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Author Name: Bel_le

Hey Handsome

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Author Name: Bel_le

Oh hey.. You're cute.. Wanna leave with me??

Dale is your average not soo average out of school man working with an advertising company. He is very handsome but with a foul mouth which always lands him in trouble till he meets Maxwells a very wealthy man.

Maxwell is a very wealthy man with a very likable personality he really enjoys observing people and is always at the right place at the right times.
What happens when he decides to forget his position as a man of power and decides to have fan as a normal grown man in a night club and meets the foul mouthed young man without a filter that completely catches him of guard.
Will he try to help the young man or will he just observe him just like he does the others.
Read to find out.

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Hey Handsome
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