Shen said. "I'll go up and have a look."

"Alright." Shen Xi thought about it, then decided to listen to her mother.

After Mother Shen sent the couple off, she walked back into the living room and saw Father Shen already sitting there. She went over and asked him: "Why did you explode all of a sudden?"

"He's such a stubborn boy." Father Shen's anger has yet to subside.

"What happened?" It was rare for Mother Shen to see her husband get so angry.

"If it wasn't for our Xiao Xi, I wouldn't even bother helping." Father Shen muttered. "When that boy first offered three billion yuan, I did find it strange that the Su Family suddenly had so much wealth to spare. But some time ago, I went out to eat with some old friends and heard that there were some internal problems in the Su company."

"Although our situation has improved, it'd be impossible to disregard such a large loan. So I stopped a few projects in the company, intending to give the money back to the Su company. It might ease the pressure on Su Hang and the Su company."

"Su Hang disagreed?" Mother Shen asked.

"That kid... unexpectedly, he told me that Su company is the Su family's responsibility and the Shen company is the Shen family's responsibility. He asserted that there was no relationship between the two companies, and to pay the money back according to the terms in the contract I signed. He said that if I tried to pay back in advance, he wouldn't accept the money. So nitpicky!" Father Shen huffed. "The bank doesn't even dare talk to me."

"Why are you so angry? Do you want to hand over the company to him?" Mother Shen asked.

"No way." Father Shen immediately refuted.

"Then what are you angry about? You don't want to give it to him, and he doesn't want it. Isn't that perfect?" Mother Shen smiled.

"You think I want to do this? It's just..."

"I know you're afraid of something happening with the Su company. After all, Su Hang helped us get back on our feet." Mother Shen started, "But have you ever thought of why he rejected you?"

"It's because he doesn't know the immensity of heaven and earth!" Father Shen coldly hummed.

"Ever since the company has turned over a profit, people outside are gossiping that Su Hang had planned all this for a long time. They commend the scheming Su Hang for getting double his investment," Mother Shen explained. "To be honest, if Shen Xi hadn't told me about Su Hang's decade-long crush on her, I would've thought the same thing."

"He thought that if he had accepted the money, people would think the rumors were true?" Father Shen asked.

"Su Hang already has a bad reputation, so he doesn't care what they say about him. What he cares about is our Xiao Xi," Mother Shen explained. "He's afraid that Xiao Xi will believe the rumors.”

When Father Shen heard this, he felt a little better.

"If you're still worried, then keep an eye out," Mother Shen advised. "Since Su Hang doesn't want you to help him directly, you should introduce him to your contacts."

"Isn’t he a capable person? Let him solve his own problems," Father Shen awkwardly complained.

"Are you sure? You do know that if you want Xiao Xi's future children to inherit the Shen company, you'll have to discuss it with Su Hang." Mother Shen raised a brow.

"He dares to disagree?" Father Shen became mad again.




While Su Hang was in the shower, Shen Xi called her mother and got the entire story from her.

Shen Xi thought about what happened in her last life, five years from now, the Su company would change owners. At the time, Shen Xi was abroad on vacation. She deliberately avoided any news regarding Su Hang, so she didn't know much.

Was the change in ownership due to Su Hang's three billion yuan loan? Did her father manage to pay Su Hang back by then? In the end, why did Su Hang lost all his shares? Despite having lived together for five years, Shen Xi realized she had no information. All she knew was that Su Hang had been very busy.

"What are you thinking about?" Su Hang hugged the engrossed Shen Xi from behind. Even though they used the same soap, Su Hang thought Shen Xi smelled much better.

Shen Xi turned her head and looked at Su Hang. "I was thinking about business."

"Business?" Su Hang wondered.

"My cafes," Shen Xi said. "I want to expand my business, but I don't know where to start."

"You want to expand?" Su Hang was somewhat surprised. He knew Shen Xi wasn't interested in such things.

"Ah." Shen Xi explained, "I want to make more money to keep the foundation running."

Su Hang suddenly realized the Shen company would have no extra money to keep their charity running for the next two years. And the Su company...Su Hang wouldn't be able to get money from them for a while. Su Hang asked Shen Xi: "Do you have any ideas?"

Shen Xi shook her head.

"Give me all the information, and I'll go through it tomorrow," Su Hang told her.

"No, you're already so busy." Shen Xi shook her head. "I'll just ask my father tomorrow."

"If you need to find someone else to help you with things I can easily do, I'd feel useless, ah," Su Hang said.

"You'll feel bad?" Shen Xi asked.

"Un." The man nodded.

"You'll be sad?"

"I will." Su Hang nodded once more.

"Then, I'll give you the documents." Shen Xi decided to compromise.

After listening to this, Su Hang was satisfied. He happily hugged his wife tighter.

"Su Hang." Shen Xi leaned back towards Su Hang and softly whispered: "Me too."

"Hm?" Su Hang asked.

"If you go find someone else to help you with something I can do, I'll get sad," Shen Xi said.

"..." Su Hang was surprised, and his expression turned troubled. Did Father Shen said something to her?

"You don't want to make me sad, do you?" Shen Xi asked once more.

The room went quiet. It felt like the silence went on for decades, but Shen Xi was in no hurry. She didn't look back and stayed in Su Hang's arms, patiently waiting for Su Hang's reply.

"Un." Finally, Su Hang uttered a muffled reply as he buried his face in Shen Xi's hair.

I should get stronger, so you wouldn't have to worry about me.

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