Stay Away, CEO

Stay Away, CEO

Episode 1

My entire body ached, and my mind was foggy. I had no idea what happened last night, attempting to remember only intensified the throbbing in my head.

Looking around, the room was foreign to me. Did Caled bring me here? Flashes of betrayal from the man who, until yesterday, was my boyfriend assaulted me. But he did not bring me here. I entered this room seeking refuge from him, forcing myself to stand despite the pain and exhaustion weighing me down.

It was only then that I realized I was naked. As if that wasn't enough, a dreadful chill raced through me, coupled with fear when I saw the person lying naked beside me.

It was Arvan Daniel's.

A pure alpha unlike any other—every omega's dream, and every alpha's too, upon seeing even a mere photograph. And he was the nightmare of anyone who dared approach him. His very presence was intimidating, and his temperament made him the most feared man around. Moreover, he was the uncle of my now ex-boyfriend.

The night's events crashed back to me. Tears escaped as I donned a shirt—I knew it wasn't mine, but I needed it to escape this place without waking the man beside me. Otherwise, I would be dead before I could even attempt to defend myself. But my luck was cursed...

Flung to the ground, a hand closed around my neck. He awoke and, as feared, this man wanted to kill me.

Arvan: "Who the hell paid you to do this? Speak up before I finish you." —He wanted me to talk, but his grip on my neck was so tight I could barely breathe. There was no salvation for me; I was a victim, yet I would die like a criminal.

When I thought my end was near, the door burst open, and to my astonishment, the last traitors I could imagine were there.

Caled, who pretended to be my boyfriend for a bet to satisfy his ego, glared at me with fury. Wasn't he supposed to be the first?

Gasping, I struggled to catch my breath before this person contemplated killing me again.

"But what did you do, Noah? I told you to stop. Think of what will happen to our family when they find out you attacked Mr. Daniel's." And yes, that voice condemning me was Mariana's, Caled's lover and my elder sister. I looked up only to meet Mr. Daniel's furious gaze.

"Stop lying. It was you two! I heard you in the hallway last night."

Mariana: "Mr. Daniel's, Caled and I have been looking for my brother all night. He drank too much and was ranting about avenging the humiliation done to our family."

Arvan: "Get out!" —I am going to die, and I don't even have the strength to leave this place. Is it worth saying anything more? Caled remained silent, obviously supporting her. I was so foolish to still hope he'd defend me.

Caled: "Uncle, father, and the other Cossio family members are outside. Mariana told them about what he planned to do."

I wasn't even given the chance to finish dressing before being dragged out. There was my mother, my grandparents, my uncles—all looking at me as if I were the lowest of the low.

"Mom, I swear I did nothing. It was Mariana and Caled. They're lovers; they planned everything." —And as expected, I was struck.

"How dare you tarnish your sister's reputation? Have you no shame?" My mother did not believe me. No one did.

Mariana: "Just admit it once and for all, and stop blaming others for your actions."

"I will not admit to something I didn't do! I am the victim here, not you or this man. I was the one—"

"Enough! Mr. Daniel's, the Cossio family begs your forgiveness and has decided to expel this person. It's your decision what to do with him." Those were my uncle's words, the man I had admired and seen as a father figure all my life, and no one opposed his decision.

Arvan: "I won't dirty my hands with trash like this..." —The pain in my chest was indescribable, more agonizing than the pains racking my body or the rejection from my family. I felt my life ebbing away.

Arvan: "You have two hours to get out of my city. If I see you again, I will kill you myself." —He left, and I wished to stop him but couldn't. The pain in my chest was sapping my strength, and I couldn't speak.

I was thrown out of the mansion and into the street like garbage.

It wasn't until a passerby approached that I understood. I was marked by that man last night, and now, acquainted with the pain of his rejection, death seemed certain. It was impossible that he didn't know, yet he still chose to doom me this way, knowing I would die because of it.

This man... was exceedingly cruel.



😐 alone soul forever

😐 alone soul forever

my first time reading a bl novel





liked the way you wrote......👍



hate me ( i don't care )

hate me ( i don't care )




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