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Author Name: Magia almeida

The Beginning of a New Destiny

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Author Name: Magia almeida

Benjamin has always dreamed of building his own software company. Since he was very young, he has taken countless courses and made large investments thinking about his future and the realization of his dreams. However, this has never stopped him from being a conqueror. Known as Don Juan by his friends for always getting the woman he wants, the young man has never been romantically involved. He is an expert in the area of seduction. He doesn't just like to have sex, he likes the whole process of conquest, the emotional courtship and when they finally surrender at his feet, he dumps them. Benjamin will spend a night with the beautiful and sweet Diana, who has always been in love with him. That night, a bond will unite them forever, but he will not be willing to give up his dream. Years later, she finds herself facing an illness and her only resource will be Benjamin. Will love be able to change this now successful man?

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The Beginning of a New Destiny
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