Episode 6 Just Got Married Then Went on a Business Trip

It was 8:00 a.m. in the morning, and they sat on the table, eating breakfast. When they finished, Su Hang suddenly said to Shen Xi: "I'm going on a business trip today."



"Business trip?" Shen Xi was visibly surprised.



"I'm traveling to HK on business." Su Hang clarified.



"So fast. Have you already booked the tickets?" Shen Xi asked.



"Nn." Su Hang nodded.



Shen Xi couldn't remember the last time Su Hang talked to her about such trips, but she remembers being relived whenever such trips happened. After all, being with Su Hang was often an awkward affair.



But now, Shen Xi felt that it was a little strange. He left his new wife to go on a business trip only a day after their wedding? She can't help but doubt if Su Hang actually did like her. However, her upbringing and modesty as a woman made it impossible for Shen Xi to directly ask him. It was also entirely possible that due to their hasty preparations for their wedding, Su Hang could've arranged this meeting long before they actually agreed to get married. So in the end, Shen Xi could only ask: "How many days will you be gone?"



"One week." Su Hang answered.



"Is everything prepared and ready?" Shen Xi asked again.



"I've packed." Su Hang nodded.



"...." Shen Xi felt like there was nothing else to say, so she dryly said: "I wish you all the best."



"Thank you." Disappointment flashed in Su Hang's eyes. Sure enough, Shen Xi didn't feel any reluctance from his departure, not even just a tiny sense of dissatisfaction.



The car picking up Su Hang had already been waiting for a while outside. When Su Hang walked towards the front door with his suitcase in tow, Shen Xi followed, wanting to walk him to the car. But Su Hang held her back, saying: "It's cold outside, so you don't need to go out."



November's weather had always been temperamental, and when Su Hang got out of bed today, he saw frost on the lawn outside.



Shen Xi's feet stopped at his words. She felt embarrassed. She couldn't tell if Su Hang's words meant polite rejection or considerate concern. Shen Xi had always been an introverted and gentle girl. She had never been the type to take the initiative, especially towards things like feelings.



What's more, their marriage was based on mutual benefit. She was afraid that becoming too eager will make Su Hang think that she was the kind of woman who wanted to nitpick on things and take control of his life. Her pride would never allow her to do so.



(T/N: the Chinese used here meansto lose money instead of being paid [i.e. should pay me, but is actually taking my money] so like, Shen Xi is afraid of acting like Su Hang owes her something when in the first place, this marriage was for her family's benefit.)





The reborn Shen Xi began to doubt the authenticity of Li QingYiuan's words once more. Did Su Hang actually like her? If that really was the case....why does he always keep his distance and treat her politely, like one would a stranger?



"Ah, sir forgot his scarf." Mrs. Zhang, who had been cleaning, suddenly came out with a black cashmere scarf, hurrying to the front door.



"Mrs. Zhang," Shen Xi hesitated for a moment, but then continued: "Give me the scarf, I'll give it to him."



"Ah, the 'Wife delivering a scarf to the Husband' routine? What a good feeling, yes, yes, here you go." Mrs. Zheng happily handed the scarf to Shen Xi then returned to her cleaning.



Shen Xi quickly walked out of the front door with the scarf and saw Su Hang already in the car. Shen Xi was afraid that the car would start to drive away, so she shouted out: "Su Hang!"



Su Hang, who was about to close the car door, turned his head to see Shen Xi running towards him, wearing nothing but thin clothes. He hurriedly opened the door to meet her.



"What happened?" Su Hang's mind raced, thinking that something had happened.



"Your scarf, Mrs. Zhang said you forgot to take it." Shen Xi smiled and raised her hand, showing him the black scarf.



"....." Su Hang looked at the scarf that Shen Xi held, a complicated expression on his face.



When Shen Xi saw that Su Hang remained silent, she bit her lip, then went on her tiptoes to wrap the scarf around Su Hang's neck. Under Su Hang's surprised (who was actually scared silly) gaze, Shen Xi smiled and said: "Have a pleasant journey. And come back soon, alright?"



"Nn." The astounded Su Hang nodded.



"Then go on, you might miss your plane." Shen Xi said.



Su Hang went back into the car, and Shen Xi continued to wait outside, rubbing her cold hands, right until the car drove past the villa gate.





Inside the car, Su Hang stupidly clutched at the scarf around his neck, completely motionless.



"President Su, President Su...." The driver had been calling out to him for a while now, and had no choice but to raise his volume.



"Hm?!" Su Hang jolted and seemed to come back to himself.



"President Su, we're here." The driver already took out his luggage from the trunk and had opened his door.



Su Hang looked down at his watch and found that they only had half an hour left before his plane started boarding. He quickly got off and with his luggage, went to the waiting room with his secretary, Fang Yu, and his legal adviser, Li QingYuan.



A few minutes later, the plane began boarding. After boarding, Li QingYuan removed his scarf, took off his coat, and leaned back on his chair in the first-class cabin. Sighing comfortably, he turned his head and found that his good pal had taken off his suit jacket, but was still wearing his scarf. Dumbfounded, he asked: "Why are you still wearing a scarf when it's so hot in here?"



"Don't you dare." Su Hang slapped away Li QingYuan's hand that was stretched out towards his scarf.



"Such a strong reaction, did your little lover give it to you?" Li QingYuan joked.



Su Hang gave Li QingYuan a frosty glare, immediately causing him to surrender, saying: "I was wrong, I was wrong, I know you only have Shen Xi in your heart."



Satisfied, Su Hang turned his head and closed his eyes.



"It won't be my fault if people think you have a little sweetheart on the side, I mean, how can you go on a business trip right after your wedding?" Li QingYuan said, before exaggerating: "Shen Xi is probably at home right now, her face covered in tears."



"No way." Su Hang replied with great certainty.



"Well, even if she won't be crying, she'll still be miserable." Li QingYuan analyzed. "Which woman on this earth would be okay with the fact that her husband left on a trip so early in their marriage?"



"She doesn't-"



"I know Shen Xi doesn't like you, but as long as it's a woman, they would definitely be unhappy." Li QingYuan retorted.



Su Hang didn't know whether Li QingYuan's analysis was bullshit or not. This morning, Shen Xi's face didn't show even a trace of unhappiness. If that hadn't been the case, he wouldn't be on this plane.



"I think she needs more time and space." Su Hang said.



"Boss, you're already married, what time? What space? Ah, ah, you're already doomed to die together, just let whatever happens, happen...." the excited Li QingYuan started to persuade him, but he soon sensed a cold glare piercing the side of his head. Seeing such a terrorizing look pointed at him, he immediately backtracked: "I won't say anymore, I won't say anymore."



Li QingYuan sighed, then sulkily muttered: "You're no fun."









After lunch, Shen Xi, who had been reading in the living room, received a call from her best friend Yun Shu, asking her to come to a get-together in 'Cirrus Cloud.' Seeing that she had nothing else to do, Shen Xi packed up and drove to Yun Shu's clubhouse.



When Shen Xi arrived, Yun Shu had already been waiting for quite a while. When she saw Shen Xi, she rushed towards her and wrapped her arms around her friend. Excited, she shouted: "Xiao Xi, It's been so long, I was about to die!"



(T/N: I opted for Xiao Xi instead of Little Xi as it sounds better. Also, Xiao Xi translated as 'small brook' or 'streamlet.' cute.)



Helpless, Shen Xi replied: "We saw each other just the other day."



Yun Shu was Shen Xi's bridesmaid. Calculating the time, it had only been one day since they last saw each other.



"That was different. That was the day you changed from Miss Shen and became Mrs. Su." Yun Shu quipped.



"Whatever you say." Shen Xi replied. "It's cold outside, let's go in first."



"Alright." Yun Shu led Shen Xi inside, then up to the third floor to a VIP box. This clubhouse was opened by Yun Shu, and it didn't take long for it to become one of the top clubhouses in S City. The third floor, which housed the VIP area, had no more than one million membership cards.



(T/N: Clubhouse as in those high-end ones. I think of those mansions with golf and horse-riding and boating and fancy shit. But in the city, so there's probably no horses.)





Probably because it was still in the middle of the day, the third floor was quiet. When they entered, Shen Xi looked around and saw a table with wine and fruit, but no other person. Surprised, Shen Xi asked: "Just the two of us today?"


"Yep, so we can get super drunk and make a night of it!" Yun Shu poured her a glass of red wine. Shen Xi took a glass, and smiled, asking: "How'd you know I suddenly had the urge to drink?"



"Drink up first." Yun Shu raised her glass and drank the wine like a shot, while Shen Xi looked down at her glass and took a small sip.



"Why'd you take such a small sip? Come on, drink it all." Discontent, Yun Shu complained.



"You know I don't like to drink a lot." Shen Xi said helplessly.



"Why are you so unreasonable, arrghhhh....." Despite being brought up as a proper lady, Yun Shu had a tendency to be ruthless at times.



"Do you have anything to say to me?" Shen Xi wasn't angry. She put down her glass and looked at her unusual friend.



Yun Shu poured herself another glass of wine, the looked at Shen Xi to ask: "I heard Su Hang went to HK?"



Shen Xi nodded. "Yes, he left this morning. How did you know?"



"Su Hang, that scum man!" Yun Shu suddenly started shouting.



"Yun Shu!" Shen Xi gave her friend a disapproving look.



"You're still protecting him? He went on a business trip just a day after his wedding. What are you doing? What did he do to you?" Yun Shu slammed a hand on the table.



"It's not what you think." Shen Xi started to explain: "You know that to inject funds into the Shen Group as soon as possible, the wedding preparations were done in haste. This business trip was planned long before any of that happened, so Su Hang couldn't put it off."



"That's no excuse!" Yun Shu retorted. "What's going to happen now that he left like this? Do you know what people are saying about you? The moment Su Hang stepped on that plane, countless rumors started circulating, saying that...that...."



"I know." Shen Xi had heard a few in her last life.



"And you're still smiling?" When Yun Shu first heard the rumors, she almost exploded in anger.



"Because they're not true. Su Hang is really good to me. And this business trip really was planned a long time ago." Shen Xi explained to her friend. "He discussed it with me before he left."



"He's kind to you?" Yun Shu questioned.



"Very kind." Shen Xi confirmed.



"Well...then...do you...." Yun Shu hesitantly started.



"What?" Shen Xi tilted her head as she listened to her friend's vague words.


"Howisheinbed?" Yun Shu asked in one breath.



Suddenly Shen Xi, who caught very much off guard, turned bright red.



"What are you shy about, ah? I'm asking you." Yun Shu shuffled closer to Shen Xi.



"Still...not yet.." Not in this life anyway, and her last life shouldn't count.



"No?" Then how can you say he's good to you?" Yun Shu was in disbelief.



"This and that are two different things." Shen Xi was very embarrassed.



"How are they different, you're married to him. Such a beautiful girl lives with him, and he doesn't even touch you. How is that not a problem?" Yun Shu started to speculate.



"He's fine." Shen Xi quickly defended Su Hang.



"How do you know?" Yun Shu squinted at her best friend.



"I just do." Shen Xi blushed harder, Yun Shu's words reminding her of her past life. Su Hang, who had always been the silent type, would change into a different person in bed. His broad and powerful body would be relentless, and they would do it all night. The shy Shen Xi could only hang on, and would often end up biting Su Hang's shoulders, leaving marks.



"Then why doesn't he touch you?" Yun Shu asked.



"Its...He's trying to give me some time to adapt and get used to things." This was the only reasonable answer the reborn Shen Xi could think of.



"So, in your opinion, he's a gentleman." Yun Shu couldn't believe it.



But well, it was true. Apart from being a bit overbearing in bed, he had been a gentleman in the past five years of their marriage.

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