Hey Handsome

Hey Handsome


Hello there I'm Bel_le the writer.. Nice to meet you and thanks for reading my chat story 😘😘😘
I haven't had time to download images from Google yet so.. So I will add pictures for main characters later..
Dale is our main character. he is 24 years old and just his job and jobless at the moment. He has a younger sister who is 20 years old.. Dale is living with his parents at the moment
Maxwell our other main character is 31 years old.. He is the CEO of MaxF's chain of business and is a multimillionaire.. He has a very sad backstory but is okay in terms of attitude.
Dave is Maxwells personal secretary.. He is very disciplined and lives by the rules of the book
Dale used to be a very rude person but due to an incident that caused him to loose his job he decided to tone down that attitude and work on himself
Maxwell is very shut of but likable when known on a personal level
Dave is a very sweet person but because of the kind of perfection auro he passes off people tend to misjudged him.
Other characters will be introduced later in the story..
All suggestions will be happily received
And I hope you will all enjoy my story


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