Episode 35

Believing that he had figured out the underlying meaning of Shen Xi's words, Su Hang felt a huge sense of relief. With the sudden surge of happiness in his system, Su Hang couldn't help but replay the conversation again and again. The man was in a daze, giggling until a phone call interrupted his high.

When Su Hang answered the call, he heard Li QingYuan's sonorous voice. "You're still in the company, right? Let's go out and have some drinks."

"No time. I'm going home." Su Hang immediately refused.

"Shen Xi isn't home, ah, why are you going back so early?" Li QingYuan asked.

"How do you know that?" Su Hang asked.

"If Shen Xi's at home, how can you still be in the company?" Li QingYuan warmly invited his friend: "Come out and have a drink! It won't take too much time."

Su Hang looked at his watch. Thinking that he hadn't seen Li QingYuan for quite some time, Su Hang eventually agreed.

The two men went to a clean, high-end bar with a quiet environment. Knowing that Su Hang couldn't drink any spirits, Li QingYuan ordered six bottles of beer instead. He opened two and handed Su Hang a bottle. "Here, you can drink this one. The rest is mine."

Although Su Hang's stomach is slightly sensitive, one bottle wouldn't do any harm. So Su Hang clinked his bottle to Lin QingYuan's and took a sip of his beer.

"I heard that you and your stepmother fought again today?" Li QingYuan asked.

"I have nothing to do or say to that woman!" Su Hangcorrected him with a cold voice.

"Ok, ok, I said it wrong." Li QingYuan continued. "But I still want to remind you that this isn't the time to have a falling out, ah. The Su company is balanced on a very thin string. The slightest nudge might cause it to plummet."

"I know." If it wasn't for this, Su Hang wouldn't have bothered to warn the woman and simply kicked her out. At the thought of this, Su Hang became a little fidgety. As he was loosening his tie, a soft and warm body fell on the slope of his back and pressed on one of his shoulders. Immediately after, Su Hang felt wine splash on him.

"Get off." Su Hang shook off the woman's hands. Disregarding the woman's embarrassed expression, Su Hang got out of his seat and went to the bathroom without giving her a single glance.

"Beauty, that guy's already married. But hey, I'm still single." Li QingYuan raised a brow.

It seems that the beauty was seen through in a second. Casually slipping off her 'embarrassed' look, the woman raised an eyebrow at Li QingYuan. "That guy was wearing a tailor-made suit and came here in a Mercedes Benz. Meanwhile, you chose to drink the cheapest beer in the entire bar and is currently wearing a cowboy t-shirt worth several hundred yuan."

"Hey, I still drive a BMW, ah." Li QingYuan took out his car keys.

"Hey, don't you know? Taobao sells 20." With a smirk, the beauty turned around and left.

"Dang..." Li QingYuan, a man who had gone to countless bars, was suddenly educated.

At this time, a wet and uncomfortable Su Hang had come back from the bathroom. He picked up his coat and told Li QingYuan he would be leaving first.

Fortunately, he only took one sip of the beer. Su Hang didn't need to call someone and drove home himself. On the way home, Su Hang thought very carefully and decided to take the initiative and talk to Shen Xi first. That last call they had made Su Hang realize that maybe, Shen Xi was actually waiting for him to approach her first.

When he returned home, Su Hang saw Shen Xi's car parked outside. Shen Xi was back? Su Hang's eyes suddenly brightened. He stopped the car, walked into the living room, and not bothering to change his clothes, ran straight up to the second floor.

"Shen Xi." Su Hang stood outside her bedroom door and carefully knocked twice.

There was no response. Su Hang knocked again, but there was still no answer. After a moment's hesitation, Su Hang turned the door handle. The door easily opened.

It turns out that she wasn't back. Su Hang was disappointed, but he didn't leave the room. He walked inside and turned on the light.

This bedroom used to be his room, but after the marriage, Su Hang had only ever entered twice. Once for their wedding night, and once for the charity banquet. At the thought of that particular night, Su Hang's eyes involuntarily darkened. The desire he struggled to suppress suddenly revived once more.

(Let me out. Haven't you already confessed? There's no reason to stop me anymore.) The beast that had been sleeping for a long time woke up and hit its cage.

(No. I want to cultivate a proper relationship with Shen Xi. You can't come out so soon!) Su Hang weakly refused.

(Take a good look at yourself. Do you actually think lying to yourself works?) The beast scoffed.

Su Hang came back to his senses only to realize that he was sitting on the bed, arms wrapped around one of the pillows. A shameful Su Hang could smell a light fragrance wafting from the pillow.

"Did you miss me, Chu Wu?" Shen Xi's voice was suddenly heard from the first floor, followed by footsteps on the stairs.

When did Shen Xi get back?

What should I do? What should I do?! As the footsteps came closer and closer, Su Hang became guilty and flustered. Finally, Su Hang decided to act drunk and fell on the bed.

When Shen Xi pushed her bedroom door open, the scent of alcohol immediately assaulted her senses. With a frown, Shen Xi went inside to investigate. She saw the figure of a man lying on her bed.

Shen Xi put down her bag and walked towards the bedside to check on Su Hang's situation.

Feeling Shen Xi approach, Su Hang's legs couldn't help but tremble out of nervousness. The shaking didn't help, and he became even more nervous. You're blowing your cover~~

"Su Hang, Su Hang." Shen Xi crouched in front of Su Hang and quietly called out.

Su Hang didn't dare open his eyes and continued to pretend that he was drunk.

"Why'd you drink so much?" Shen Xi complained. "You know your stomach is sensitive."

This...she's worried for me? Su Hang was so happy his legs couldn't help but shake again.

Shen Xi saw Su Hang's legs tremble and thought that he was uncomfortable. With a sigh, she stood up, picked up the feet that were hanging out of the bed, and carefully helped him take off his shoes. After, Shen Xi gently placed his legs on the bed.

She...She's taking off my shoes? By now, Su Hang's legs had stopped trembling. They had gone soft as he felt the warmth on his heels. At this moment, his entire body went limp.

"Even if you went out drinking, that doesn't mean you should just drink with abandon, ah. Sigh, big men are so weak to peer pressure... always have to drink so much alcohol..." Shen Xi continued to complain. She stooped low to untie Su Hang's belt and, after a few moments of hesitation, bent down to loosen his belt.

Take... She's taking off my clothes... Su Hang was afraid to move his body and could only grit his teeth. With a taut face, Su Hang did his best to tamp down the impulse to jump.

"I'll let you sleep tonight, but I'll definitely deal with you tomorrow, humph!" Shen Xi covered Su Hang with a quilt, then went into the bathroom to take a bath.

Soon, splashing could be heard from the bathroom. Su Hang, who had been playing dead, immediately sat up. His mind was in total chaos, and he didn't know what to do with his hands and feet.

"What do I do? Should I leave?" Su Hang muttered to himself.

(Are you stupid? This a great opportunity. Just pounce directly) The ferocious beast in Su Hang's heart scratched at its cage.

"If I don't leave now, then there isn't going to be a next time." Su Hang hesitated. "But... if I stay, we may be to sleep together."

(Good thinking, let me out, let me out.) The beast was very eager.

Su Hang was being pulled into two different directions, and in the end, the sounds in the bathroom stopped before he could decide. He could only fall back onto the bed.

In the end, nothing was accomplished~~~

Shen Xi came out of the bathroom, drying her hair with a towel. She habitually sat on the bed, her back to Su Hang, and continued to wipe her hair. Her head was bent down, and her bathrobe belt was loose. Eventually, her rubbing motions caused her bathrobe to slowly slip from one shoulder.

The 'sleeping' Su Hang was simulated by the fragrance of bath milk. Images of a wet and rosy Shen Xi bombarded his thoughts, and he couldn't help but quietly open his eyes.

"Hrk!" Su Hang, who was immediately presented with the amazing image of Shen Xi's snow-white shoulder, couldn't help but cough.

"Hm?" Shen Xi was startled at the sudden sound. She turned around and saw Su Hang's bright eyes looking back at her. Then, she remembered that Su Hang was a drunk who had mistakenly fallen into her bed. "You're awake?"

Su Hang's eyes opened wider, his gaze turning red-hot.

Shen Xi hesitantly followed his line of sight and looked down. She realized that her robe was loose and that someone had a clear view of her chest. Shocked, Shen Xi quickly turned around and rearranged her bathrobe.

"You... since you woke up, go sleep in your room." A red-faced Shen Xi told him.

Shen Xi felt the bed move, but after waiting for quite some time, she didn't hear any footsteps. Confused, Shen Xi turned back around.

"Oh." The sudden soft sensation made Shen Xi take a step back. It turns out that Su Hang had sat behind Shen Xi on his knees, so when Shen Xi turned around, she had accidentally touched the man's lips.

"Why'd you come so close." A shy Shen Xi huffed.

"Why did you kiss me?" Su Hang asked with a wide smile.

(Yes, yes, she kissed you, she invited you.) The beast tempted him.

"You... wake up... ah!" Before Shen Xi could finish, she was pulled onto the bed by Su Hang. Shen Xi ended up flat on her back with Su Hang on top of her.

Su Hang slowly pressed his body against hers, his eyes becoming more and more heated.

"Su...Su Hang, you're drunk..." Shen Xi was too scared to move.

(Yes, you're drunk. So you can just say what you want to say and do what you want to do.) The beast continued to stoke the flames.

"Shen Xi, I like you." Su Hang was finally convinced.

Shen Xi weakly nodded in response.

"Shen Xi, we're husband and wife." Su Hang continued.

Shen Xi nodded once more to show that she understood.

"So why can't we sleep together?" His tone was full of complaints.

"That... it's not that I want to sleep in separate rooms." Shen Xi couldn't help but say. You were the one who told me you wanted to sleep in the guest room, ah. I'm the one who had to act all understanding, why are you the one feeling wronged?

This sentence was the key that unlocked the beast cage. Su Hang bent down and kissed the lips he had long coveted, vaguely feeling the beast escape its cage with a triumphant roar. He could no longer control himself.

"Mm... mng..." Shen Xi struggled half-heartedly, but she gradually yielded to his powerful offensive. Ah, I'm too softhearted.

Feeling the body beneath him co-operate, Su Hang excitedly pulled off the belt Shen Xi had just fastened. Solid chest soon pressed down on warm softness.

"Su...Hang..." Shen Xi's body was melting, and she no longer had any strength to resist. A pair of watery eyes could only helplessly look up at the man.

This silent action only accelerated the man's ministrations. He roughly pulled Shen Xi's bathrobe and dumped it on the floor, then bent down to kiss her, not missing any part of her body.

Although this Shen Xi had never been touched, her soul was that of a married woman's. The intoxicating scent of the man in front of her was achingly familiar. Shen Xi impatiently writhed against him, hugging Su Hang's shoulders as best she could. She bit at his shoulder, silently urging him.

Perhaps this loving act between a man and woman really was human instinct. Su Hang, who had always been slow to things like this, immediately understood Shen Xi's urgings and with a hand on her waist, sunk into her deepest parts. When his invasion encountered a small obstacle, Su Hang's bloodshot eyes flashed with fierceness.

She's mine, mine, mine. Ecstacy filled his heart to the brim, and his actions became more intense.

"Slow... ah-... slow down a bit." Shen Xi's voice was becoming hoarse, but Su Hang was still so insatiable, plundering her so thoroughly.

"You... ah..." Shen Xi was abruptly turned over by Su Hang, and all of Shen Xi's words were simply buried by a pillow.






Damp hair was scattered on a pillow, and it was unknown whether it was from sweat or water. Su Hang lovingly kissed Shen Xi's back, which had traces of their earlier love-making. He circled Shen Xi's waist from behind and with Shen Xi safely nestled in his arms, Su Hang slept with a satisfied smile on his face.

Until the early morning sunshine hit the man's shoulders which were filled with scratches.

And the woman's fluttering lashes.



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