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Author Name: Adib Mudzofar

Together with the System

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Author Name: Adib Mudzofar

Ryan is a young man with bad luck who does not have any assets except his mother.

Since childhood, Ryan has been taught to be a hardworking and never give up person by his parents. The slogan 'results will not betray efforts' has always been etched in Ryan's soul.

Until finally he was able to enter a prestigious college with a scholarship. But that's where he felt bitterness after bitterness because he was bullied by his friends, always insulting him, even calling him 'Poor'.

But Ryan never gave up! He continues to live his difficult life with patience until one day he gets lucky in the form of a system that will help him in everything and change Ryan's life. Slowly, Ryan's life, which was poor in wealth, changed to that of a rich person with the existence of the System. What was difficult at first is now getting better.

How does it go? Listen to the story!

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Together with the System
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