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Author Name: Deyse Baptista Pires

Transformed Into Fury

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Author Name: Deyse Baptista Pires

Although the birth of a child usually brings joyous celebration, June's arrival was shrouded in scandal due to her unique lineage as a half human, half werewolf.

Managing to break free from her confines, she was struck by a car and taken in by a wolf pack. June's dire illness led to the Alpha of the pack rejecting her, but the pack's healer and his mate took her under their wings.

With their help, June grew up learning not only basic skills like reading and writing, but also combat techniques, effectively becoming the pack's most formidable weapon. And with all the challenges she faced, she underwent the transformation earlier than usual and began to be pursued.

No one recognized this young she-wolf embarked on a relentless quest to uncover her origins. Along her path of vengeance against her captor, she unexpectedly found her mate, with his strong and brave wolf, united with his arrogant and rough human side.

Will June be able to overcome the traumas, defeat the enemies and obstacles, to embrace love, that arrived full of thorns?

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Transformed Into Fury
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