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Author Name: Lúcia Helena

A CEO All Mine

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Author Name: Lúcia Helena

Heitor Bitencourt, a young widower dedicated to his internationally prestigious company! From an early age, he learned to be an individualistic and decisive man in his endeavors. Despite being rich, powerful, and independent, Heitor has a terrible relationship with his parents due to his selfishness and arrogance. Still, he is a successful man with a reputation and possessions.

Heitor carries with him the guilt of his wife Juliana's death, whom he loved madly but lost in a tragic accident. Since then, Heitor lives one day at a time, working tirelessly to erase the image of the swift and tragic accident. A serious, responsible, and talented man, all these qualities make him coveted by women.

Luna Vieira, a young woman from the humble countryside, hardworking, in her prime at 18 years old, finds herself taken aback by an unplanned pregnancy. She will flee to the city where she finds employment in the home of the most reputable man in São Paulo, who hires her without knowing that the young woman carries a child in her womb.

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A CEO All Mine
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