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Stay Away, CEO

Episode 1

My entire body ached, and my mind was foggy. I had no idea what happened last night, attempting to remember only intensified the throbbing in my head.

Looking around, the room was foreign to me. Did Caled bring me here? Flashes of betrayal from the man who, until yesterday, was my boyfriend assaulted me. But he did not bring me here. I entered this room seeking refuge from him, forcing myself to stand despite the pain and exhaustion weighing me down.

It was only then that I realized I was naked. As if that wasn't enough, a dreadful chill raced through me, coupled with fear when I saw the person lying naked beside me.

It was Arvan Daniel's.

A pure alpha unlike any other—every omega's dream, and every alpha's too, upon seeing even a mere photograph. And he was the nightmare of anyone who dared approach him. His very presence was intimidating, and his temperament made him the most feared man around. Moreover, he was the uncle of my now ex-boyfriend.

The night's events crashed back to me. Tears escaped as I donned a shirt—I knew it wasn't mine, but I needed it to escape this place without waking the man beside me. Otherwise, I would be dead before I could even attempt to defend myself. But my luck was cursed...

Flung to the ground, a hand closed around my neck. He awoke and, as feared, this man wanted to kill me.

Arvan: "Who the hell paid you to do this? Speak up before I finish you." —He wanted me to talk, but his grip on my neck was so tight I could barely breathe. There was no salvation for me; I was a victim, yet I would die like a criminal.

When I thought my end was near, the door burst open, and to my astonishment, the last traitors I could imagine were there.

Caled, who pretended to be my boyfriend for a bet to satisfy his ego, glared at me with fury. Wasn't he supposed to be the first?

Gasping, I struggled to catch my breath before this person contemplated killing me again.

"But what did you do, Noah? I told you to stop. Think of what will happen to our family when they find out you attacked Mr. Daniel's." And yes, that voice condemning me was Mariana's, Caled's lover and my elder sister. I looked up only to meet Mr. Daniel's furious gaze.

"Stop lying. It was you two! I heard you in the hallway last night."

Mariana: "Mr. Daniel's, Caled and I have been looking for my brother all night. He drank too much and was ranting about avenging the humiliation done to our family."

Arvan: "Get out!" —I am going to die, and I don't even have the strength to leave this place. Is it worth saying anything more? Caled remained silent, obviously supporting her. I was so foolish to still hope he'd defend me.

Caled: "Uncle, father, and the other Cossio family members are outside. Mariana told them about what he planned to do."

I wasn't even given the chance to finish dressing before being dragged out. There was my mother, my grandparents, my uncles—all looking at me as if I were the lowest of the low.

"Mom, I swear I did nothing. It was Mariana and Caled. They're lovers; they planned everything." —And as expected, I was struck.

"How dare you tarnish your sister's reputation? Have you no shame?" My mother did not believe me. No one did.

Mariana: "Just admit it once and for all, and stop blaming others for your actions."

"I will not admit to something I didn't do! I am the victim here, not you or this man. I was the one—"

"Enough! Mr. Daniel's, the Cossio family begs your forgiveness and has decided to expel this person. It's your decision what to do with him." Those were my uncle's words, the man I had admired and seen as a father figure all my life, and no one opposed his decision.

Arvan: "I won't dirty my hands with trash like this..." —The pain in my chest was indescribable, more agonizing than the pains racking my body or the rejection from my family. I felt my life ebbing away.

Arvan: "You have two hours to get out of my city. If I see you again, I will kill you myself." —He left, and I wished to stop him but couldn't. The pain in my chest was sapping my strength, and I couldn't speak.

I was thrown out of the mansion and into the street like garbage.

It wasn't until a passerby approached that I understood. I was marked by that man last night, and now, acquainted with the pain of his rejection, death seemed certain. It was impossible that he didn't know, yet he still chose to doom me this way, knowing I would die because of it.

This man... was exceedingly cruel.

Episode 2

What Happened That Night

Narrated by Noah

I’m feeling unwell, I knew I should not have trusted her so-called peace offering, even if she's my sister, I've always known that woman never cared for me, moreover, I need to get out of here.

Today is my 17th birthday, my boyfriend and I had different plans, but my sister proposed that I attend this event hosted by the Daniel's family, one of the most powerful families we deal with and also the family of Caled, my boyfriend.

I'm now trying in vain to leave this room full of people, I've got an inkling of Mariana's ploy. She handed me a drink with more liquor than she claimed, knowing I don't handle it well, expecting me to cause a scene for hers and her friends' amusement—that's always been her way.

The only thing I could think of was heading to the courtyard, but it turned out to be the worst decision.

"Why are you still with that idiot? You lost the bet! My parents do nothing but say that you two will soon get engaged," that is Mariana's voice, she's really upset, I thought about going over there and confronting her but...

"Darling, calm down, even if I lost the bet, I still want to have my fun with that fool! And didn't you say you wanted to see him humiliated? What better opportunity than this?" That's Caled, my boyfriend—are he and my sister lovers? The liquor is playing tricks on me.

“So you swear you don’t like him? Swear that you’ll follow through with the plan, use him and then throw him away, swear it.” This was their plan all along, for me to fall for him?... They’ve been mocking me!

Caled: I swear, it's just another bet, this week will be epic, we'll get payback on my bastard uncle, and by this time tomorrow, our anniversary, Noah is going to suffer the ultimate disappointment— their triumphal laughter fills me with rage.

"You filthy rat, Caled Daniels"—they both start, likely not anticipating getting caught.

Caled: Noah! What are you doing here?

"What am I doing here? Finding out what kind of scum you two are."—He tried to touch me, claiming confusion—does he really think I'm that dimwitted? I kicked him where it hurts most, I've never trusted Alphas, and I never should have believed in him.

"Go to hell you damn liar, the two of you, go to hell!"—I left there immediately, my head was bursting, and now I feel even worse, all because of that treacherous pair.

Mariana and I are not really siblings, I'm just her cousin, my aunt and uncle took pity on my mother and me when my father left us. That's all.

I don't want to stay a second longer, but I can’t seem to find the exit, lots of thoughts come flooding my mind, I end up throwing up in a corner.

“Hey, are you okay? What’s wrong with you?”—I can’t make out who’s speaking to me now, let alone see their face, my head pounds desperately, I need rest.

“Oh dear, you must have drunk a lot, come, lie down in one of the bedrooms.”—I tried to break free from this person, to tell them I would go home, but I can’t stop them from dragging me along what seems one of the long corridors of this enormous mansion.

I manage to break free and enter the first room I find, I can't trust anyone now, it’s possible that they’re in league with that pair.

I collapsed onto the floor; my head is about to explode, my hands are trembling, and I feel the room becoming increasingly stifling for me, I hastily open my shirt for air, not removing it, just needing to breathe without that damn tie.

I wipe away the tears starting to form, trash like that doesn’t deserve anything.

"I hate you, you wretched bastard!"

Narrated by Arvan

I’m trying to sleep after some tart threw herself at me by the door. I'm fed up with these types of women and men who don’t get that I just want to be left alone.

I’ll kill anyone who dares to bother me again, they disgust me. I'm so furious, and the worst part is that I can't think straight, I'm still itching to strangle that wretch. I loathe these easy and opportunistic omegas, blaming their heat as an excuse to get what they want...

What is this damned unease, my body feels strange, as if not my own, this reaction is uncommon, too similar to when... Impossible! Has someone dared to drug me? But when? At this party, I touched nothing, only drinking water from my room.

If I factor in the body troubles with the sweet scent now engulfing the room, damn it, I'm overheating.

"I hate you, you wretched bastard!" Whose voice is that? I turn in bed and what a surprise—there's someone here, an omega? How dare they, the audacity!

They must be responsible for drugging me, saying they hate me? I’ll show them their place, I'll kill them with my own hands.

I get up with the intent to snap their neck,

They seem shocked to see me rise—did they think they could knock me out with something like that?

"S...Sir Daniels!"—their voice shaky and nervous, apparently this whore is in my employ.


Seeing this man here snaps me back to reality, is this room prepared for Caled's uncle, Arvan Daniels? I need to leave.

This man is the most fearsome and terrifying CEO I've ever seen. To offend him is a death sentence, and if by some fluke you survive, you will never show your face in society again.

I tried to leave but failed; his grip on my wrist was too strong.

"How dare you drug me and provoke me with your filthy pheromones, omega?"—what is he talking about? He's been drugged and thinks it was me? What pheromones? He's furious, I can see it. He's going to kill me.

"It’s... It’s a misunderstanding... sir, I didn’t do anything... I’m not an omega"—I can barely speak, as he attempts to strangle me. I've taken my suppressants, so it's impossible for me to release any pheromones, and even if I hadn't, they'd barely be noticeable.

"Please... let go."


He thinks I'm a fool? I can recognize the scent of a whore!

Damn it, I thought I could fight this off, but I've hit breaking point, this omega's pheromones only worsen everything, I can't believe I, Arvan Daniels, am being dragged down like this.

My eyes start wandering over his body and abdomen without my realizing it, the sharp rises and falls of his chest as he struggles to breathe, his eyes glistening and his mouth slightly open.

Hearing his last plea, my hands draw back from his neck. He coughs a couple of times, and in a swift movement, I tear off his annoying shirt—it's just the drugs, but this omega is really sexy.


I was released, but he wrecked my shirt. I had to get out of there, but I didn’t make it—I was pushed hard against the door, my back ached, but what confused me next was his kiss. It felt like being engulfed, consumed by all his savageness. I fought as hard as I could, rapidly losing strength; at this rate, suppressants won’t help.

I begged him to let me go, his hands roaming my body. I didn’t want my first experience to be this way, but he was resolute in his disregard. He tossed me onto the bed.

No matter how much I struggled or pleaded, he didn't listen. My whole body ached, I couldn't stop crying, or move beneath him. I gave up trying to escape or ask for release—it meant nothing to him, even if he ended up killing me in his pursuit of pleasure. I can’t recall the moment I lost consciousness, only that upon waking up, my hell began anew.

Episode 3

Present Day


I awoke in a hospital room, a man seated before me the same man who had picked me up from that alleyway.

"How do you feel?" His voice was kind, yet I couldn't even respond to his question before I had to sit up and vomit.

He patted my back while calling for the doctors.

"Considering his situation, we can say he's progressing quite well. However, in his condition, both his physical and mental state are quite poor." I don't grasp what the doctor is talking about; I don't feel any different than a few moments ago.

"What do you suggest, doctor? Surely something can be done." I don't understand why this person cares so much for me; he doesn't even know me.

"My advice is an abortion. That way, the young man might survive. Otherwise, both he and his baby risk dying."

"What did he just say? I'm pregnant? But it was only a few hours ago when..."I felt a pat on my shoulder.

"It's been three weeks since I found you in that alley, and you're three weeks pregnant. It's tough for an omega without their alpha to withstand a pregnancy, but the choice is yours. Do you want to abort?"All I could do was burst into tears as the man embraced me, listening without a word.

I hadn't wanted any of this; I'm sure I don't deserve it. They took everything from memy dreams, ambitions, my will to live. What point was there in continuing this wretched life? There was nothing left for me.

And now it's my decision to make for another life? Why is life so cruel to me? What did I do to deserve this?

"If you choose to live and abort, you have my support, and these doctors will ensure you can lead a trouble-free life. If you decide to keep it, I'll find the best specialists to ensure no harm comes to you both."

"Who are you? What do you want from me?"

"I want nothing more than for you to be able to live."

"Why? You don't know me; nobody does so much for nothing."

"You're right, so I'll be frank. I'm doing this because it's what I couldn't do for my son. Like you, he was an omega who lost his alpha and died of grief without my being able to do anything. It's been four years, and I still can’t get over it. You remind me very much of him."

"I’m just reopening the same wound in your heart. I can't be saved."

"You're wrong. Everyone can be saved. You have something my son did not."

"And what's that?"

"A reason to live. Do I truly have one? And if so, what? Should I feel happy expecting the child of a bastard who raped me and left me to die?"

"Think about it. Perhaps life isn't taking everything from you. But tell me, what do you think?"

"Noah. My name is Noah."

"It's a pleasure, Noah. I'm Jacob Montenegro." That name rings a bell, but I can't recall where from.

Jacob: You don't have to answer now. Take some time to think.

"No. I've made my decision, but I have to ask you a favor."

Jacob: Whatever you need.

"Help me get far away from here; I promise that..."

Jacob: You don't need to promise anything. I told you, just living is reward enough.

"Thank you."

Jacob: I'll call the doctor.




Several years later

Noah sat reviewing documents on his laptop, his life having taken a turn for the better. Now named Noah Montenegro, Jacob had no issues giving him his surname, treating him just like his other two children, who also cherished him as a brother.

Every so often, Noah would glance away from his work and smile at a pair of beautiful children with black hair and gray eyes playing in the playground Jacob had set up in his garden for them.

The lovely little girl approached, bearing a rose for her father.

"Papi, take this." It was a custom of little Zoe'severy day, to gift her father three roses, one for each surprise of the day, her way of saying thanks.

Noah: Thank you, my princess. I have a gift for you too.

"What is it today, Papi?" Each day he had a sweet surprise for his little ones, knowing how much they loved them. He would wrap the treats himself, saving them to give later.

His daughter's smile upon receiving the gift filled his heart with joy.

Noah: And you, Joe, do you have something for me? His son, having observed quietly, unlike Zoe, Joe was very reserved, almost always serious in demeanor, though he was protective and indulgent with his sister. In fact, he was the one who cut the rose each day, ensuring Zoe never got hurt.

Joe: Nothing.

Noah: Not even a hug?

Joe: Only one. He gave his father a strong embrace, which was happily reciprocated.

Noah: One more.

Joe: You always say that. And though he protested, he still gave another hug.

Zoe: I want one too.

Noah: Come here, my dear.

"May I join as well?"

Zoe: Uncle Elian!! The little girl ran into his arms.

Elian: Aren't you going to greet me, Joe? The boy glanced at his father, only moving to greet his uncle after receiving a nod.

Elian: How big you've gotten! Go on and play; I need to talk with your papi.

Joe: Why hasn't Grandpa come? The two adults exchanged a look.

Noah: Your grandfather Jacob is busy, but he'll surely come soon. The children scampered off.

Noah: Your return is not a good sign. Is Dad's situation serious?

Elian: Noah, Dad passed away this morning.

Noah: That can’t be true! He said he was fine, just tired... why so sudden...

Elian: Calm down. It's tough, I know, but the kids are here. You must be strong for them. He knew Elian was right, but it was so hard. That man had been more a father to him than anyone, supporting and caring for him like no other. It was difficult to believe he was gone.

Noah: When is the funeral?

Elian: Tomorrow. Breaking the news to Zoe and Joe will be hard, so I’ll be here for you.

Noah: Thank you. We’ll leave today; I want to attend the wake as well.

Elian: As you wish. Kilian is handling everything.

Revealing the news to his children was daunting. How should he begin? They were too young to comprehend death.

Joe: So Grandpa's not coming back.

Noah: No, he can't come back to us.

Zoe: But he promised he’d come. You said promises should never be broken.

Elian: Sometimes circumstances force us to break them, but I assure you, your grandfather will always be with you.

It was a struggle to see him in that casket; just days ago, he was laughing and joking with the kids and him. He had thought he'd have many more years with Jacob; if only he had known time was so short.

Approaching Jacob, Noah planted a kiss on the man's forehead.

Noah: I know I didn't say it enough, but thank you! Thank you for giving hope and a home to someone who had lost the will to live. You wereand always will bemy angel. Thank you, Dad.

Zoe: Papa, why doesn't Grandpa get up? Isn't he tired? He's been lying down so long. You said too much sleep isn't good.

Noah: He can't get up, my love.

Zoe: Why not? Is he sick?

Joe: He's dead, right, Papa? His son's assertion left him speechless.

Zoe: What does it mean to be dead, Papa?

Noah: It means he's gone to heaven, princess.

Zoe: Can we go see him?

Joe: We can't, can we, Papa?

Noah: No, son.

Zoe: I didn't want Grandpa to leave; I loved him so much.

Noah: We all wanted him to stay with us, but sometimes it's unavoidable.

Elian: Noah, come. Mr. Daniel’S and his sons have come to offer condolences to the family; Kilian is with them now.

Noah looked up to see Arvan talking to his brother, his former father-in-law, and the father of the two beside him. He quickly stood up, took his children, and left.

Elian: Where are you going?

Noah: I'm sorry, I'm just not feeling well (I can't let that man see me or my kids.) The omega hurried to his room, grateful that these people did not attend the funeral the following day. He wanted nothing to do with them. Knowing his new family had dealings with them, it was Jacob who had always managed those affairs.

Now, with Jacob gone, many things would inevitably change.

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