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Author Name: Yesenia Stefany Bello González

The Boss's Nanny

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Author Name: Yesenia Stefany Bello González

It is assumed that loving, just as having a duty, means caring for and protecting one's children from all harms. However, the situation was somewhat different for the new boss of La Camorra. Being a widower, managing such a huge position, he had no intention of attending to his daughter. The only thing that moved him was his greatest ambition: to conquer the territory of La Cosa Nostra.

As a result, so that he could detach himself from the little girl who only hinders his plans, he will decide to hire a nanny. However, that decision will provoke a change in his plans that will make him see life with new eyes, as the nanny's sweetness will not only have the strength to take care of his neglected daughter but will melt the coldest hearts of both his enemies and his own.

Will those feelings be stronger than his thirst for power? Will the nanny be able to return his humanity?

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The Boss's Nanny
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