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Author Name: Deyse Baptista Pires

When I Return

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Author Name: Deyse Baptista Pires

Beneath the impenetrable, shadowy canopy of the forest, a young woman was escaping. Her father, the formidable Alpha of Death's Claws Pack, had discarded her ruthlessly, all because she was unable to transform into her true self.

Her mate, Condor, found her. Overwhelmed by their potent bond, he marked her, oblivious to her injuries. Soon after he left to scavenge for food, she fled, not knowing of the life she carried within her.

Under the veil of shadows, Condor kept a watch over her. However, when peril threatened her, he attacked, but she managed to evade him. In the solitary wilderness, under the relentless tear of the rain and the haunting symphony of thunder, she welcomed her puppy into the world but to lose her to the merciless grips of Death Claws' abductors.

Summoning the beast within herself, Leona embarks on a perilous journey to retrieve her stolen child. But to her dismay, upon her return to the pack, she uncovered an appalling secret; witches had invaded and taken hold of their once formidable pack.

Condor stumbled upon her amidst the havoc, only to lose sight of her again. He was left torn between rescuing his stolen puppy and chasing after his only mate.

Leona retreated, but she pledged to return, to put an end to the monstrous evil that threatens to obliterate their kind.

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When I Return
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