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Author Name: Glei Azevedo

Gemini Omegas

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Author Name: Glei Azevedo

Jaime and Junno are identical twins, besides the fact that they have the same gender, they are both omegas! Their different personalities and habits are the only thing that makes their friends differentiate them from each other.

Jaime is a loving person. People who know him all love him and become friends with him. He is a good friend and a great and loving son.

Junno is a very ambitious omega who will do anything to achieve his goals. Hated by everything and everyone, he decides to run away from his troubled marriage.

One day Junno threatens Jaime. For fear of harming his parents, Jaime ends up accepting his brother's proposal, to replace Junno who will be married to an alpha Jhon, a respectful judge from his country.

Jaime will be the surrogate and marry his brother's husband-to -be. What will happen to poor Jaime if the alpha in question realizes or discovers that his husband is someone else.

And as for the Alpha's family, what will happen to Jaime?

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Gemini Omegas
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