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Author Name: Dayane Castro

Forced to Marry the Deaf and Cruel Ceo

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Author Name: Dayane Castro

Deaf from childhood meningitis, Allana fled her abusive uncles, she found herself living on the streets. While her home was a cold, unyielding pavement and her bath, a calm lake, Allana's spirit remained unbroken. Armed with her indomitable will and determination, she make a living by selling candies.

Fate intervened one day as she helped an ailing man who previously despised her with cold apathy, unaware that her life was about to be irrevocably altered.

Enter Dominique - a formidable CEO who continually grappled with a chronic respiratory disease. His demeanor is predominantly cold and arrogant, yet there's an exception when it comes to one young woman. This woman manages to unsettle his feelings, which he tirelessly fights against.

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Forced to Marry the Deaf and Cruel Ceo
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