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Author Name: Bia Morais

CEO -- In Search of Forgiveness

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Author Name: Bia Morais

Rafaela Cameron, daughter of the butler and cook for her bosses, seduced by their eldest son, Matheus, gave herself up blindly. The young CEO kicked her out of his house. When she came to him saying she was pregnant with two of his children, he refused to admit it, saying she was just trying to do the famous belly punch.

Today Rafaela works in one of the rival companies to his, has a dignified position and raises her children far from the person who should be their father. Matheus, even from afar and refusing to follow his children's lives closely, is always aware of every detail of those who already inherit everything that is his. A medical evaluation was enough for a mother's heart to set aside the promise she once made and humble herself at the feet of her children's father. Could this be the opportunity for Matheus to beg forgiveness for what he did in the past?

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CEO -- In Search of Forgiveness
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