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Author Name: LESSY GC

Stay Away, CEO

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Author Name: LESSY GC

Noah's life fell apart on the night of his 17th birthday.

The celebration was tainted by the bitterness of betrayal. At the party, Noah's drink was spiked. When he felt ill, he staggered out of the room, only to stumbled upon a conspiracy between his boyfriend and his own sister. He had always known that his sister didn't love him, but what he hadn't expected was that his boyfriend, whom he had always trusted, was in cahoots with her. Realization stung sharper than the cold air outside as he discovered their cruel intentions to humiliate him.

Overwhelmed and betrayed, he found a refuge in an unfamiliar room. But fate, it seemed, had a cocktail of sorrows lined up for him. In the room he sought refuge in was Arvan Daniel. This man, a pure alpha and his boyfriend's uncle, was known to be a living nightmare for those crossing paths with him.

Under the cruel power of drugs, they slipped into a night that marked Noah in ways he wished he could forget. Waking up to a world where accusations were hurled at him from all corners, his family turned their backs on him. Placating Arvan seemed to have ranked higher than standing up for Noah, their own blood. Disowned and discarded, Noah found himself abandoned on the relentless, heartless streets.

But hope has a peculiar reputation for blooming in adversity. Noah found rescue, a chance to rebuild under a new identity across borders, in a completely different country.

Years later, he had blossomed into the U.S. regional manager of the mighty Montenegro Company. During a business meeting, he stumbled upon Arvan once again. But the passing years had erased Noah's face from Arvan's memory, arousing within him a curiosity and fascination for this elusive Omega director. Unable to recall their tragic past, Arvan felt an unwarranted anger towards Noah as he continuously evaded him - thus beginning their forbidden dance of desire yet again.

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Stay Away, CEO
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