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Author Name: Deyse Baptista Pires

The Lost Kingdom

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Author Name: Deyse Baptista Pires

The rejected wolf's children grew up and this is their story.

Centuries ago, when there were kingdoms of different races, with different powers and magic fluctuated on the planet, there were those who were not satisfied with their qualities and kingdoms and wanted to usurp others, causing an immense war between the supernaturals. Witches, sorcerers and wizards, were almost completely decimated. Their lands, houses and palaces were destroyed and burned.

But a powerful sorceress cast a spell of concealment over the Kingdom and a prophecy:
When everyone forgets
The sprout will be born
That will bring strength within itself
Power and knowledge
That will bring back the splendor
From the bitter land today
Will come with magic and love
And an entire race will be restored.

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The Lost Kingdom
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