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Author Name: Dhewy R

Husband Considered Poor

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Author Name: Dhewy R

Living life as an ordinary citizen is the choice of Satria Perkasa Wardoyo or commonly known by the nickname Satria. For the past 5 years he has lived a mediocre life. He married a girl named Dinda Kusuma, Dinda was a beautiful and gentle girl. Before getting married, Dinda worked as a cashier at a mini market, but when she got married she chose to focus on her household.

Dinda doesn't know who her real husband is, but she still accepts her husband's shortcomings. Even a mediocre living is not a problem for Dinda.
However, the good relationship between Dinda and her three older siblings changed badly after Dinda married Satria. Dinda's two older brothers strongly opposed Dinda and Satria's marriage, and Dinda's older sister really regretted Dinda's decision to accept Satria's proposal, who was just a traveling cendol ice seller.

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Husband Considered Poor
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