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Author Name: Tatiana Márquez

Behind Your Death

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Author Name: Tatiana Márquez

Do you believe in the special connection between twins?

From a young age, Alicia and Alana shared a unique bond, capable of experiencing what the other was going through. Whenever one felt pain, the other would share in the sensation. After their parents separated, Alicia moved to the city with their mother, while Alana stayed back in their hometown with their father. The distance did nothing to sever the special connection they shared, neither their love for each other.

One day, Alicia was overwhelmed by an excruciating pain out of nowhere, and it scared her. She tried to reach Alana but was unsuccessful. Driven by a strong sense of unease, she began a journey during a stormy night and eventually lost control of her vehicle due to the unbearable pain.

Before she lost consciousness, she only heard heartbreaking words from the other end of the phone:

"We regret to inform you that your sister Alana has been found, all indications suggest she committed suicide…"

Alana's death caused Alicia's world to crumble, spurring her to return to their hometown in the quest to uncover the truth behind her sister’s death.

This led her on a journey riddled with small-town secrets and a passionate romance…

What secrets are hidden behind your death?

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Behind Your Death
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