Episode 22

When they entered the venue, the couple felt the temperature rise due to the air conditioning. Su Hang released Shen Xi's arm, walked behind her, then reached out to help her remove her coat. Afterward, Su Hang gave the coat to a nearby waiting waiter.

Shen Xi looked around at the familiar but also unfamiliar surroundings. She smiled at Su Hang and said: "Let's go."

"Un." Su Hang nodded and gently placed Shen Xi's hand on the crook of his arm.

After a few steps forward, Shen Xi saw Father Shen and Mother Shen standing at the edges of the crowd. "Let's head over there."

Naturally, Su Hang followed Shen Xi's lead. As they approached the older couple, they noticed Shen Xi and Su Hang too. Shen Xi and Su Hang subconsciously quickened their pace.

"Dad, Mom." Shen Xi loosened her grip on Su Hang's arm and stepped forward to hug her parents with a sweet smile on her face.

"Acting like a child." Father Shen looked at his daughter with an extremely doting expression on his face.

"Xiao Xi, you look stunning today." Mother Shen gushed.

Su Hang stood to the side, letting the three greet each other warmly. After a while, he shuffled closer and greeted the older couple: "Dad, Mom."

"Un." Father Shen briefly looked at Su Hang and gave him a small nod.

Mother Shen glanced his way. Thinking of Su Hang's previous thoughtful actions and the fact that her daughter didn't seem to be faking when she smiled at him just now, Mother Shen gave Su Hang a mild smile. "You're here."

Seeing his mother-in-law actually smile at him, Su Hang became somewhat overwhelmed by her sudden apparent favor.

At this time, several people passed by, raising their glasses towards Father Shen. Father Shen also raised his glass towards them. He then looked at Su Hang, who was quietly standing behind Shen Xi. "Come with me; I'll introduce you to some people."

A bewildered Su Hang reflexively looked at Shen Xi. Seeing his expression, Shen Xi smartly turned around and took a glass of red wine from a passing waiter. She gave the glass to Su Hang and told him: "Go ahead, just don't drink too much."

Su Hang could only nod and mechanically follow Father Shen from behind.

Mother Shen gave her daughter a teasing look and said: "You seem to be very concerned about him."

"Mom\~\~" Shen Xi gently shook her mother's arm coquettishly.

The doting Mother Shen shook her head with a smile and stopped teasing her.

Shen Xi knew that her mother had a weak constitution, and she was afraid that Mother Shen might get tired standing here for a long time. Shen Xi led her mother to an empty sofa and sat next to her. Then she casually asked: "Didn't you say you weren't going to attend? How come you suddenly changed your mind?"

Shen Mother and Shen Father hadn't been planning on attending the Star River Charity Banquet. In fact, in her last life, her parents didn't attend the banquet.

"I wasn't planning to, but when I heard that you were going to bring Su Hang with you, your father changed his mind." Mother Shen replied.

"Mom, thank you." Shen Xi understood what her parents were trying to do, and she couldn't help but thank them.

Su Hang was hesitant to attend this banquet, and honestly, they were both ready to be ridiculed tonight. But with Shen Father's sudden appearance, things would definitely be different. Although the Shen Family had been declining for the past few months, Father Shen's contacts and connections were still there. At least half of the people in this hall would still give him some face. If Father Shen was seen with Su Hang, it would also show that the Shen Family recognized Su Hang as part of the family. Even if some people looked down on Su Hang's origins, they wouldn't dare show it so blatantly in front of Father Shen. With his support, even if Su Hang couldn't fully integrate himself into their circle tonight, he would still be able to leave a good impression in people's hearts.

"Is that thank you on behalf of Su Hang?" Mother Shen asked.

"Un." Shen Xi nodded.

"Xiao Xi." Mother Shen took her daughter's hand and seriously asked her: "Do you like him?"

Shen Xi turned and looked into her mother's eyes. Without any hesitation, she nodded. "I like him."

Even if she had an inkling, when Mother Shen heard her daughter's affirmative reply, she couldn't help but look surprised. Finally, she sighed. "That's also good. Any mother's fear is that her daughter might be forcing herself."

Ever since Shen Xi was forced to marry Su Hang, a distraught Mother Shen had to be hospitalized twice. She was afraid that her daughter was being forced to smile in front of a man she didn't like every day. Compared to her daughter's feelings, Su Hang's origins were worthless information to Mother Shen. As long as Xiao Xi liked him, as long as Su Hang can treat her daughter well, then Mother Shen will start treating Su Hang like a real son-in-law.

"Auntie, Xiao Xi." Wearing a wine red dress, Yun Shu quickly approached the mother-daughter pair with the mild-mannered Shang HeXu in tow.

"Yun Shu, HeXu." Mother Shen smiled at the two.

"Auntie, I heard that you were hospitalized recently. How are you?" Sheng HeXu politely greeted Mother Shen.

"I'm fine now." Mother Shen nodded.

"That's a relief." After greeting Mother Shen, Shang HeXu turned towards Shen Xi. "Xiao Xi, long time no see."

"Mr. Shang, when did you return to China?" Shen Xi asked with a smile.

"A week ago." Shang HeXu answered with a smile.

"That long? I haven't heard anything." Shen Xi was a little surprised.

"I didn't hear anything about your marriage either." Shang HeXu looked at Shen Xi with a warm but complicated gaze.

"Oh...well, it was done quite hurriedly, so a lot of people hadn't gotten wind of it." Shen Xi smiled awkwardly. Then, as if remembering something, Shen Xi said: "Speaking of, my husband also came today. I'll introduce you to him later."

Before, to inject funds into the Shen Group as soon as possible, the wedding preparations were done very quickly. And back then, Shen Xi hadn't been in the mood to inform all her classmates and friends about her upcoming nuptials. So most of the attendees at her wedding were business partners of the two families.

"Alright." Shang HeXu's smile turned somewhat bitter.

Look that the two of them interact, Mother Shen's eyes flashed with a trace of pity. Mother Shen had always thought that Shang HeXu would eventually become her son-in-law. But now, while Shang HeXu seems to like Xiao Xi, Xiao Xi seems....but, well, this was also good. If Shen Xi actually liked Shang HeXu, then her daughter would truly be trapped in a bitter life.

Meanwhile, Yun Shu had been standing off on the side, quietly watching the two talk. She had a complicated expression on her face as she looked at Shang HeXi's bitter smile.

"They're back." Mother Shen suddenly said, pointing towards the front.

Everyone followed Mother Shen's finger and saw Father Shen and Su Hang approaching. Su Hang's eyes grew sharp when his gaze fell on Shang HeXu's figure. If it wasn't for Father Shen walking in front of him, he would've already run back to Shen Xi.

"Uncle Shen." Shang HeXu and Yun She greeted Father Shen together.

"Un." Father Shen looked at Shang HeXu with a smile on his face. "I heard you were back."

"I should have called earlier." Shang HeXu reproached himself.

"It's nothing. You're in charge of the overseas market all on your own. You must be very busy." Father Shen replied. "I met your father just now. When I mentioned you, he looked very proud."

Su Hang listened to Father Shen's undisguised appreciation and praise towards Shang HeXu. Su Hang clearly didn't measure up to Shang HeXu. If Father Shen found out that Shang HeXu bought 3 billion yuan back with him, would he.....

Just as Su Hang got wrapped up in his daydreaming, Shen Xi suddenly came to his side. She grabbed Su Hang's arm and smiled at her two friends. "This is Su Hang, my husband. Yun Shu, you've met Su Hang before, but I'll introduce him to you again."

Shen Xi looked up at the stunned Su Hang and said: "What's with that frozen expression? I want to introduce you to my friend."

"Hello." Yun Shu waved a hand and playfully said hello.

"Hello. I love the present you gave us." Su Hang sincerely replied.

Thinking of her gift, Yun Shu couldn't help but raise a brow.

Shen Xi then introduced Shang HeXu to Su Hang. "This is a university upperclassman. Since I was a young kid, he's been taking care of me like an older brother."

Brother, Older brother...The two men who had been eyeing each other looked at Shen Xi in shock. Shang HeXu was dismayed, while Su Hang was ecstatic. Seizing this opportunity, Su Hang extended a hand and very politely greeted: "Hello. Thank you for taking care of Xiao Xi."

"I only did what I was supposed to do." Shang HeXu's eye twitched as he shook hands with Su Hang.

Whether it was something you were supposed to do or not, that was then, and this was now. Shen Xi has me now, so appearing all of a sudden just makes you look like a nosy busybody. Su Hang conveyed all this with his silent gaze.

Shang HeXu replied with a cold gaze of his own. Neither man was backing down.

As if aware of the awkward atmosphere, the music playing suddenly changed into a waltz song. Father Shen took the opportunity to hold Mother Shen's hand. "Shall we dance, sweetling?"

With a smile, the couple slowly walked towards the dance floor.

Yun Shu also seemed to sense the awkward atmosphere. She smiled and pulled at Shang HeXu's sleeve, asking: "Mr. Shang, do you want to invite me to dance, ah?'

"Of course, it'll be my pleasure." Shang HeXu knew that Yun Shu was trying to help him out, so he stretched out a hand and led Yun Shu to the dance floor like a gentleman.

Now, there was only Su Hang and Shen Xi left. Just moments ago, Su Hang had an extraordinary momentum when he was confronting Shang HeXu. But now, he was so tense his palms began to sweat.

Shen Xi patiently waited for Su Hang to invite her to dance, but after a long time, he still remained silent. In the end, she turned to look at Su Hang strangely. "Why aren't you asking me to dance?"

"I...." Su Hang looked at Shen Xi's confused eyes and became even more nervous.

Shen Xi didn't know what happened to Su Hang, but she could sense the man's tension. Although she found it strange, Shen Xi didn't ask and instead sat back down on the sofa. With a smile, she asked: "I'm a little hungry. Can you help me get something to eat?"

"You don't want to dance?" Su Hang asked stupidly.

"It doesn't matter. If you don't want to, then we don't have to." Shen Xi replied.

Su Hang looked back to the dance floor, then towards Shen Xi. How many times had he attended a party where he could only hide in the dark and watch as Shen Xi danced with another man? Now that he could finally invite this beloved girl to dance with him, why was he still acting all timid?

Su Hang exhaled as if he had just made a big decision. Finally, he extended his hand towards Shen Xi.

Surprised, Shen Xi looked up at the man who suddenly changed his mind.

"...I can't dance very well." Su Hang said, a little embarrassed.

So it turned out to be like that. Shen Xi couldn't help but laugh. She placed her hand into Su Hang's palm and felt the man's firm grip as she gracefully stood up.

"It's not a competition. Even if you end up being the best dancer in the entire venue, you won't get a prize or anything." Shen Xi teased.

No, you are my greatest prize. I want to learn how to dance so I can dance with you.

The two stepped onto the dance floor as they talked. Shen Xi raised her left hand and placed it on Su Hang's shoulder as his right hand gently pressed on Shen Xi's waist. Su Hang didn't have a single charming thought at this time; all his attention was on the music and the position of his feet. Su Hang stared down at his feet as he moved, afraid that he would accidentally step on Shen Xi if he relaxed his attention for even a second.

"Ha!" Shen Xi couldn't help but groan.

"How are you?" The moment Su Hang's foot touched Shen Xi's instep, he immediately stepped away. But in the end, he still stepped on her. Scared, Su Hang released his hold on Shen Xi and checked her foot.

"No, don't stop, you'll hit someone else." Shen Xi took Su Hang's hand and placed it back on her waist. She pulled Su Hang and continued to move through the dance floor. "I'm alright."

Su Hang's expression remained calm, but his body had turned tense, which his movements became even more chaotic.

"Look at me." Shen Xi suddenly said. "Don't look at my feet, look at me."

Su Hang obediently raised his head and was met with Shen Xi's gentle smile.

"Just listen to my instructions." Shen Xi moved closer to Su Hang. Her voice floated into Su Hang's ears while the music continued: "Left foot, right foot, back, forward, turn around, left foot, three steps forward...."

Su Hang stared at Shen Xi's moving lips. His brain automatically blocked all the noise around him, and his ears only heard Shen Xi's voice. Following her instructions, his robotic body moved. Like a devout believer listening to God's gospel, he concentrated solely on her.


Shen Xi hadn't even finished when almost instinctively, Su Hang turned and pulled her into a perfect half-circle.

A surprised Shen Xi raised a brow. Didn't he say he wasn't very good? Sure enough, he was the type to learn anything quickly. (The five trampled dancing assistants roared: No way!!!)

As the couple danced, a lonely pair of eyes watched from the fringes of the hall.

"They seem to get along well." Yun She sneakily glanced at the man beside her.

"Xiao Xi had always been like this. She knows her position and her duty." Shang HeXu replied, his eyes still trained on the dance floor.

Still not giving up? Yun Shu took a sip of red wine and looked on as the two people finished a song and walked out of the venue. Yun Shu turned to Shang HeXu and said: "I'll help you ask."

Shang HeXu looked at Yun Shu, puzzled.

"Don't you want to know what she really thinks about all this?" Yun Shu raised a brow.

Shang HeXu pondered for a moment but ultimately didn't refuse her suggestion.


Shang HeXu: Xiao Xi doesn't like you. She only married you because she had to.

Su Hang, who secretly believed him but was still acting ferocious on the outside: Haha...older brother, you worry too much.

Shang HeXu: .....



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