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Author Name: less22

System Level Up Super Rich

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Author Name: less22

A man named Ferzo was a poor boy who lived in a hut owned by someone else, while his job was to herd his employer's goats. At school he was bullied by his classmates, unfortunately he did not dare to fight back and chose to remain silent.

Not only that, when he had just come home from school, his employer immediately fired him, because 5 goats he was ready to sell were missing. Ferzo was also expelled from the place where he had lived for many years. With a heavy heart he left that place.

His luck came, he got a super sophisticated system that helped him fulfill his hopes. After he got the system, he carried out the mission that the system had programmed for him.

He built his company from the balance he earned. Even though he is rich, he still helps people who are rich and helps people who are in need

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System Level Up Super Rich
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