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Author Name: Lunoxs

My Geeky Doctor

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Author Name: Lunoxs

Aresha is a genius girl, she hides her true identity and lives as Disha since childhood to avoid threats from family enemies. Wearing thick glasses, Disha masks her charm with a simple look while secretly investigating the identities of her enemies.
An emergency rescue, Disha participated in saving the life of a VVIP patient named Rayden, Rayden's appearance made Disha aware of the smell of an enemy appearing.
At the same time, because Disha Rayden remembered the lost girl he loved for many years.
Unbeknownst to each other, the two began to secretly monitor each other's movements.
Is Rayden a family enemy that Disha must avoid? What kind of bond exists between the two?

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My Geeky Doctor
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