Episode 7 You Deserved to be Admired

Shen Xi and Yun Shu continued to chat all afternoon. Because of this, Shen Xi's memories of five years ago became a little clearer. For example, she was currently interested in opening a contemporary coffee shop in S City as there were only eight chain stores right now. For example, Yun Shu's future husband has yet to return from abroad, so she was still single.



"Come on, let's go to my restaurant for dinner." Yun Shu looked at the time, then stood up. "I just changed one of my cooks some time ago. I'll take you to try their dishes."



"Alright." The delicacies in Cirrus Cloud were one of its brightest highlights. Their western meals were better than most Michelin restaurants.



When they left the room, they saw several waiters carrying wine and fruit plates past the corridor. It was obvious that other guests have arrived.



"Your membership fees for the third floor are so high. Do you have members that can rent out several rooms at once?" Shen Xi asked, curious.



"One or two." Yun Shu replied.



"And it's fine for us to use one of the rooms anyway?"



"It's my place." Yun Shu shrugged indifferently.



Shen Xi smiled and no longer spoke. They continued to walk towards the elevator. Just when they were almost halfway past the corridor, Shen Xi suddenly heard someone say her name.



Shen Xi stopped and looked around. She was standing right in front of a door and found that someone was saying her name from inside.



"Su MingLi, I heard that your brother doesn't like Shen Xi?" A young girl's voice sounded out.



"Who are you calling my brother? My mother gave birth to me, but she didn't give birth to any son." A 20-year-old girl dressed in luxury brands impatiently replied. She was the eldest daughter of the Su family, Miss Su MingLi, Su Hang's half-sister.



"You still refuse to acknowledge him, even after your father gave him the entire Su Group?" A yellow-haired boy answered.



"If I acknowledged him, I don't know what that illegitimate bastard would do." Su MingLi's expression was full of disgust. "Do you know, when my father first found him, he was picking up garbage in the slums, dressed in dirty clothes and pushing a broken tricycle that was covered in water bottles and cardboard boxes from the trash. So disgusting."



"Ew..." Several voices shouted their disgust.



"What's even funnier was that when father said he wanted to take him away, that stinky person insisted on selling his crap first. Guess how much money he got." Su MingLi asked.



"How much?" Someone asked.



"$14.80. The garbage man said he didn't have five cents change so he was five cents short, hahaha...I just laughed to death."



Another person was laughing along with her in the room.



"But now it's different. Now even my father can't stop praising Su Hang." Some people in the room disagreed.



"No matter how big he is now, he'll never be able to change the fact that he used to be a filthy beggar." Su MingLi smirked. "Why do you think he married Shen Xi? She's a well-known young lady in our circles. Being a lowborn, he wanted a woman of good birth and a humble background to bury his past. He's probably thinking that he can escape being a frog if he married a princess. Unfortunately, Shen Xi is now nothing but a fallen phoenix.



"According to you, Su Hang doesn't like Shen Xi at all?" The yellow-haired boy asked.



"No wonder Su Hang went on a business trip."



"It's only been a couple of days since they got married, be he turns around and goes on a business trip?"



"Sister Shen Xi is really pitiful."



"Think you can still tolerate the rumours?" Yun Shu asked incredulously. "If you're not barging in there, I will!"



Shen Xi stopped the rampaging Yun Shu, then pushed the door open and walked straight up towards Su MingLi.



The elite circle in S City wasn't big so they were all familiar with each other from the various parties they attended. Besides, the Shen family was one of the top five richest before their fall so no one in the room didn't know what Shen Xi looked like. When she suddenly entered the room, several people shrank inwardly and didn't dare say anymore. The previously rowdy room instantly quieted down.



"Shen....you....what are you planning on doing?" Su MingLi had never expected to meet Shen Xi here. She figured that what she had just said was most likely heard by Shen Xi, so she started to feel a little guilty.



"While you open your mouth and laugh at Su Hang in front of outsiders, have you forgotten that what you eat, wear, and use is money made by Su Hang?" Shen Xi asked.



"That's my company, when have I spent Su Hang's money?" Su MingLi angrily refuted.



"If I remember correctly, Su Hang owns 51% of Su Group shares while you only have 8%." Shen Xi quipped. "Every penny you own is a dividend from Su Hang. If you really hate Su Hang why don't you sell your shares and leave altogether?"



"Why do I have to sell them? The Su Group has always been mine." Su MingLi stubbornly said.



"The Su Group is yours?" Shen Xi laughed. "Your friends are all here, go on and ask them if Su Group is really yours."



Silence reigned in the room, with no one speaking.



"You...why do you care about this?" Su MingLi furiously asked. "If you're nitpicking about me getting dividends, then how about you? You sold yourself for some capital. What princess, all I see is a **********. Do you actually think that Su Hang likes you?"






Shen Xi picked up a glass on the table then threw its contents at Su MingLi's face. There were shocked cries and even Yun Shu was stunned.



"You dare splash me?" Su MingLi completely lost it. She jumped up and reached out towards Shen Xi's face. Shen Xi calmly raised her hand and grasped Su MingLi's outstretched hand. She then pulled and threw her directly to the ground.



"Whether Su Hang likes me or not isn't important. But don't you dare insult my husband in front of me." Shen Xi looked down at Su MingLi. "Understand?"



"You..." Su MingLi was about to stand back up when Shen Xi lifted another glass full of wine. Su MingLi was instantly scared silly.



"Understand?" Shen Xi looked down at her with a terribly cold expression.



Su MingLi didn't answer, but her face was full of panic.



"It looks like you've understood." Shen Xi put down the glass. "As long as the Shen family continues, I will stay as the eldest lady of the Shen family. But the moment Su Hang took charge of the Su Group, you ceased to be Miss Su of the Su family. So pay attention to what you say in the future."



(T/N: I think what she means is that since she's the only Shen heir, no matter what, she'll inherit the Shen Group business. But with Su MingLi, the heir is Su Hang. So the business will go to his future children. So no matter what, Su MingLi is no longer the 'first lady' of Su Group [That's Shen Xi for marrying Su Hang].)









After saying this, Shen Xi turned around and elegantly left the room.



This was the first time Yun Shu had ever seen her girlfriend be so badass. She was frozen for a few seconds before she managed to rush out. She caught up to her friend and excitedly said: "You were so cool just now! I never expected the gentle you would be so frightening when mad."






"Yeah, Su MingLi was scared silly!" Yun Shu looked at Shen Xi's still cold expression and said: "You were really angry. That was the first time I've ever seen you so mad."



"I know that people didn't think that my relationship with Su Hang wasn't very good, but I didn't expect Su MingLi to say those things to outsiders." Being so blackened by his own sister, Shen Xi felt a chill down her spine just thinking about it.



"So what you're angry about is Su MingLi insulting Su Hang? Then what's your opinion on Su MingLi's analysis on why Su Hang married you?" Yun Shu was very curious.



"I myself didn't marry Su Hang for love, so it doesn't really matter why Su Hang married me." Shen Xi replied.



Yun Shu knew this to be the truth, but when she heard it directly from Shen Xi's mouth, she felt an indescribable sadness for her friend.



"But his reasons for marrying me is certainly not what Su MingLi thinks." Shen Xi affirmed. "Su Hang is an excellent man all on his own. He doesn't need anyone else to be recognized."



Yun Shu widened her eyes in surprise, feeling that Shen Xi's words were somewhat interesting. It seems that Shen Xi acknowledges Su Hang?



At the entrance of a five-star hotel in HK.



Su Hang and his group just finished a business dinner and returned to their hotel. Li QingYuan pulled at his tie and complained to Su Hang: "That Chief is always so difficult. We hardly made any progress today."



"Both companies are just feeling out the other." Su Hang replied.



Fang Yu sent the driver on his way and said: "Boss, I ordered some snacks from the hotel restaurant."



"Great! Even after all that food, after all that posturing, my stomach is empty." Li QingYuan took the lead and walked towards the restaurant.



After eating a midnight snack, Su Hang stared out to the window, towards the eye-catching electronic billboard across the road.



Li QingYuan noticed this and said: "Isn't that a famous actress in HK? Monica? Took a fancy to her?"



Su Hang turned and looked at him coldly.



"Don't look at me like that. You've been staring at that screen for more than ten minutes. If you're not looking at the actress, don't tell me you've been looking at the jewelry she's advertising?"



Fang Yu glanced up towards his Boss and Lawyer Li. He couldn't help but admire the courageous lawyer for daring to talk to the Boss like this.



"If you miss Shen Xi that much, then just do buy it already." Li QingYuan moaned.



"....Boss, Mr. Li, I'll be returning to my room. Please enjoy the rest of your meals." Fang Yu, the wonderfully tactful and sensible man that he was, took his leave.



Su Hang was silent for a long while before saying: "I don't know how to give it to her."



"Just give it to her directly, how complicated does it have to be?" Li QingYuan wondered.



"It would be weird," Su Hang explained, "She'll probably ask me why I gave it to her...."



"It's so simple: just say that when you saw the jewelry, you thought it was as beautiful as her. So you bought it especially for her." Li QingYuan put forward his first script.



"disgusting!" Su Hang commented.



"How is it disgusting, ah?" Li QingYuan fervently explained. "Women like to hear those types of things, the sappier the better."



"Something else." Su Hang remained ungrateful.



"Then why don't you say...." Li QingYuan then put forward script number two: "It's an apology gift since you suddenly went out on a business trip."



"Doesn't that sound too deliberate?' Su Hang frowned.



"Brother, of course, it's deliberate. Sigh, why don't you just send it to her under someone else's name? Pretend that this person found out that she got married recently and decided to send her a wedding gift."



"That's good." Su Hang was finally satisfied and left the restaurant.



Li QingYuan looked at Su Hang's retreating figure, his three views destroyed.



"I was kidding! don't take it seriously!" Li QingYuan stabbed a piece of bread with a fork and couldn't help but bemoan: "So stupid, he's just trying to give his wife a gift, why does he need to think of so many excuses, acting like some secret admirer."





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