Episode 21

In the Su Company Building.

After coming back from the marketing department with some files, Zhu Lin happened to hear voices coming from inside the President's office. Zhu Lin turned towards Lilith and whispered."He hasn't left yet?"

"No." Lilith shook her head.

"Wonder why." Zhu Lin started to speculate: "It's been more than two hours. The last time Chief Fang and the Boss had a talk that went on for this long, it ended with Su Company acquiring Yu Heng Enterprises. Is there going to be another huge business deal?"

"I don't think so. The Chief didn't bring any documents with him inside." Lilith recalled.

Inside the President's office Fang Yu rubbed his feet, looked at his watch, and said: "Boss, it's time to pick up Madam."

Su Hang raised his hand and looked at his own watch. "There's still half an hour left. Let's practice it again."

No, no..." Fang Yu hurriedly replied. "Boss, I'm going to need to drive you later. I can't have my feet stepped on anymore."

"...." Su Hang glanced at Fang Yu's swollen instep and sighed.

"Truthfully..." Fang Yu saw that his Boss was looking a little depressed, so he tried comforting him, saying: "Truthfully, you made great progress today. You only stepped on me twice."

"That's because you've been helping me count my beats." Su Hang was very self-aware of his dancing skills. "Besides, stepping on you twice is fine, but I can't step on my wife even once."

"..." Fang Yu had never thought that learning how to dance all those years ago meant that he would one day be dancing the female part. With his boss.

"Let's go." Su Hang straightened his shirt and put on his coat. "I have to go back and change my clothes."

"Yes." Fang Yu quickly put on his shoes and limped out of the office behind Su Hang.

As the two men left, Zhu Lin and Lilith looked at each other in horror.

"Why is Secretary Fang limping?" Zhu Lin asked in surprise.

"Don't tell me..." Lilith couldn't help but imagine all sorts of things.

As the black Mercedes Benz stopped in front of the villa, an excited Chu Wu ran towards the vehicle, barking. Su Hang opened the door of the back seat and patted the dog's head as he stepped out.

When he entered the house, Mrs. Zhang was walking down the stairs. She had heard the car outside and had gone downstairs to greet Su Hang. "Sir, you're back."

"Un." Su Hang then asked: "Where's the Madam?"

"Madam is upstairs putting on some makeup. She's almost done." Mrs. Zhang replied.

Hearing that Shen Xi was almost ready, Su Hang nodded and went to his own room to change.

Mrs. Zhang saw Fang Yu standing around in the middle of the living room. She smiled and said: "Secretary Fang, why don't you play with Chu Wu for a while? I'm just going to see if Madam needs help with anything else."

"Of course. Mrs. Zhang, please don't worry about me." Fang Yu replied.

Fang Yu played with Chu Wu in the living room for about ten minutes when Su Hang finally came back out. He had changed into a high-end suit.

"How is it?" Honestly, Su Hang had never really cared about clothes. But today was different. He was going to accompany Shen Xi on the red carpet tonight.

Fang Yu raised two thumbs up and said: "Very handsome!"

After another five minutes, there was some movement from the second floor. Su Hang unconsciously turned and looked towards the stairs.

"Tap, tap."

With the sound of high-heeled shoes hitting the floor, Shen Xi's figure finally appeared at the top of the stairs. Shen Xi's graceful figure was wrapped in a silvery-gray, floor-length dress. Numerous pearls were sewn on the fabric, so every time her gown fluttered, the pearls sparkled like dewdrops. It made Shen Xi looked both elegant and noble.

Su Hang's eyes were full of amazement, and his face had turned slack as he looked up at her.

"Madam, you look beautiful today." Fang Yu exclaimed.

Su Hang, who had wanted to praise his wife first, glared at his secretary.

"..." Seeing his Boss's murderous gaze, Fang Yu's smile immediately turned stiff.

"Thank you." Shen Xi replied to Fang Yu and slowly walked down the stairs. Because her gown was long, Shen Xi was especially careful as she stepped down. Su Hang saw her actions and had to help her. He quickly walked halfway up the stairs and held Shen Xi's hand.

Shen Xi smiled at Su Hang and with his help, safely traveled down the stairs.

Both Mrs. Zhang and Fang Yu saw this scene and were immensely pleased. One thought that soon, she would only need to clean one bedroom, and the other thought that he would get scolded at work less in the future.

When they reached the foot of the stairs, Su Hang let go of Shen Xi's hand. He thought about Shen Xi's cautious movements just moments ago. He looked down at her long gown and with a frown, said: "This dress is too long."

"Yes, it won't be easy walking in this." Shen Xi said with a smile. "If I was attending alone, I wouldn't have worn this gown."

Shen Xi really liked long dresses, and most of the dresses in her wardrobe were quite long. But this morning, she actually hesitated when picking out a dress to wear. In her last life, she had gone to the Star River Charity Banquet alone. She wore a similarly long dress back then, and when she walked on the red carpet, she almost fell when she stepped on her gown. If it wasn't for the kind businessman behind her, she would have face-planted.

So today, if not for Su Hang accompanying her, Shen Xi wouldn't have chosen such a long dress to wear.

Su Hang was surprised by her answer. But as he looked at her skirt, his wrinkled brow smoothed out, and his lips curved into an irrepressible smile.

Meanwhile, Fang Yu was witnessing his Boss act stupid again as he failed to react in this once-in-lifetime flirting moment. He immediately shuffled around and superstitiously coughed, but he failed to attract any attention. In the end, he took out his cell phone and sent his Boss a message.

Feeling his phone vibrate, Su Hang took the device out of his pocket. When he turned the screen on, he saw that Fang Yu had texted him. Su Hang couldn't help but turn his gaze towards his secretary.

Fang Yu pretended not to notice.

Puzzled, Su Hang opened the text and saw: [Boss, you should take your wife's hand, hold it tightly, and say 'Honey, don't you worry. I'll firmly hold your hand when we walk through the red carpet. I won't let you fall!' Come on Boss, say it quick!]

Su Hang gave Fang Yu another murderous look.

But Fang Yu insisted on it. Behind Shen Xi, Fang Yu signaled his Boss to move quickly.

Su Hang looked at his phone, then at Fang Yu's gestures. He did understand that this would be an excellent time to nurture some good feelings. But seeing Fang Yu remind him like this made Su Hang embarrassed and uncomfortable.

"Quick!" Fang Yu mouthed.

Su Hang took a deep breath and took Shen Xi's left hand.

"What's the matter?" Feeling Su Hang suddenly grasp her hand, a surprised Shen Xi blinked.

"You...why are your hands so cold?" Su Hang asked.

Fang Yu covered his face with his hands. He desperately wanted to knock some sense into his Boss's head.

"I don't feel cold." With Su Hang's hand wrapped around hers, Shen Xi felt quite warm, actually.

"No, your hand is definitely cold. The weather is going to be quite cool today, too. The dress you're wearing is too thin." Su Hang seriously explained. He turned to Mrs. Zhang and said: "Mrs. Zhang, can you please go upstairs and help Madam get a coat."

"Of course." Mrs. Zhang hurried to the master bedroom.

Soon, the elaborately gorgeous dress was covered up by a think windbreaker. Shen Xi was speechless. "I have to go walk through a red carpet later?"

"You can still walk through the red carpet like this." Su Hang didn't care.

"But it wouldn't look good, ah." Shen Xi replied.

"It doesn't matter, I already saw your beauty." Su Hang whispered. As he said this, the tip of his ears couldn't help but turn red again.

It's enough that I saw it. Other people don't need to see you. This was a thought that had long been carefully hidden in the depths of Su Hang's heart.

"Oh." Shen Xi seemed to have understood. Her cheeks were flushed, but she didn't insist on taking off her windbreaker anymore.

Fang Yu, who had been heavily criticizing his Boss in his head, immediately changed his stance when he saw this scene. What a fantastic line, ah. Not only did the Boss praise the Madam, but he also showed a little bit of jealousy. It not only expressed love, but it also expressed some intensity. The best love lines are ones that were both sincere and domineering, ah! Fang Yu felt that his Boss hit the nail on the head.

"Let's go." Su Hang glanced at the dazed Fang Yu.

"Oh." At his words, Fang Yu immediately sprang into action and opened the front door for the couple.

The sky gradually darkened as they traveled to the venue. The neon lights outside traveled past the car window and lit up Shen Xi's delicate face. Her ethereal beauty and hazy outline made Su Hang feel like he was dreaming.

"Boss, we've arrived." Fang Yu's voice suddenly cut through the quiet atmosphere in the car.

Looking out the window, Su Hang found that it was almost their turn to leave the car. Su Hang couldn't help give Shen Xi another look. Shen Xi returned his gaze with a smile. The feeling that everything was just one long dream became even more intense for Su Hang.

After a while, the car stopped in front of the red carpet. Someone approached the vehicle and open Shen Xi's door, but Shen Xi didn't step out. She didn't move until Su Hang took her hand and led her out.

Suddenly, countless flashing lights filled their view. Shen Xi took Su Hang by the arm and became the only woman on the entire red carpet who was wrapped up in a coat. Of course, she was also the only woman on the red carpet without goosebumps on her arms.

"Yun Shu is in front." Shen Xi held onto Su Hang and quickly walked forward to catch up to her friend.

"Yun Shu, Uncle Yun." Shen Xi greeted politely.

Father Yun greeted Shen Xi and gave Su Hang a polite, but alienated nod. The four then slowly walked forward.

"Why are you dressed like that?" Yun Shu looked at Shen Xi and asked.

"A certain someone was afraid that I might get cold." Shen Xi whispered.

"So it's no longer just your parents that fuss over you; Now you have a husband that does it to." Yun Shu couldn't help but look at Su Hang, who was on Shen Xi's other side.

Su Hang awkwardly coughed but didn't speak otherwise.

"But it is pretty cold today. Urgh, why is this red carpet so long?" Yun Shu saw that the end of the red carpet was still a ways away. Rubbing the goosebumps on her arms, she turned to Father Yun and urged him: "Dad, let's walk faster."

With a helpless smile on his face, Father Yu held his daughter and sped up his pace.

Meanwhile, Shen Xi and Su Hang continued to walk unhurriedly. One because it wasn't convenient to walk fast in a floor-length dress, and two because Shen Xi had a coat on so she didn't need to hurry.

Soon, they arrived at the signature platform. As they did, soft voices came from behind them.

"Is that Shen Xi in front of us?" A woman asked.

"It looks like it." Another female voice answered.

"How come she's dressed like that on the red carpet?"

"Maybe since her husband used to pick up trash, she wanted to look like trash, hehe..."

"You're so mean, haha..."

Su Hang's steps slowed, and he released his hold on Shen Xi. He was going to turn around and confront the two bitches, but Shen Xi quickly pulled him back.

"Don't we're still on the red carpet." Shen Xi shook her head.

"...." Su Hang pursed his lips, his eyes full of thunder.

"Let's go in first." Shen Xi continued.

Su Hang had never once been able to resist Shen Xi when she demanded something from him. In the end, he followed her and moved on. Looking at all the women wearing exquisite dresses and posing with huge smiles on their faces, Su Hang finally  said: "It's my fault."

"Hm?" Shen Xi looked at him with a puzzled expression on her face.

"Take off your coat." Su Hang said.

"It was nothing." Shen Xi soon understood what Su Hang meant. "I don't care what other people say about me. Remember what you said to me before?"

"But it wouldn't look good, ah."

"It doesn't matter, I already saw your beauty."

Looking at Shen Xi's carefree smile, Su Hang's rage was replaced by a sudden surge of tenderness.

The couple signed their names on the signing platform, then continued on to the venue. Just before they entered, Su Hang looked back at the two women who had been gossiping about Shen Xi.

He thought back to the names the host said when he was introducing the women to the public. Su Hang wrote a text message and sent it to Fang Yu, who was off-site.

[Check out these two people.]

No one was allowed to bully Shen Xi, not while he was breathing.


In her past life, Su Hang had sat in front of the TV and watched the red carpet of Star River Charity Banquet live.

When he saw Shen Xi fall into the arms of a businessman, Su Hang's eyes turned red, and he wanted to rush into the TV and kill the man.

So a few days after the banquet, when Shang HeXu approached Su Hang to talk about the Shen Group, Su Hang rushed to have a fight with Shang HeXu.





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Pokemon Ash

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