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Author Name: Huibi

Pregnant By A Cruel Alpha

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Author Name: Huibi

Jasper Queen, 19, a new SE employee, is an Omega male.

When Jasper receives a call from one of his superiors, he is bitter and afraid of being fired. Jasper takes a deep breath, gathers his courage and heads to his boss's office. He knocks on the door and his boss lets him in. To his surprise, his boss placed a photo of a young man on his desk.

"He is the new heir of our rival GOKI, Reyes is his name. A very young ruling alpha... I need you to seduce him."


"You don't need to sleep with him, I just want you to convince him to drink with you, to get closer to him, to make him fall in love with you so that he ends up telling you what he's doing. Or even so that he pays so much attention to you that his company dissolves. If you can get close to him, I'll give you a two thousand dollar raise."

"It doesn't seem like a bad thing... I just need to make him like me so much that he doesn't take enough care of the company, which seems a little cruel... but I think I can and must do it..."

Jasper thought for a moment and sighed, looking at his boss, "How can I start?"

But Reyes knew the tricks of rival companies and knew exactly how to control an Omega, especially one that had never been in heat.

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Pregnant By A Cruel Alpha
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