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Author Name: louryaqgi

Forced to Marry at 15 to a Mobster [Unedited]

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Author Name: louryaqgi

a love that will take a long time to appear.

MADISON: SAY WHAT YOU WILL, I WON'T GO WITH THAT WRETCHED MAN!!! -I said that and ran to my room, feeling someone coming up behind me-
I wanted to close the door, but I feel someone is trying to force it open, and it was definitely that man, the one who bought me.

MADISON: LEAVE ME ALONE, YOU DAMNED IDIOT!! -I screamed at him while trying to shut the door, but he is much stronger and opens it with ease.

LEANDRO: You will go with me whether you like it or not, you little brat -he said, already annoyed by her attitude-

MADISON: NO!!, I WON'T GO WITH YOU!! -I say and kick him in his parts, he fell to the ground but got up instantly and I slammed the door in his face.

LEANDRO: Damned girl—he exclaimed angrily—whether you like it or not, tomorrow I will come for you, and you won't stand a chance because you belong to me!—I shouted so she would hear me and then I stormed out, slamming the door behind me.

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Forced to Marry at 15 to a Mobster [Unedited]
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