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Author Name: Meylani Putri Putti

Haunted School

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Author Name: Meylani Putri Putti

Julia is a very smart student and excels at school, because during her life Julia often experienced sexual harassment and was also often bullied by several of her friends, namely Olivia, Siska, Erin and Dina, making Julia depressed. Plus, Julia found out she was pregnant, making her even more depressed. and ends up in the school bathroom.

Since Julia's death, many students have died horribly, Julia's spirit has sought revenge when she was alive on the people who hurt her.

Until the arrival of a new student named Dara who has the special ability to see invisible creatures begins to solve the mystery of terror at the school.

Can Dara stop the mystery of the serial deaths at school?

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Haunted School
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