Episode 33

The next morning, Su Hang, who hadn't slept a wink the entire night, got out of bed. He washed up, changed his clothes, then left his room. As he did so, the drooping Su Hang looked up towards the second floor. Usually, Shen Xi would've come down by now to do their morning run.

"Good Morning, Sir." Mrs. Zhang came out of the kitchen with Chu Wu's food bowl in her hands.

"Un, morning." Su Hang immediately straightened, then solemnly replied.

When Mrs. Zhang left, Su Hang turned back towards the second floor, eyes fixed on the stairs. There was nobody there, but his eyes were unwilling to turn away.

Mrs. Zhang waited outside while Chu Wu happily ate his breakfast. After about 15 minutes, she picked up the bowl and went back inside. When she did so, she saw Su Hang still standing in the same spot as before. It seems that he didn't even move a single muscle. So Mrs. Zhang asked: "Is Sir not running today?"

"Go, I'll go." Su Hang sighed and walked to the door. When he reached the front door, he couldn't help but look back one more time. Unfortunately, the staircase was still empty. The lonely Su Hang had no choice but to do his morning run alone.

Their usual jogging route was out the door, then turn left towards the ginkgo trail up the mountain. But today, Su Hang changed directions and turned right and ran down the hill. Su Hang vaguely remembered that there was a flower shop in this direction.

Su Hang went down the mountain with Chu Wu by his side, and the man and dog ran non-stop for 20 minutes. When they found the flower shop, however, Su Hang realized that it was too early in the morning, and the flower shop was still closed. But after seeing the owner's number posted on the store window, Su Hang dialed the number without hesitation.

The person who answered his call was a woman. The voice didn't sound young, and her tone was sleepy and full of impatience.

"Who's calling so early in the morning, ah? Not letting people sleep..."

"...." After a moment, Su Hang said: "I need a bouquet of roses."

In the end, Su Hang bought a bouquet of day-old roses for triple the price. Su Hang looked down at his watch and noticed that it was already 8:00 a.m., the time they usually had breakfast. Su Hang was worried that Shen Xi might wait for him, so he decided to take a taxi home.

The cab driver didn't mind the dog, but wondered, wasn't the address his passenger gave him just up this slope?

"Sir, could you please hurry up? My wife is waiting for me to have breakfast." Su Hang urged. (Shen Xi: Why did you think you needed to add that last sentence, ah.)

"Bark!" Chu Wu added.

The driver who was being urged to hurry depressedly made a U-turn and drove for less than five minutes to the given address. When his passengers left, he couldn't help but shake his head, "These rich people nowadays! They can't even walk anymore!"

Su Hang looked at the beautifully packaged roses in his hands and thought about how to apologize to Shen Xi. Although he tossed and turned all night, he still couldn't understand where he did wrong. But that didn't matter.

"Sir, you're back." Mrs. Zhang, who was putting some chopsticks on the dining table, looked up and saw Su Hang holding a bunch of roses. She smiled and said: "Ah, Sir brought flowers to surprise Madam this morning!"

"Cough...is she up yet?" Su Hang awkwardly asked.

"Madam is out." Mrs. Zhang replied.

"Out? Out of the house?" Su Hang asked in disbelief.

"Yes. Just after you left, Madam came down and told me she would be going out for the whole day. She said she was going to meet with Miss Yun, and to not expect her back until the evening." Mrs. Zhang explained. "Please give me those flowers, Sir. I'll put them in some water to keep. That way, Madam can see them when she comes back in the evening."

Su Hang woodenly passed the bouquet to the delighted Mrs. Zhang. After she left, the lost Su Hang stood in place, blankly staring at nothing in particular.

Mrs. Zhang found a vase to put the flowers in, then went back into the room only to see Su Hang still in front of the dining table where she had left him. She was surprised. She couldn't help but say: "Please have breakfast, Sir. The food is going to get cold."

Su Hang blinked as if he had come back into his senses. When he glanced at the hot food on the table. He had no appetite. "No need. I'm going to be late for work."

Su Hang went back into his room, took a shower, changed his clothes, then headed out for work. As he was getting into the car, Mrs. Zhang rushed out with a lunchbox and handed it to Su Hang. She said: "Sir, I've packed some porridge and a steamed bun for you. Please eat it when you're not too busy."

"Thank you." Su Hang accepted the lunchbox, then placed it on the passenger seat. He obviously didn't have any desire to eat it.

After delivering the lunchbox, Mrs. Zhang went back into the house, cleaned up the dining table, then got to work. After a busy morning, she suddenly thought of something. She threw the dishcloth she was holding and shouted: "Oh, I completely forgot to tell the Sir that the lunchbox was something Madam asked me to make for him!"

Originally, Shen Xi had gotten up early as usual. But she was still feeling upset and didn't want to deal with Su Hang. Although she knew that the Su Hang of this life didn't deserve all of her grievances, there was no one else they could be dumped to. Right after Su Hang went out of the house for his run, Shen Xi came down the stairs. She wanted to take advantage of his absence to go out. However, before she stepped out of the front door, she thought back to their habit of eating breakfast together. After some hesitation, she couldn't help say to Mrs. Zhang: "Oh, if my husband doesn't eat breakfast, please prepare a lunchbox for him."

At noon, Fang Yu walked into the president's office with a box of takeout. "Boss, today's lunch is beef fillet with black pepper."

Su Hang, who had been looking at his phone in a daze, grabbed his car keys and threw it at Fang Yu. "Go and get the lunchbox in my car."

So Fang Yu had to go down to the underground parking lot to pick up a lunch box containing cold porridge and a steamed bun. Fang Yu heated the food up in the microwave, sent it to his boss, and witnessed his boss put on a foolish face.

On the other side, Shen Xi and Yun Shu were currently having lunch in a quiet restaurant.

"So you're telling me that Su Hang expressed his love for you last night, and you scolded him and called him a bastard?" Yun Shu asked in disbelief.

"Un." Shen Xi nodded.

"And the reason you did it was that you found out that the woman he's been crushing on all this time was you?" Yun Shu asked, wanting to verify.

"Un." Shen Xi nodded, then asked: "Do you think I acted a little high-maintenance?"

"Well..." Yun Shu bit her lip. "Your reaction is a little strange. Do you really want Su Hang to have a crush on some other woman instead?"

Shen Xi crazily shook her head.

"There you go." Yun Shu took a sip of her juice.

"I'm just a little angry. Just imagine if he didn't tell me that he liked me; I would've always assumed that he liked someone else. Our marriage surely wouldn't end well." Shen Xi explained.

"You're right." Yun Shu thought for a moment, then finally acceded. "It would be a tragedy."

"That's why I'm angry." Shen Xi stabbed her straw into her smoothie.

"Then keep at it." Although Yun Shu thought that two months wasn't too long for Su Hang to confess his feelings, in the end, she was Shen Xi's best friend. She will always be on Shen Xi's corner, ah.

"How long do you think I can stay appropriately angry?" Shen Xi asked.

"Mmm...." Yun Shu thought as she took another sip of her beverage.

"Do you think five days are enough?" Shen Xi lifted five fingers.

"Pfft-" Yun Shu couldn't hold back and ended up spurting out some of her juice. After hurriedly wiping off the juice with a napkin, she said: "They say that people in love have no IQ, ah, but I never thought I'd actually witness it firsthand. Are you really this childish?"

Shen Xi grumbled. Honestly, she knew that her last life wasn't the responsibility of this life's Su Hang. If they both had been more proactive with communicating their feelings, they probably wouldn't have had that outcome. But Shen Xi was angry, and she had no way to vent. In the end, she could only blame it all on this Su Hang. Anyway, he should be the one to take most of the responsibility, ah. He was the one who decided not to confess.

Yun Shu could tell that her best friend just wanted to vent a little and wasn't really angry with Su Hang. She might even be feeling a bit pleased with the confession. So, in the end, Yun Shu didn't worry about the situation and continued to eat her lunch.

"Nevermind me, how have you been?" Shen hesitatingly asked.

"Me?" Yun Shu said. "Oh, it looks like I'm going to get another brother."

"Your stepmother?" Shen Xi thought back.

"Yes, Stepmother is finally pregnant with a boy. Nowadays, whenever I come home, she looks at me like a thief, thinking that I'll hurt her."

"What's your father's attitude in all this?" Yun Shu's mother died of an illness when they were in high school. After a few years, Yun Shu's father married a famous actress that was only five years older than Yun Shu.

"Master Yun is ecstatic." Yun Shu sarcastically replied. "But that doesn't matter. My father might love that pretty thing, but he isn't stupid. The company will still go to Yun Heng and me, no matter what my cheap stepmother tries to do."

Yun Heng was Yun Shu's brother.

"So, your stepmother is actually in a very poor situation." Shen Xi said.

"She doesn't think so." Yun Shu said with a smile. "My father loves her youthful looks while she loves my father's money. I think she's actually happier than the people around her, ah."

"But..." Yun Shu looked at her friend. "I don't lack money, ah. If I can't find someone I like, it'll be easy for me to find someone who likes me."

"You don't like Shang..." Shen Xi stopped herself. She felt like asking this question was inappropriate.

"Shang HeXu? I've decided not to like him anymore." Yun Shu indifferently replied.

"Why?" Shen Xi was stunned.

"I thought about things and realized that I don't think I like him as much as I thought I did." Yun Shu said.

She didn't know why, but when Shen Xi heard Yun Shu's words, she felt relieved. Since she wasn't going to get together with Shang HeXu, Yun Shu was still probably going to end up with Jing Fei.

Shen Xi thought back to her last life when she saw Yun Shu in a dress full of flowers, a bright smile on her face as she walked the aisle... Shen Xi couldn't help but smile. She lifted her smoothie and said to Yun Shu: "Darling, believe me- your spring is coming.

"Bullshit. This is the time to celebrate the new year, ah. What spring." Yun Shu raised her glass to touch Shen Xi's.

After parting from Yun Shu, Shen Xi visited her cafe, then finally returned home with a pile of documents. Since the Shen Group was heavily in debt and had no extra funds to invest in their charity, Shen Xi wanted to expand the operations of her cafes to see if she could transfer more money into the charity.

"Madam, welcome back." Mrs. Zhang greeted Shen Xi.

"I'm back." Shen Xi nodded.

"Madam, those roses on the table were brought back by Sir after he left this morning." Seeing that Shen Xi was heading for the table, Mrs. Zhang happily explained the roses.

A surprised Shen Xi turned towards the slightly withering roses on the table. They looked listless, and the image of a similarly downtrodden Su Hang flashed in her mind.

"Also, Sir didn't have breakfast this morning, so I packed a lunchbox like you asked." Mrs. Zhang continued to report.

Shen Xi tried to resist it, but she couldn't help but smile anyway. She turned around and pretended to be indifferent as she replied: "I see."

"Oh, Mrs. Zhang, I won't be coming down for dinner for a while. Please make a bowl of noodles and send it up." Shen Xi said, then went upstairs.

Mrs. Zhang dutifully went into the kitchen and made a bowl of noodles. As she was walking out of the kitchen, Su Hang entered the house. Su Hang looked at the bowl in Mrs. Zhang's hands, and reflexively asked: "My wife hasn't come back for dinner?"


Does it seem that she had inadvertently discovered how the Madam is training Sir?




Shen Xi: I won't be coming home for dinner tonight.

Su Hang: Mrs. Zhang, just cook me a bowl of noodles tonight.

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