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Author Name: Jaqueline Nicole

Larissa's Face

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Author Name: Jaqueline Nicole

Larissa, a youthful and gentle spirit, is a woman of virtues - characterized by her innocence, kindness and penchant for knowledge, and loved by everyone who knows her. Compared to other girls, she is a bit introverted, preferring to stay at home rather than go out. She comes from a wealthy and happy family, with enlightened parents and a caring brother.

However, a devastating murder shreds her serene existence beyond recognition in one fateful nocturnal episode. After that tragic night, Larissa disappeared, and the world was left with a woman who knew nothing about her past.

Is this amnesia a blessing or a curse for her? What lies behind this tragic murder case? Can Larissa unravel one mystery after another?

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Larissa's Face
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