Episode 34

Shen Xi ignored Su Hang for one more night. Last night, Su Hang had asked Mrs. Zhang to help him and send another bouquet, but it only got him a crisp thank you and a door slam from Shen Xi. It seems that she was even angrier? What did he do?

Su Hang was in such a fretful mood that he tossed and turned the whole night. In the end, he got up before dawn and walked towards the foot of the stairs.

This feeling is too painful, ah.


The front door was suddenly opened. Su Hang looked towards the noise and saw Mrs. Zhang enter the house with a basket full of vegetables.

"You're quite early today, Sir." Mrs. Zhang blinked. "You surprised me."

"Ah, yeah. I wanted to run a little earlier today." Su Hang walked towards the door.

Mrs. Zhang watched Su Hang go to the shoe rack and changed into his running shoes. Dumbfounded, she couldn't help but ask: "Sir, aren't you going to change your clothes?"

Su Hang looked down and realized that he was still wearing his blue robe. He awkwardly coughed and silently went back to his room to change clothes.

Mrs. Zhang looked at Su Hang's back, then up towards the second floor. She helplessly sighed.

Compared to the dazed Su Hang, Shen Xi had a good night's sleep. But because she stayed late last night to peruse through some documents, she got up late today. When Shen Xi woke up, it was already 8:30 a.m. She jolted up, thinking that Su Hang was waiting for her downstairs. Bypassing the bathroom, Shen Xi didn't bother changing out of her pajamas and rushed to put on her slippers and go out. But when she touched the doorknob, she suddenly remembered.

She was supposed to be angry with Su Hang. Why did she care if Su Hang ate breakfast or not? Let him wait, ah.

So when Shen Xi finally went downstairs, it was already 9:00 a.m. She stealthily peeked at the dining table and saw that Su Hang wasn't there. She turned towards the sofa in the living room...

"Bark!" Chu Wu saw his mother and excitedly burst out.

"Shh!" Shen Xi quickly hushed Chu Wu, frantically waving her hands. Chu Wu thought that his mother was calling for him, so he became even more excited. He got up and ran towards her.

"Madam, you're awake." Hearing Chu Wu's calls, Mrs. Zhang came out of the kitchen.

"Ah, yes." Shen Xi replied. For some reason, her voice was a little panicked.

"Come have breakfast, I'll heat everything for you." Mrs. Zhang said.

"Alright." Shen Xi led Chu Wu towards the table. She looked around but didn't see Su Hang anywhere. She asked the dog next to her: "Where's your father?"

"Bark!" Hearing his dad being mentioned, Chu Wu barked once more.

"Sir has already gone to work." Mrs. Zhang replied as she came out of the kitchen with a few dishes.

"Oh, I see." Shen Xi stiffly sat down on the table. She picked up the chopsticks and began to eat. Ah, the custard is very creamy. Delicious.

"Sir didn't have breakfast today." Mrs. Zhang mused.

"Oh?" Shen Xi said. "Did you pack a lunchbox for him?"

"I did." Mrs. Zhang nodded.


Mrs. Zheng looked at Shen Xi's listless expression and realized that the wife was worried about her husband. Mrs. Zhang couldn't help but say: "Before Sir left, he gave me a message to pass to you."

"What is it?" Probably another apology.

"Sir said that if you didn't want to see him for the time being, he can just stay away and come back later. So you don't need to keep shutting yourself in your bedroom."

"When do I..." Shen Xi blinked. Did Su Hang think that just because she spent the night studying some documents?

"Madam, are you and the Sir fighting?" Mrs. Zhang asked.

"No." Shen Xi quickly denied.

"Madam. I'm just the maid, and I know I shouldn't say much, but Sir is just too pitiful to look at, ah." Mrs. Zhang said. "So if Sir's mistake isn't serious, please just forgive him."

"Pitiful?" Didn't he get a lunchbox? It's not like he's not being deprived of food, ah.

"I don't think Sir has slept well for several days now." Mrs. Zhang explained. "When I arrived this morning, your husband was on the foot of the stairs, staring up towards the second floor."

Several days? Hasn't it been just two days?

So silly, ah. What's the use of doing such silly things? That blockhead only knows how to stand and stare. He doesn't even know how to properly express himself. Shen Xi angrily bit a bun.

Seeing the Madam's expression turn ferocious, Mrs. Zhang had no choice but to withdraw. I'm sorry, Sir.

In the Su Group's CEO office, Secretary Fang Yu had just finished his report. However, he didn't move to leave the office.

"Was there something else?" Su Hang raised his eyes.

Fang Yu hesitated for a moment. He didn't know whether he should say it... After all, his Boss' mood these past two days have been abysmal. Fang Yu was afraid that his next words would add fuel to the fire.

"Just say it." Su Hang coldly said.

"...It's about manager Liu." Fang Yu started.

"Liu Fang?" Su Hang frowned. The current hostess of the Su family, and his 'mother' in official papers. Although he really didn't want to, Su Hang had to ask: "What happened to her?'

"She contacted President Shen's wife using Madam's name." Fang Yu explained.

The temperature around Su Hang dropped a few degrees, and a storm began brewing in his eyes.

"And..." Fang Yu gulped. "She donated five million yuan to the Shen charity. She's been meeting with President Shen's wife through the charity's various fundraisers, and it seems that the relationship between the two women is quite good now."

"Is there anything else?" Su Hang's expression was utterly dark.

"Manager Liu, in the name of the Su family, formally invited President Shen and his wife to attend the new year's festivities happening in the Su house."

"When did this happen?" Su Hang asked.

"During Christmas. She went to the Shen family home to give the invitation in person." Fang Yu answered.

'Clang!' Su Hang furiously threw the pen in his hands. The pen hit the corner of a wall, leaving a mark. "I want to talk to her right now!"

"Yes!" Fang Yu hurriedly ran out the door and personally gave Liu Fang a call.

"Su Hang wants to see me?" Liu Fang's careless tone could be heard through the phone. "I have a department meeting with some managers to talk about next year's budget allocations. I'll come after the meeting."

"Manager Liu, I suggest that you come now." Fang Yu said.

"Fine." Liu Fang hung up. She didn't care either way.

Fang Yu looked down at the phone, feeling pity for the woman. His Boss didn't even want to see her, yet she still insists on acting like she was above his Boss whenever they meet. Wasn't she just courting death? Liu Fang should know that if it wasn't for the Su company loaning money to Shen Group, making them briefly cautious for any stock volatility, Su Hang would've already been kicked her out of the company.



In a conference room.

"Sales." Liu Fang looked at the sales manager and said: "The expected sales in this report are only 10% higher than last year. But your budget is 15% higher? What happened?"

The sales manager stood up to explain, but before he could even say a word, the door of the conference room slammed open. The sudden noise caused everyone to turn towards the door. When they did so, everyone immediately stood up and respectfully bowed. "President."

"Everyone, out!" Su Hang growled.

They all looked at each other for a second, then hurriedly picked up their folders. They all ran away, and soon, it was only Su Hang and Liu Fang left in the room.

Liu Fang looked at the empty conference room, and angrily said: "What is this?!"

"Since I can't get Manager Liu to come see the President, this President will have to come down in person." Su Hang kicked a chair away from the table and sat down.

"Can you not wait for me to finish my meeting first? You interrupted me in front of so many executives, slamming the door and shouting at people without a single explanation. What will the other employees think?" Liu Fang angrily complained.

"What do you think? They'll gossip that the Su family has some internal strife and that their President can't stand their financial manager." Su Hang sneered. "Isn't that the truth anyway?"

"You..." Liu Fang wanted to explode, but she knows that she couldn't afford to offend Su Hang anymore. In the end, she swallowed her grievances and asked: "What do you want?"

"What are you planning?" Su Hang asked.

"What are you talking about?" Liu Fang angrily asked.

"I warned you." Su Hang stood up and placed both palms on the table. He glared at Liu Fang and said: "Not to drag the Shen family into things."

Liu Fang was stunned for a moment. It seems that her plans of climbing into the Shen family using Shen Xi had been found out by Su Hang. Nevertheless, Liu Fang pretended to be stupid: "What did I do?"

"Mrs. Shen, Su family home, New Year's ball!" Su Hang pointedly said.

"What about it?" Liu Fang asked. "What, I can't make a few new friends? As for the New Year's ball, we have relations with the Shen family. Their daughter is your wife! We obviously need to invite them. Besides, I didn't force them to agree..."

"Shut up!"

Liu Fang was scared by Su Hang's sudden outburst and immediately stopped talking.

"I told you before. I have nothing to do with the Su Family, so you have no relationship whatsoever with the Shen family." Su Hang said.

"It doesn't matter what you think, ah. We're obviously related." Liu Fang smiled.

"Liu Fang." Su Hang threatened her with narrowed eyes: "It seems that you don't want your current position as financial manager."

"Su Hang. I'd advise you to be more polite." Liu Fang hardened her voice. "I might've been afraid of you before, but you'd better be more polite to me. To marry Shen Xi, you practically gave all our money away to the Shen family. If you touch me and my position, the Su company stocks will surely fall. What do you think will happen then?"

"You think I care?" Su Hang let out a sharp laugh.

"You're not afraid you might influence the Shen Group? And just when things finally got better for them too." Liu Fang said maliciously. "You'd better be more polite."

As long as it had something to do with Shen Xi, Su Hang found it extremely important. Su Hang looked at Liu Fang with undisguised disgust and said: "Don't step on my bottom line. You know that I used to be nothing more than a beggar with nothing to his name. I don't fucking care if the Su company goes up in flames; I can just go back to picking up garbage. But you aren't the same. Can you and your family go pick up trash too?"

"You..." Liu Fang was livid. In recent years, Su Hang had been slowly gathering the Su company shares bit by bit. From a beggar to the CEO of a successful company, Liu Fang understood just how persistent Su Hang was. Liu Fang knew that if he had set his mind to do something, he would definitely do everything needed to accomplish it.

"Remember this: There won't be a next time!" Su Hang slammed the door open and walked out.

The loud bang echoed on the hearts of every employee outside the conference. It told them just how much their President hated Liu Fang, the financial manager.

[Will you be home for dinner tonight?] Su Hang texted Shen Xi.

[Still angry.] Shen Xi straightforwardly sent Su Hang these two words.

Su Hang looked at Shen Xi's message and felt his heart fall straight to the ground. Well, look at the bright side. At least she was willing to message you.

Su Hang couldn't help but try and call her.

Shen Xi didn't want to pick up the call at first, but after remembering what Mrs. Zhang told her this morning, Shen Xi decided to pick up. Pretending to be impatient, she sharply asked: "What?"

"I'm sorry!" Su Hang immediately took the opportunity to apologize. "It's all my fault."

"What's your fault?" Shen Xi raised a brow.

"I just found out about Liu Fang contacting your family. I've talked to her; it won't happen again." Su Hang replied.

"Liu Fang?" Shen Xi thought for a moment, then realized what Su Hang was saying. Shen Xi became even angrier and scolded Su Hang: "Su Hang, are you stupid?"


"You idiot." Shen Xi huffed. "Let me ask you: What is our relationship?"

"Husband and wife." Su Hang replied.

"The only reason Liu Fang can try and exploit my family is because of who?" Shen Xi asked.

"Me." This was why Su Hang felt even more guilty.

"So it was Liu Fang who was using you from start to finish." Shen Xi scolded. "Why are you apologizing for this kind of thing?"

After a few more words of reprimand, Shen Xi hung up.

Su Hang, who had been scolded for a long time, was stunned. Liu Fang used her connection with him to try and make friends with the Shen family. Shen Xi said that he didn't need to apologize.

Does this mean... do you mean...

Su Hang's eyes gradually brightened as a staggering thought sprouted from his mind:

Is it because we are husband and wife... that we are one... that we are family... that there's no need to say sorry?






After putting his phone down, Su Hang, alone in his office, laughed for ten minutes straight. Fang Yu, who was holding the doorknob to Su Hang's office, slowly backed away, not daring to enter.

Su Hang: My wife must've forgiven me already.

Shen Xi: ....in your dreams!



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